Real Treasures Which had been hidden Under the Sea for Several Hundred Years.

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In North East Asia, there have been very active trade among Korea, Japan and China more than 2 thousands years ago.
It was a great result for me for having a chance to confirm the evidences of the active trade among Korea, Japan and China.


In 1975, a fisherman found some porcelains in the sea and reported to the museum. Since then, the one of the most famous excavation in history had been done for 9 years. It was a start of the sea excavation in Korea, other excavation had been continued with the discovery in Sinan.

Before that discovery, there had been some legends that the ship had been sunk long time ago.
But people thought it solely a legend. Legend became reality. Lots of excavation had been done since that discovery.
As the results of the excavation, lots of priceless relics had been found.

In this point, the discovery in Sinan was very important. The ship was sunk in 1323 near Sinan of Mokpo in Korea.
The trade ship had started from china and planned to convey the goods to Korea and Japan.

But this trade ship seemed to be sunk by the storm.
History of the trade ship was written in Bamboo record. At that time, there existed the kinds of the invoice in now a days




As the result of the excavation, more than 26,000 relics had been found. Among them 25,000 were Chinese porcelains, and the others were valuable things indeed.

So it was lucky for me to look around the museum.
There were lots of things to introduce you.
But in this posting, I’d like to post on the trade ship at first.

As soon as entering into the museum, I was supprised with the size of the trade ship.
They had gathered every pieces of the ship and rebuilt into a perfect shape.


Let’s look at the ship
I could not close my mouth. It was amazing.
The ship was so large and beautiful.




They exhibited whole ship in an exhibited room. They seemed to built this exhibition room for the purpose of display this ship. In my opinion, their intention was successful. I had stayed in that room for long time.

Side wall of the exhibition room was filled with the relics.

At first there were lots of special wood using in the religious ceremony and making a very difficult furnitures.




The interesting thing is those woods were mainly came from the South west Asia.
It meant that at that time a sort of the transit trade was common type of business.

On the other wall, amount of porcelains were exhibited in the window.





Next time let me post the relics found in Sinan more in detail.

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저는 오늘 혼자 전철을 타고 춘천까지 여행을 했네요
겁쟁이라서 집에서 멀리는 가지 못합니다. ㅎㅎ
빛를 받은 도자기 들이 살아 있네요


버릇들면 멀리멀리 갑니다 ㅎㅎ

I love pictures and shows about sunken treasures. Amazing to see what could be laying at the bottom of the ocean!

Maritime salvage operations are very difficult undertakings but often yield great results such as the discovery of sunken treasure at Sinan.

This was a daunting nine year task of recovering all the porcelain and every piece of the original ship.

I agree with you - the reconstruction of the vessel is awe-inspiring.

It's interesting that despite the troubled history between Korea and Japan they found a neutral party in China so they could trade goods.

I wonder if trade flourished even more among these three nations if their relations might have improved?

The raw Asian wood that was exported for furniture making indicates it wasn't just finished goods being exchanged but raw resources.

Almost as impressive as the recovered ship were the row upon row of glass display cases filled with countless artifacts.

This was an informative and beautifully presented post, @slowwalker.


amazing post my steemit friend good luk


yes indeed, it was a very informative piece and i really do wonder if the trade had been flourished how the three nations relations would have been


It's awesome dude keep it up


Thank you for reading.
It was really interesting to look at the treasures

I am really amazed to see these kind of historical posts which provide us more knowledge about the history of different regions ...


Evet haklısın okyanusların altında gerçekten çok fazla ve çok ilginç şeyler çıkabiliyor...


yes, thank you for reading

Amazing museum... I want to be a treasure hunter now!

Those were some nice find @slowwalker and they gave us the idea what the merchant boats looked like.

It seems that they are also trading woods probably for some craftsmen to use.
The porcelain relics were so beautifully preserved and I bet that still can be used to day. It is nice to share this museum pieces to use because I also like to learn about the history of korean trades.

such a vivid photo, there is so much light in it

these things look really interesting!

To write an article on this kind of subject needs immense knowledge, a fair amount of rock-solid research and the desire to let the whole world know and most importantly the storytelling is also an integral part of a successful blog post where we see the engagement level of the readers are pretty good.


Thank you for comment

The ship remind me jim Carrey movie...

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how large the ship was ! looking forward to your next post about the treasure in the ship . thanks for your sharing @slowwalker.

Amazing stuff, i am sure you have enjoyed your stay a lot... it's so nice to have a little touch to the ancient history. And when you think how many of those wrecked ships are still lying on an ocean bed... And what artifacts and pieces of history they still contain :)

To me hearing about sunken treasures always gets my heart racing. It's so amazing to come across artifacts from a certain era. Almost like a time machine. Thanks for sharing this this quality post. Looking forward to more in the future!

Wow the sea has swallowed many great treasure and some will never be found...Thanks for sharing this beauty with us and for all your support on my posts- i wish you a blessed week.

A great knowledge @slowwalker. If you have time, please see my link.Thank you.


I also agree with you it's a great post
Vote me pleas


Wow, I have really been enjoying these posts of yours, especially these treasures at the museum.

It is amazing s lot of them have been preserved so well. The pottery, I am surprised a lot of it was not broken or damaged. It is great it has been preserved so others can now see it.

I like to do a bit of treasure hunting myself, in some nearby lakes and streams, but have never found much of value other than rings and some coins. It is fun though.

Thanks for sharing, great job!

Me too ;) I can not close my mouth.Agree with you It is amazing. hey dear... maybe the woods came from Iran ? we are locates in South west Asia :))) great and resteem

So much history in that museum. I appreciate the effort they took to rebuild the ship.

korea, china, japan, has a great history and i deeply understand your post, really amazing, i upvote and resteem...👍

Very interesting. So the legends become reality. The scale of the ship is really amazing. How much stuff was inside! Actually, an interesting Museum)


Yes, indeed

I love how they built the shipwreck. Amazing history in one place :)

the sea hold a lot of mysteries for us to discover and a lot of history for us to read. this is a great history lesson from the 3 nations

Nice pictures the trade ship is big and beautiful it a surprise how there could gather the whole pieces together to format the ship again I love this ancient pictures.


yeah right i also loves ancient pictures these are incredible

If only the treasure hidden under the sea for several hundred years can we take, surely we will @slowwalker

Interesting I would say. Visiting museum is always an exciting experience. The museum gives you The opportunity to see history in reality . I really appreciate the size of the boat. Thanks to these museum who put all the pieces of boat together . I am surprised to see the porcelain still in good shape despite the length of time it has been. It shows that it must have been well preserved. Thank you for the captivating photo and also thanks for the post.


thank you so much for your comment

Wow ! that is a lot of awesome relics and porcelains found ! and that ship is very cool @slowwalker ! I loved your story how trade was common business with China , South west Asia , Korea , and Japan ! written , recorded on Bamboo . Thanks for sharing with us , as I can never afford to travel , its like i am there ! upped and resteemed !😀👍👍👍

Great post and wonderful picture
Thank you for sharing that

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Wow that is super amazing and interesting!

This is nice beautiful trade ship

I was really amazed with the article and the photos. I hope that I will once have the opportunity to travel and discover all the secrets and wonders of the world.


yeah I hope so too

Incredibly amazing post. The pieces found look very valuable. And clearly they are. But what I'd like to know more is the story behind the sinking of the ship. The thrill of what could've happened definitely will be an amazing story to tell

Nice picture amazing..
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Treasure of the sea, valuable, old pirate ship, the ship sank underwater of the hidden treasure, or foreign trade ship sank underwater. The treasure unified called "sea treasure".t01a9ff2cfba5538da6.jpg

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if you want to shine like a sun than burn like a sun first...........

Nice artifacts, love look forward to seeing more

These are real treasures they are wonderful, whatever that is discovered can be recovered

Thanks for the fascinating journey into the past, I learned a lot of interesting things!

Kudos to you @slowwalker for taking your time to be in the museum and for the elaborate post of this great historical discovery. Posts like this are very important as they expose us to the lives our fathers lived. 👍

OMG! I really like this type of publications so hisricas type, the truth is that you are very excellent everything.

I loved.

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WOW!!! This is an exquisite thing to see :)

Such amazing photos! Thanks for sharing, very interesting!

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Very interesting information. The way that you have describe it was so nice i can't explain it in my word. Love it.

Is there any documentary about this excavation itself ? because I think that was a very complex and interesting undertaking.
I saw a documentary about a underwater excavation near Venice and it was really cool.

This looks wow

I love history, and I love these historical artifacts.
Learning from history always seems very interesting.
Looking forward to your next post.

Amazing article with good pictures. Waiting for more of them

Wow, this is beauty, reminds me of the Titanic

Well, that's quite overwhelming...such a great piece of history. Thank you for sharing that!

Wow amazing very detailed. I wann visit that place too. I am learning a lot from your posts. Way better to spend time on steemit than other famous social platform now a days.

it is so interesting to know all this stories in the history and finding proofs to prove it :) there was a time that i wanted to be an archaeologist and excavate and find the answers to the blanks in the history..but i missed that chance..but yet reading things about history makes me so passionate :) thanks alot sir..

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I am so amazed how rich the artistry even hundreds years ago looking forward to see more of this things

Wow ... the stuff inside is beautiful @slowwalker. There in the ocean there are many other legends that have not been known ... there are many who drowned ... later one by one will appear. I wait for the next one again from @slowwalker...

You are a great content creator @slowwalker. The Chinese nation is a family with a long history of civilization.I am proud to be Chinese. In the yuan dynasty, China exported a lot of goods, mainly raw silk, flower silk, satin and linen; cotton and other textiles; Blue and white flower bowls, vases, tiles, POTS and other ceramics; Gold, silver, iron, and the real state tin, wenzhou lacquer plate, Ming state, umbrellas, wood combs, needles and other daily handmade products; Mercury, sulfur and other minerals; Sandalwood, angelica dahurica, musk and other herbs. Some of them are banned commodities, but there are still big exports.

Asian and African countries import commodities, such as pearl, ivory, rhinoceros horn, hawksbill, diamond, copper, enamel, cardamom, aloes, sandalwood, wood, lacquer, etc.

Waao those relics are looking very beautiful and mysterious also,iam waiting for the detailed post :)

what extraordinary trips it is possible to make in asia. And that wonders to discover, I would like to go there one day, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand are countries that I would like to visit.

very interesting! I think there are many treasures under the sea in the mediterranean.

Amazed by the culture .
And by the way , really good content , photos you managed to provide .

Unique post well done bro!

Amazing post, thank you so much for sharing.

  ·  3년 전

that was a lot of porcelains, the history of treasures are still alive until now.

Great travel sir @slowwalker

좋은 사진들과 글들이 많네요!! 팔로우 하고 갑니다~

Lovely post... It takes us back memory lanes... I'll keep learning from your blog... Keep posting great stuffs... Regards


Interesting view.

Wow..such a nice place..good @slowwalker

This is increadible. Thank you very much for giving me knowledges about history of ancient Korea! The sunken treasures are amazing. Unfortunately I don't understand what is written on the artifacts. I couldn't even Imagine that there there have been very trade among Korea, Japan and China more than 2 thousands years ago.

I like this one. slowwalker you are really a historian. I am seriously waiting for your next post. Thanks

photography is very good, I really like posting @slowwalker, I resteem posting @slowwalker.

Yes it looks like a ship was sunk long time ago and thats how they find this quantity of porcelain. Very beautiful photos, great work!

Wow!!!There had been international trade in our country with the countries like china,japan and korea.Our country is situated in the centre of famous silk route.And these things have been confirmed by the excavation done.And they have found coins belong to other countries,pieces of ceramic goods and stuff like that

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

there are still alot of mystery under the sea guys


it must be

Sure a nice touch to ancient history. Thank you for sharing quality and interesting content. I really enjoyed this.

Sure a nice touch to ancient history. Thank you for sharing quality and interesting content. I really enjoyed this.

Hi @slowwalker, Awsome photography during your travel. Love to see all of this. I am also thankful to you for your surprise visit on my post , I obliged with your kind support.

Love the below pics. Great lighting.

That's pretty amazing, just as finding treasures😌

Nice little look into their history. So if this was found near Mokpo, wasnt that the same poor village you were visiting recently? Is this far inland, or near the ocean?
Its fantastic that the government is taking time, money and effort to document and keep these you say, this is a real treasure.
Also glad one of the pics has person in it, so we can see the scale somewhat.

Thanks for sharing a little of that treasure with us @slowwalker

Absolutely all these are treasures that have a precious value. Loking at them ı can also see the story of those who had made the plates, vases and other things. While doing them they added their love, soul and feelings . The biggest treasure is hidden behind and beyond the photos . Thanks for the share . Great job...


Nice post informative and knowledgeable.

molto interessante


hahaha, Thank you my old friend

Stunning photos! I would love to visit Asia someday.

Very nice post.. amazed seeing the lost treasures..

good picture men is armazing ligth

Couldn't believe that there are still some of the historical treasures we could see in Korea. This place will be the perfect place where we could introduce the very prosperous past of our old dynasty. I also remember one of my favorite historical soap opera called 해신, which dealt with the story of the very prosperous intermediary trade of the old kingdom. I must visit the museum since I love those things!

Thanks for sharing the Korean historic and priceless place where the foreigners are interested to be as it is the very place where they could find some historical evidence and fact!

  ·  3년 전

if friend that has always been the trade of the Chinese handicraft in itself the city of changai is famous for the trade of crafts I imagine that many pieces of that museum came from that city

Simply unrealistic. Would like to visit this Museum to touch a piece of history

Excellent and interesting post, very good photos ...

Very informative and a unique piece of information indeed. Such stories of lost treasures always take me to a fantasy world with long voyages, beautiful new explored lands and people. I loved the attention to details and the chronology followed by you in explaining the historical article

Wow nice. @travelphotography

this post made me gain new general knowledge @slowwalker

They had gathered every pieces of the ship and rebuilt into a perfect shape.

Taking puzzles to a whole new difficulty !!

Amazing..It is an amazing museum. These valuables are collected in order to be seen by millions of pairs of eyes in the world today. I will wait for your post next. Keep working and always success for you @slowwalker.

you have provided wonderful information along with nice photographs!!

proud moments see such beauty restored

thankyou for introducing the beauty of Asian china.

Sea can keep secrets for long, very long!

  ·  3년 전

it is really amazing article.
I really interesting to know about the ancient Chinese historical things. this article really knowledgeable, I wish I could go and see this places one day if I'm lucky...


Wow, this is very interesting, great post! I'm usually not a big fan of museums but I guess I'll have to check out this one. :-)

extraordinarily beautiful, cultural and historical heritage of a country ,,,

Let's go explore the treasure house. 안녕하세요 ^^

amazing, is it a museum?
the shots you took were incredible.

There's alot under the sea these days!!!!

Chinese people are so blessed!

very beautiful

Another set of photographs is fantastic.

Amazing post. Keep it up my friend. Folllowed and upvoted.

The magnitude and scale of this find are impressive! Golden light enhances the impression! Thank you for your interesting story, friend @slowwalker!

Your post really amaze me.
how do you become steemians like you?
I need guidance.

All photos you have taken are awesome, and thanks for your discription on that too. You inspiring steemian, thanks again!

Great share.

I am amazed to see these, recovering items from the bottom of the sea a tough task and requires a lot of man power and funding to bring them back on ground.

It is so funny, almost everything on the last has been explored, but what lies at the bottom of the sea is yet unknown.

We will keep knowing more as we proceed ahead in time.

Till then cheers !!!

Great job!

Thank you for sharing this post. I never actually believed or would think that there was still some treasures somewhere. This was very informative.

Woow, from your photo I also can feel how amazing the museum and ship .. The decoration is also very neat .. Incredible ,, I will wait for your next posting relics found in Sinan more in detail.


thank you silvia

thanks for the brief knowledg you have given to us.
the photos are amazing, the woods from the ship was astonishing
i am looking forward in knowing more details about the relics from you @slowwalker

this is beautiful and i like this time of adventurous work thanks

nice photography
i just joined steemit and post my photography for the first time, please look. thanks :)

It is wonderful to see that someone who has an awesome insight regarding Korean culture illustrating in English. Thx. Pls keep the good job!! I followed you^^

Amazing post... btw world is full with hidden and forgotten treasures, lost civilizations and cities

I really love history and it was great stuff..hopefully you bring more and more because it was amazing reading...keep going

Really cool stuff:) Maybe you would like to check out my photography.:)

@slowalker very nice post .I enjoyed reading it. I also upvoted i have new article on Pakistan travel i think yu must read it and do give upvote thanks .

Woa nice one good collections

nice post

Nice collection..

These treasures are really looking beautiful, but was the fisherman rewarded after everything? @slowwalker. You posts are really great

Wow this is amazing man, check out my page for some similar content soon!

so amazing!

this was really amazing, i want to see more post that i can have a knowledge on it like from the history and such a inspiring photography

nice study .....@slowwalker is a great experience to study your work. Best of luck.

Amazing pictures, and amazing history..

you deserve a vote because of the pics...

I am blown away by this article! Very nicely done. Love the images. Absolutely in love with the GOLD! Now I know what to buy with my Bitcoin money haha

Exelentes fotos

oh, wow, your job is awesome!

Wow very nice collection of porcelain. Remembering my mom so crazy about china wares like porcelain. Thank you for this photos

I love the colors. What camera did you use?

very good post and very interesting. awaited for other places in other korean areas. maybe you can visit yogyakarta, a city in central java, indonesia. there also still stands solid kingdom of mataram.

Amazing post!! Good Luck!!

nice information..
hope that treasure always save

Awesome post. Super! :)

Orang tua saya berpesan tuntutlah ilmu sampai kenegri cina...

It seems that they are also trading woods probably for some craftsmen to use.
The porcelain relics were so beautifully preserved and I bet that still can be used to day. It is nice to share this museum pieces to use because I also like to learn about the history of korean trades.

I would love to visit this museum! :D Thanks for sharing this information. As an Asian, it's nice to know this. ;)

that is true and our Real Treasures in sea, thanks for your post
and also your post is up voted and re steam

Till tomorrow, Steem is great! You create something and watch the free market work all for you.

Indeed this research is lovely. Thank you for making this information clearer @slowwalker. Permit me to Resteem and share this post.

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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Reading about Korea on a Korean phone... It's about time to go there 😊

@slowwalker love this stuff great article and what a treasure trove

böyle başarılı böyle bilgilendirici bir paylaşım için teşekkürler.

Nice post and good research of the ship looking forward to see more valuable things it carry in your next post

please upvote my post i am a photographer struggling in a society who dont encourage photography skills . i have a hope steem community can showcase my skills and talents to the society. please for christs sake help me steem community


looks like world treasure is gifted there. what would you like to recomend?

Waiting for the rest of your musen adventure
Keep rockring man 👍🏼

as a naval artchitec and ship engineer i look at the pictures with an open mouth...Because of the showing format...They made an iron platform to show ships wreckage...this is very impressive...i also like your blog and pictures ...Have a nice day...

Loving the pics bro... Really ancient

Wow, so much history in that part of the world. I've always wondered if Asia and India weren't settled first due to their large population. I also believe China reached Central America first as some native Mexicans look a little bit Asian.


I expect to Turkey.

I love these sort of things! Check out "Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable" on Netflix. It had me in awe. Finding these things must be the ultimate adventure.

impresionante! recuerdos de un pasado que pocos reconoceran pero que pudieron marcar la vida de muchas personas hace muchos años (Y)

omg this post its everything, so complete and interesting!

that lucky and one without fishing or a cold :P

Hi guys i'm new here in steemit i hope everyone will welcome me.. Thank you !!

Amazing photography dear

wow. looking at the pictures, it's really amazing to look. what a find and a real treasure. good thing, they are all in pristine condition.

This is an inspiration! I'm trying to bust into this scene and it's so exciting to see how much is possible as a photo-blogger if you gain a good audience here 😄

If you get the time, I'd really love some feedback on my latest hiking guide to Oahu's Pillbox hike. Thanks for doing what you do!! 😍

Nice post with some artistic photograph!!! Already voted... Thanks @slowwalker

Those are some beautiful artifacts.Thanks a lot to u for sharing some historical important things about korian dynasty.

Really very amazing! Youre so lucky to visit the place... so historic and full of stories to tell.

Great post with fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing:0)

That is amazing! - the ship is incredible - and amazing that so much was retrieved unbroken - really a great post, thanks for sharing.

best regards bro...

nice, great Photos :)

This makes sense !!! I read in a blog that China had produced more than 25% of world GDP, 2000 years ago and now I can relate it!!!
Thanks for sharing, great job !!!

This is amazing work that the museum undertook to rebuild and rescue this beautiful old shipping and its vessels. The porcelain must be very strong to have maintained in such conditions. Thank you for sharing this post with us. 🐓🐓

thought the bamboo sticks are for playing Yut Nori :D

almost Sol Nal @slowwalker nim!

Very interesting read, its amazing how simple items can hold so much information and relevance of how people lived back then. Lovely photos and great content!

I like the light that cameras can capture.

Interesting post and good images. regards

thats nice these porcelains have been so well preserved, you wouldn't say they are over 40 years old!!! also those ship fragments are mind blowing

thank you for keeping us updated with your journey in korea!


Wow great article, and amazing pictures !!
I like your writing style its realy authentic !!
Greeting Montaquila

  ·  3년 전

Seems to me it is a maritime museum with a rich and informative handful of Korean history to offer.

Very beautiful and thanks for sharing. Its amazing that all those plates stayed intact all these years.

Ancient pottery has always amazed me! Wow that museum is certainly a find!! How lucky you were to get to enjoy that! Water is both good and bad...preserving and destroying.
Thanks for sharing these photos!



Your post is really interesting. I never been into a museum like this. Thank you for sharing, I love the quality of the photos you have.

real post of photo,, graphy, excellent taging

Nice travel blog! hope you can check out my travel blog as well.

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Hello @slowwalker ,
I really enjoyed your discovery in Mokpo!
I am a steemian from Toronto - my background is South Korean.
However this past summer of 2017 was my first time travelling to Korea! Yes I am a 2nd generation Canadian- Korean and so flying to Korea was an absolute amazing experience. I got to witness a lot of the history and culture from which my entire family is from.

I actually got to see the entire East coast of South Korea, to name a few places : Sokcho , Gangneung, Uljin, Pohang, Gyeongju, Ulsan and my favourite Busan! I had the time of my life trying so many korean dishes, the freshest seafood dishes and also amazing scenery everywhere.
(which I will post very soon on my steemit!)

I cant believe I did not check out the west coast and see what you saw!
Thank you so much for sharing!

직접 가보지 않아도 이렇게 자세하게 설명해주셔서 잘 보고 있고요.
다음번엔 어떤 역사나 어떤 내용이 나올까 기대 되네요.

Amazing. Need more information like that its an interesting post!
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