At the Ground of Mu Wi Sa Temple in Wol Chul San Mountain

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There was an extraordinary stone monument at the center of the ground in front of Geukrakbojeon hall which was constructed for Amitabha Buddha.


That was a rectangular shape stone, and the lotusflower was carven on the surface of the stone.
I saw this kind of stone first time which was located at the centre of the ground.
Of course, there were several cases that kinds of stones were placed near the pagoda or the stone Buddha statues in the case of Gwan Chock Sa temple which I posted before.

But the stone carved with lotus flower in front of the main hall was the first time.
It made me think that they might thought the main hall as same as the pagoda.
Actually it feels like that the main temples and the pagodas were closely related each other.



There were several stone structures at the ground of the hall.
The stone holder of the poll in front of Guekrakbojeon was impressive. It looked like to show me its long history.



At the right corner of the ground, the 3 story stone pagoda was placed.
That pagoda seemed to be built between the late Shilla and the early Goryeo kingdom.

This temple looked like to preserve the late Shilla architectural style in my view, the building must’ve been rebuilt several times though.

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Your post make us know that so many temple and pagodas in your country. As we know Buddhism have big influence in the buildings. And I hope government will keep and preserve it well and also the citizen.
Thank you @slowwalker
Warm regard from Indonesia

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your writing made me know alot about stone pagoda, thanks for your post .

I have read your post.Your writing story of beautiful pagodas really excellent.Many beautiful capture

Looks legendary and from an old time!

Very very cool 😎😱post and photography

Fantastic stone structures!

As I read this story I thought that Pagoda, which I read first, was referring to Pagoda Park. Pagoda? What? At the end of this story, I saw a photo of the stone tower. I could see that Pagoda is a stone tower. Thank you so much.^^

That 3 storey pagoda seems to be pretty much old in my opinion and must've been standing there for pretty much long period of time, the stone monument is sophisticated and the flower at the center pretty has a meaning to it, amazing shots though.

@slowwalker, These rectangular lotus stone shape really amazing. Shilla architecture techniques inspiring me lot. There were so many longest history behind the temple. Different style stone monuments showing it better. These 3 story stone pagoda seemed same looks previous once. However you explained much better.

very beautiful my friend.

I had never seen such. Its a great place. It reminds me of rose ancient China movies of jetli

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Hello sir @slowwalker...

I am very interested in the fourth photo, the stone looks like are arranged without a bond of cement or clay. Really great. In the past, the construction really relies on a good choice of stone. Amazing. God bless you

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Do you know meaning of 2 stones?

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