The Beauty of the One Pillar Gate of Cheoneun-sa Temple in Jiri-san Mountain

3년 전

Jiri-san mountain is said as a mother of mountains in Korea.
It is not high but wide. So it embraces lots of people, villages, architectures and histories including Buddhist temples.
The temple Cheoneun-sa was one of those Buddhist temples holding a place near Jiri-san mountain.

After looking around Whaeom-sa temple, I headed for Cheoneun-sa temple.
It was not far from Whaeom-sa temple.
It was a first visit to Cheoneun-sa in this time for me.
Cheoneun-sa was not a large temple, so it was the next time visit place.

When I entered into Cheoneun-sa, I was stroked by the beauty of the one pillar gate.


The one pillar gate of Cheoneun-sa was the one of the most beautiful among what I have seen until now.


It was the beauty of the moderation, the temptation and simplicity.
The eavesdrop of the gate was so splendid though, but not excessive.




The harmony and the balance was the key of the beauty.
The harmony with its surroundings was perfect.

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Aw....soo cute place and photography....really i love it ...💕 my dear lovely friend @slowwalker

Yeah the surrounding and that gate looks so beautiful! great photography and absolutely a brilliant capture!


Beautiful place .. fresh and clean..
beautiful korea 👍👍👍

Amagingly beautiful..

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@slowwalker, The Pillar Gate of Cheoneun-sa Temple inspiration productivity. Roof pattern increase my mind level. Sure...whole area being very cool under autumn tree's shade. Glorious visualization showing to my eyes. Around the area Jiri-san Mountain indeed. What a tremendous photo clicks. Perfect.

Excellent Photography with nice geography.

I like when people here find their niche and it looks like you have found it with your temples. I have never been to Korea so it is nice for me to learn about them from the comfort of my chair :)

As always, simply stunning photographs.

Thanks again for sharing.

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The Beauty of the One Pillar Gate of Cheoneun-sa Temple in Jiri-san Mountain. #steem #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #steemit

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Majestic and so beautiful it was to check this post out thanks a lot for sharing this :D

I believe not only the construction left a great impact on your mind and soul but the harmony of Autumn with their variety of colors. Two Artists made their work: nature with its rich palette of colors and human with his imagination and handcraft. Luckily all those beautiful places are located away from traffic, and civilization so it is still the same like many years ago.

Beautiful. It reflects the ancient tradition of the place.

So beautiful!!! Flower round the small house, it really look so beautiful and lively..

Thanks for share.

Wow that Korean monastery was built in the year 828, then it was burned down by the Japanese in 1592 and rebuilt in 1610, I wonder if that entrance is from 828 or 1610 !?! Beautiful!