April Scenery In Seoul

4년 전

As soon as coming back home, I went to out to take the photos of cherry blossoms near my village. There was a small stream not far from my flat.

It was a warm day. The cherry blossoms were opened fully.
People were enjoying the laziness of April Sunday.

Kids were running and enjoying season’s present by the street.


I took the photos of cherry blossoms.




Along the narrow road, there was a tunnel of cherry blossoms.


people were walking through the flower tunnels


I walked slowly and enjoyed the air of the April.
Air was clean. It is rare for us in Seoul to enjoy clean air due to the fine dirts.

Leaves were beginning to sprout from the trees.
The colors of light green was so awesome.
It looked like a baby. 👶


I got closer to the stream. The sound of water leaded me there.

There were the stepping stones crossing the street.


Water flowed between the stepping stones and made a sound.
The sound of water attracted me to sit there for long time.
I gazed at the flows of water.



This simplicity and the tranquility in Nature made me peaceful and comfortable.
When I was an young guy, sitting in one place for a long time was difficult for me.

But now I could enjoy this simple life.

The simpler, the happier.

I enjoyed the season’s present.

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It is so romantic and divine to see in person those cherry blossoms @slowwalker. Your mom could also get a relaxing trip at Seoul's cherry blossom areas where people could just be mesmerized about its true contrasting color of the flowers with the tree trunk itself, very magical to see. I hope that they plant more cherry trees in every park in South Korea.

A great initiative from you
I love the pictures .. well done
Thanks for sharing your experience with us

That was stunning scenery!
Id rather choose to live in the village than in noisy environment in the city.

So lovely scenery.

beautifull pics Seoul looks interesting place :)

Very Nice Work

Nice photo

love to see your photographs

Looking great men, I live in Shanghai and makes me want to visit Seoul and korea. keep up with the great photos!

spectacular landscape that inspires calm and meditation, I like the energy that transmits the photo.

cherry blossoms are very much preferred by women because of its beauty. post a good friend, I upvote and resteem yes.

Lucky you!
What a peaceful pleasant place to live in!
Beautiful Cherry blossoms and a stream.
Stepping stones are also beautiful .
I love the place.

Nice photos! Upvote & Follow. I just posted the start of my trip to Porto... would be awesome if you check it! There will be more posts about this trip the next days. Best wishes from Germany!

Todo muy hermoso, Gracias por este regalo a la vista.

This great travel,i like your photography.

Wow! so nice place.

I am from bangladesh, One day i will travle this place, Anyone can tell me the name of this place? @slowwalker the photo was amazing also the nature,, in the bangladesh its summer💔

ohhhh what a beautiful blossoms i also wanna visit this place
its really nice through your post i can imagine how much this place is beautiful thank u very muxh for sharing such a great experience with us and also give us relief from this robotic world even just 5 mints but this is really amazing imagination
keep it up u did great

some flowers pictures you never seen before ...........................

I 'd love to have a memorable trip, too.

This is simply amazing. The cherry blossoms adds a peaceful scenery!

O I love cherry blossom. My daughter and I has long been dreaming of visiting this place just to see this flower. Until now it is still in my bucketlist. I know someday, steemit will make it happen for me and my daughter (fingers cross).

i like your photography

very very wonderful scenery of nature.

Korea is amazing.
Moreover, the city of Seoul which has a remarkable beauty ...

Cherry blossom is very beautiful. I wish you a good mood and wonderful day!

Wow, these pics are sooo beautiful!

That's beautiful to get an insight into your day. It's so good to live in the moment and appreciate the beauty of nature and creation. Thanks for taking me on this peaceful adventure in your world. Btw, I suddenly just realized the reason for your username @slowwalker.

You captured the moment of the season vividly. I like your post.

Great photos @slowwalker. I'd love to walk along those paths the go right through the lines of cheery trees. We have a lot in blossom here too right now.

Those cherry blossoms are amazing! Even on a cloudy day!

so beautiful place and enjoy for good time...

nice, beautiful flowers, and the peaceful scene photo shooting
what area in seoul is this?

Korea looks like the land flowing in milk and honey..

Very beautiful photo friend greetings

@Slowwalker It would be lovely to walk on this path! Nature is very relaxing. Thank you for sharing your walk with us.

wow amazing photography i like this travel thanks for sharing....

great photography

great photography, may you always be successful and healthy, so you can entertain us

Great photos!

woow really that place is beautiful, I keep seeing the images, look unreal, thank you very much for sharing

How nice, I loved it, I would like to be there and the landscape looks beautiful

Very nice cherry

The photo of the kids takes me back to my childhood playing outside.
Thats something that kids don't do enough now is play outside

Wow A very beautiful photo of Seoul, thank you for sharing

Wow A very beautiful photo of Seoul, thank you for sharing

My anticipation of traveling to Korea really had me going crazy. I'll be heading to Seoul next week and hopefully, I'll still be able to have a few shots of the blooming cherry blossom. Also, my ultimate goal is to spend every penny on food! I've heard many of positive feedback about Korean cuisine, I just can't wait to try it out ;D

it is like am in seoul too the pictures and the people are great

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Nice Seoul

  ·  4년 전

you are so lucky to see so beautiful cherry blossoms, the cherry flowers in dalian will be later than last year, so i am also looking forward to see the wonderful cherry bloosom . thanks for sharing .

photos of the flowers are taken very good view.

just awesome, man.
and those are some great photography.
keep giving us things like this more and more.

I have never seen cherry blossoms in real life and I love them so much. I hope I'll get a chance to see them one day.

Thanks for posting these Beautiful images!

  ·  4년 전

Beautiful blossoms..Love the color.That's what I love about spring the most, life returning to all souls...How is the aroma in air???Can you describe it.???
Stay happy and blessed.

Cherry blossom is wonderful in Korean, Now it finished in Japan. I think you took those pictures early morning because I don’t see many people.😊

wonderful photography..i appreciate this nature..i like this traveling..

wow.very nice photography....really enjoyable moments.Thanks for sharing...

Wow nice photos

So beautiful!!! Couldn't say a word... thanks for sharing these photos. The traveler in me is so inspired right now.

nice cherry

Who can resist the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom?

Always oustanding!

imagens lindas

Thats lovely! I love it when the trees look white. Whether with snow in winter or flowers in the spring. Just beautiful! Keep it up :)

Awesome pics. Does April has a cloudy weather in korea?

Great photos! Great Seoul Spring! We also have flowers in Ukraine, including cherries

Great photographs there @slowwalker. May I know what is the temperature now in Seoul? Me and my friends are planning to visit to Seoul in April next year.

increíble - me encanto pues.

It's amazing how you can see beauty so close to what you live in North Korea.

Life, con người nơi đây thật tuyệt vơi. I wish anything to this day will be a family of a nice day, will be very much.

a very cool place of entertainment..?

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Nice photo essay

You are a great photographer.All of your photos is pretty much good and realistic.
i personally like 1,3,5,6,7 no photos.But 3 no photo is toooooo much good..well done and keep it up.

Wow !so beautiful pictures. The cherry blossoms are looking so artistic, yes you are absolutely right it is very beautiful place where you had sit for hours. OMG! It is so beautiful, I wish if I were there! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post and also great thanks for your sweet support friend. Wish you a very beautiful time ahead.

  ·  4년 전

Hermosos paisajes. Hermosas fotos. Gracias a esas foso congelamos un segundo de la realidad para visitarlo a la distancia.

Seol one of the rich country with greening, I like your friend post

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”
― Kobayashi Issa, Poems

Your pictures say everything about these beautiful nature. Everything look so warm and cozy.

Appreciating the miracle of life throuhg it's simple momments.
It's worth more the memories you keep inside your mind of something you enjoyed living, than just a momment caught up in a picture. But if you couldn't live those experiences, images can tell you the stories.

연두와 핑크의 아름다운 하모니입니다
두말할 나위없이 너무도 예쁜 봄의 풍경입니다
보는이로 하여금 행복을 느끼게 해줍니다
편한밤 되세요^^

Wow wonderful post i like it.I am happy to see you post.
I am very happy to see you profile.thanks for sharing this post......

April is really a very beautiful season with blossoming of flowers and chirping of birds. Seoul seems to be a very beautiful place. Great photography

The beauty of the flowers and trees and the environment is really really inspiring. The pictures are great!

What beautiful photographs and what a beautiful place

Wow, what a beautiful walkway with those Cherry blossoms. I could see myself Running through that ( as Iam a Runner) and how special that would be.

Such a interesting and unique area. I like the balance of a big city feel with wonderful nature looming right near.

Really cool. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

april is full of fun ,, and in korea complete with beautiful environment, and many cherry blossoms, if i can to korea i must be very happy, success make @slowwalker

Nice pictures and always nice to talk a stroll with you on your photo stories and see and hear about different places 👍

This place is so beautiful. I love those kinds of places now it's my dream i will definitely travel there one day.

I always enjoy your post. It's nice to see other places through photographs.

What a good publication. I would like you to visit my blog so you can see the theme of it, it's about girls and photography. Having your opinion would be very important.

I like to see the scene in Korea and Japan. looks very romantic

Really nice landscapes, but I think it would look much more alive when it is sunny.

an incredible tourist spot, have a great day, thank you for sharing a photography today, I love it

Beautiful photos!

Hy @slowwalker, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

would love to hear everyone's opinion on cherry blossom season in Korea vs. Japan. I went to Japan for cherry blossom season a few years ago and it was absolutely fabulous. I'm wondering if it is worth it to go to Korea for cherry blossom season if you have already seen Japan in early April. I will be in Seoul in September - unfortunately no cherry blossoms then... :)