Stop Being a Bit@h, Quit Your Lame Ass Job, and Move to Cambodia | No Joke Howard Book Review


Stop being a B!t@h, Quit your lame ass job & Move to Cambodia

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I'm convinced by the title alone!

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Oh man...... he slammed out a Lady Boy and the regret set in. LOL

To be honest after being in Thailand for a month I realized that there is not much value in some respects to living in the United States. Thailand was the worlds playground in a lot of ways. Things in the United States are just over inflated costs oftentimes for no value to your common person.

I heard Vietnam and Cambodia are great values.


Hey buddy hope you been well. Do you have any interest in going back to Thailand and/or would you stay over there for an extended period of time? I think No Joke was over there for about two years before heading home and then eventually moving to Mexico. I think after the fact he said he liked Mexico better but I think he also got hooked on drugs and had some bad experiences in Thailand and eventually had to have the State Dept or whomever buy him a ticket back. One thing that is very attractive about a lot of these places is you can literally move over there and if you have the money just open a bar or gym or whatever, things seem pretty lax as far as licenses and approvals and such which is pretty cool.


Yeah Thailand is pretty awesome but I felt like 3 month stays would probably be best there. Traveling around on the roads was pretty insane and I don't know if I would have ever felt comfortable driving there. I'm sure i could feel ok in Mexico in certain parts but I would also feel like cartels were going to kidnap me potentially. I don't know.

I felt really good about the premise of living in Australia. But again it is way more expensive than these other places. I have heard a lot of people say Bali is bad ass but not quite as cheap as Thailand.


Who among us hasn't been there lol