Characteristics of Geuk Lak Bo Jeon Hall in Mu Wi Sa Temple

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It is great pleasure to find out unexpected thing in our life.
I have been experienced those unexpected pleasure, while looking around Buddhist temples.
Here in Geuk Lak Bo Jeon, I found unexpected things.

Those were the doors of backside wall of the hall.
It was the first time up to see there were 3 doors in the backside wall of the hall up until now.

There could be no reason to make 3 doors in the backside of this hall.
In many cases there was an only one door, sometimes there was no door in the backside of the hall.

What made me curious was the reason why they made 3 doors there ?
No one could answer that question.

Each doors were different in their form and shape.




It was not easy to take the photo of the whole scene of the backside wall, because there was no enough space for the camera angle.

I’m so happy when I find out those slight things. And that’s why I enjoy looking around the old stuffs.

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I found it interesting that there were three doors and no explanation. Although it was a purposeful build and appears to be done at the same time, using the same style and materials.

What is the purpose of the back door?

It is always fun to discover unusual facts or structures while sifting through historical landmarks. I always find interesting little things that have lost their meaning over time. I find it fascinating to discover just what it all means.

Thank you for taking us with you on this journey.


Perhaps they were doors that were used by different people in certain rituals ... priests, nobles. Everything has an explanation and nothing is casual, especially in the organization of a temple ...

If you have no explanation of such rare things, I don't think most of others could explain it either! For me you have a great knowledge about Archaeology studies and sites! I hope you might research why and somehow you could find an answer for 3 doors as well!
Honestly I never check such things while I am visiting ancient places in my country! So, this might be a good tip to me to dig deeper! Nice photography and yeah I understood it's hard to capture the whole scenery by a narrow space!


Three doors? Could definitely connote something and I saw that it'll have been difficult for your camera angle really, I definitely think it's enigmatic and I'm happy you tried your best to capture the door's full view, this is wonderful, once again.

What have made by the door?I think this door has made by wood.This door story has written awesome

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@slowwalker, You got biggest try to take better angle included photo clicks. Those every doors different than others. Seems some attractive looks. I learned something from this post. Well introduction.

3 Doors Down ??

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