Cherry Blossom by Seomjin Gang River Side


We were riding by the river of Seomjin which was said as the one of the most beautiful in Korea. My mom told me “How beautiful a cherry blossom is”


So we stopped the car by the river. There was a parking place for people who wanted to enjoy cherry blossom. Where we stopped was looked like the place of favorite.


It was so beautiful. The cherry blossom in this area seemed to be its culmination.


Even though I heard the beauty of the cherry blossom by Seomjin gang river, it was actually first time to look around that here, because the cherry blossom season was so short. It was not easy for me to be there at the exact time. In my guess, it was the that time.


Looking at the cherry blossom, I prayed that everyday should be as same as today.

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Are these wild cherries or people actually picking them when they're ripe?

  ·  작년

I totally agree with your mom words.I am looking to this pictures.This place I mean cherry blossom so beautiful and you take photography style excellent.

  ·  작년

Everything is waking up and starts to bloom, that is the most beautiful part of the year, soon there will be only green leaves. Lovely pictures and your mom looks really happy :)

@slowwalker, Pictures are reflecting the world of cherry blossoms and mountains and in my opinion you've made the right choice to stop by here to enjoy this view. Stay blessed.

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cherry pie

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Beautify. My girlfriend always wanted to see that.

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Awesome cherry blossoms :-) I love this time of the year where everything gets colorful again.
A clear resteem :-)

Beautiful shots of a very nice looking place. Such a great season when all the blossoms are out.

They are very beautiful indeed @slowwalker I wonder if they do have a scent?

amen. may your prayer be quickly accepted by God. I see you are really cheating on your parents, nowadays it is difficult to get people like you.

yeah, honestly I just saw the beauty of cherry blossoms and wanted to pick it and give it to my loved ones.

This is my new favorite place beautiful nature all around loving the posts

@slowwalker, such a beautiful cherry blossom there. My eyes and mind completely attractive. Nice captures you clicked.

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