Glimpse of paradise

2년 전

Having only a few days in Panama, there were not a ton of beach town getaways we could get to. A lot of people recommended Bocas del Toro but that’s about 10h drive/expensive plane ride. So our best option was El palmar, a 2h drive from the city. It’s a cute remote surf town with beautiful volcano sand beaches. If you’re not into surfing, then there is not much to be done. The entire “village” shuts down at 7p. Another thing I found strange was the absence of fruit at the local restaurants. I kept thinking to myself : where do the Panamanians hide all their fruit and people
I know from this photo, it’s hard to get a feel for the place. More to come from my real camera 😉

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the kids are running the house

Hi @schulbz, noticed you went from Panama to Colombia, did you by chance happen to sail through the San Blas Islands?