Travel Guide to Toulouse, France (What to see) ?

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It decides that France is a country that should not be your next destination. There are always tons of stuff, culture, colors and plenty of cooking stuff to choose. Paris is Romance and Bordeaux is going to win it, but there is such a place that has not yet been ignored, the fourth largest city of France: Toulouse.

About Toulouse

Toulouseis located on the Garonne River in the south of the country, a brief trip to the Spanish border and neighbor minnows Andorra. Unfortunately, used as a stopover city, especially for business travellers, tourism has increased and the city is finally acknowledging that it has a long birthday.

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From Capitole to Basilicas to Spaceships and Cassoulet, Toulouse is a city of a city in which it is ideal for a city break. Due to many buildings built with pink clay bricks, towels are also drowned as La Vel Rose (Pink City). This city is easily accessible within Western Europe and flights only for two hours. It is here that towel should be your next city break destination .

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Wandering made easy

It is very easy to travel through the center of Toulouse. The center of the center is Capitole de Toulouse. It stands in history that it is said that St. Steinen, the top rank of the Toulouse, martyred here in 257ADAD. At Capitole 1500 was the center of Toulouse riots at the end.

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Today, many work of Capitole rehabilitation houses of the houses. It is used as a city hall, a wedding place (Toulousains marry for free) and home of Theater and Opera companies.

Preserved heritage

As soon as you see, towel Rio de Alice is a very important example with a beautiful example of colorful buildings. The secure cultural sites of the city include St. Srinin Basela and buildings like Jacob's Church.

Within one walking distance, the old architecture of the century has added the historical element in the city, making it a cultural cats. From the 11th century Saint Surin is the largest Roman church in Europe, and therefore the century is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Church of Philosophies and Talgens Thomas Aquacas, residents of Jacobs, have used many times in many years, including the influence of the first university in Tolos, and recently used as a military bar during the French Revolution. Is.
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The future is here

When the depths of the past have clearly evident in the city center, there is a lot of innovation in its suburbs. Toulouse has an air-conditioned air-conditioned museum with Air Buse and the famous condor. Aeropocopia is the most interesting, with a timeline of the plane's history and a plane of every size.

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After moving another step, a park museum is about human intervention in the Set-de-Dale Space. It also includes life-shaped models of Iranian 5 and MirSpace Station. Inside the museum, learn how to live in this place, with many interactive exhibitions and activities, as well as the first artificial satellite of the Spectacular Earth.

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Both museums are located near the Tolosha Airport and have reached through Metro and Tram services.

Delicious pure scene

Tolos readers are full of restaurants and cafes, even here is the most famous dish Cassoulet and nobody does better than the Emil Restaurant. If you are not sure, friendly waiters can recommend great dishes.

Paris, head of the head of Mansour George, where decorations and babies are modern and hem and cheese curries are essential!

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Take the note of Li Glastag Restaurant, on the one hand, the street collapsed down. Its helpful art layout with some tasty dishes and fancy cats.

Markets, Markets and Markets

France will not be France without its markets and towel is not different. Victorious Hugo Market is the most popular in the towels. The market is the center of the food market scene, so if you are hungry, make sure you eat your way here.

If you want to visit a market that has offset a tet, head of City Job Market (City Auben Church), where local towels are like clockworks.

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Check out street food, tea stalls, crafts and amusement equipment. Do not be surprised if you look at the local biscuits, make lies in any of them!

Victor Hugo Bazaar is open on Tuesday - on Sunday at 6:00 pm and St. Alban market is open on Sunday at 15:00.

3 Starring stunning
In the Pune Neaf Bridge in Garonne, a natural event is mostly evening before the sunset. Before starling birds are almost perfectly visible to the door of the angels, rotate with the right left because they live in their respective trees for the night.


For best ideas, Anti-Pune is a city of Perry. Take a place here and go out the camera!

Breezy garden and park

Jordon Japanese (Japanese Garden) offer for-a-half years to be published by her Goosez (Red Bridge). Another choice is Grand Row Park, which is typical on the common spring days especially with its magnificent waterfall fountain at the center.


Tommy's tip: A hotel is thrown out of a hotel in a hotel, there was a little pirate. Only the land of Rim, the head is here if you want some nightcaps!

Where to stay

By casual, tower is a group of hotels and hotels to consider.

The Grand Hotel de Lo Opera was once the royal monastery and it is easy to see why with its design. Located here, luxury is given here and if you want, it is not very good.

Hotel Albert 1 Rue d'Alaceace is away from the main street of Lorraine and is modern yet charming. They throw in a tasty continental breakfast with clean rooms and staff of the staff.

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