Road Trip To Kanchanaburi

3년 전

Testing out on mobile browser for the first time. I thought today's road trip would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

We're heading to Kanchanaburi to visit some temples along the way. It's going to be a real eye opener for me as I've only been to Bangkok and Chiangmai in Thailand. I've been to Pattaya and Phuket too but these two are more touristy. I've not really seen other parts of Thailand and I'm really excited about today's road trip.

Not much traffic along the way except when we pass through some small towns. The highway merges with the main road through the town and that can cause some delay.

The washrooms along the way are not as technologically advanced as Bangkok and there was no flushing system on the urinal.

I had this local meal along the way. It was sticky rice with pork. Really good. Something different.

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Hey ryan do you recommend flying into Survanabumi or DMK for a leisure trip in Bangkok?


definitely suvarnabhumi! you can take the airport rail link to central bangkok and get a Grab or taxi from there. cuts out about 1 hour of travelling time. when taking taxi always insist on meter or else get the next taxi. no shortage of taxis in bangkok.

when will u be going to bangkok?


Hey Ryan sorry for the late reply! Thanks so much for the tips!

I was thinking of going sometime during September with my gf for her bday. I had previously gone to Bangkok but just for a short work related trip so I dont know much about the place. i also got off at the DMK airport instead, so haven't seen the Subarnabhumi airport!