Sacred Relics, Sarira Stupa : The most important place in Keumsan-sa temple.

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The most important place in Keumsan-sa temple is the stupa for Buddha's Sacred body(Sarira) in the perspective of Buddhism. It is believed that the part of Buddha’s real body(Sarira) was preserved in the stupa of Keumsan-sa Temple. It was located in the deepest place in the temple.


The sarira was preserved in the stupa, and the stone statues were deployed around the stupa.
The stupa was round style of stone sculpture.




But the statues and sculptures were so unique and special.
Those sculptures were deployed in quadrilateral form around the stupa.
Each statues had its specific meaning though, it was difficult to find out the exact appearance of those statues due to the erosion by the wind and the rain for a long time.

Those stupa seemed to be built at the age between the late Shilla dynasty and the early Goryeo Kingdom.
It was designated as the National Treasure

Then let’s look at this treasure.







If we evaluate the meaning of the building in the view of the religion, the most important building must be the building serving for the real sarira of Buddha.
But the building for the sarira was small size compare to other buildings in this temple.


Only 3 or 4 people can sit in that building together. I can see the stupa through the window.


This small building seemed to have the highest status among all buildings in this temple.

I had stayed there for a while. It was very hot weather though, inside of this wooden building was cool and my mind became calm.

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It is good to know about one of the most important stupas for Koreans and it teaches us to value of what a person had done in their lives while they are still living @slowwalker and the stupas are just one of them.

Historical place,

beautiful shots and history. bring us more!

In my figure, they set up those two conflicting characters of statues in same place to make the adjust and the amicability between the solid and the shortcoming, the power and the shrewdness.

According to the history that I heard, Lord Buddha died (seeked Nirvana) in India! Then body (Sri Dheha) burned and what exist send to all corners of the world! One came to my country and we called it as "Sacred Tooth (Dhantha Dhathu)" and definitely in this temple - Keumsan-sa one other Sacred relic of Lord Buddha buried! When we go to that area we can feel the peace! Yeah it happens when I was at near Sacred Tooth of Lord Buddha!
So, this is the most important place of all I think!
Great photography and description! Lots of Sri Lankan are working at your country! So, I wish they might read this post and will watch and worship to this Sacred Relics!


a very extraordinary temple,there are some stupas standing upright,still like the original,really great work sir @slowwalker

@slowwalker, Keumsan-sa temple is a very important Buddhist location to see Sarira Stupa. From Stone statue very well preserved of Budddha Sarira. There are so many stone sculptures around location. It's indeed very unique and impressive style. Creatively embossed more patterns both stupa and sculptures. The National Treasure has unique style. Temple has small building and cannot stay more peoples there. Nice roofing style there and I prefer lot. Tremendous photo clicks caught. Triple gem bless you.


Classy history. Makes one wonder of the olden days.

Ausome shots love it thanks for sharing the history of Buddha

Cool photo and good small story :)
I hope you get more warm days there :)

I wonder how valuable these sulptures are. Im thinking priceless. Shouldnt all this be in museum somewhere?

Amazing history

@slowwalker yes,Sarira Stupa is the most important place in Keumsan-sa have captured every image cleary which itself gives lot more information about it.they seems to be pretty very precious treasure.keep sharing.

The sculptures that are in the temple have great significance in the history I see, it is incredible that respect that culture and keep everything in order as it should be! The photos are fantastic thanks for sharing with us :)

Thank you for another interesting story about your culture.

불상들이 하루방을 닮았네요. 마지막컷에서 정말 평안함이 느껴집니다.

The photos tell their own story, simple, elegant shots, that together form a fabric that even words can't speak. Congrats! @slowwealker

@slowwalker What fascinating sculptures! Thank you!

the carvings on the stupa statue are very difficult, it looks like the shape of the face that surrounds the stone statue, this is an extraordinary work of art and can be history ... of course the face shaped carving has its own meaning.

Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched - they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.

I find the culturally historic like this invaluable and feel in this fast paced world, we need to do more to preserve it for more generations to appreciate. Thanks @slowwalker.

whenever i need to read something i search about Buddha's quotes , you took nice pictures,simple and it feels good watching them