The Beauty of The Traditional House and The Honorable Wealth

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It is very difficult to be a rich, but more difficult thins is to be the honorable rich.

Korea had had a very unique path of history in middle and modern times.
In most of process of forming capitalism, the trading had done the most important role in accumulation of capital.

The business and trade had played the key role in the process of forming Capitalism in Western world. The trade and business was also important even in the East Asia where had gone different historical process from the western society. As you know, there was no historical process such as capitalism in East Asia.

Unlike other world, the class doing the trade and business was the lowest social layer in Korean Society(Choson Kingdom) of Medieval and Modern times.

In this atmosphere, the only way to become a rich was to seize a political power. Scholar lawyer who had dominated Choson Kingdom couldn’t do a business or trade. They pretended to think making a money was not a noble behavior. Once becoming bureaucrats, the money ( so called bribery) came in their house.

This tendency have effected on Korean people until now.

So it would be miracle that the most honorable rich had existed for 12 generations in Gyeongju.
The hero was the honorable ‘Choi’ Family.
I'd like to post on this honorable wealth family in Gyeongju later.

I had a chance to visit the house of this family.
This house was opened for the tourists.

But the place I had visited was not an open place.
Original house had been divided by the roads, so the open place for the tourists was just a part of the house.

On my way to Choi family house, I asked a man of the way to the Choi family house.
He suddenly suggested to visit his house by the road.
He told me that his house was a part of the original Choi family house.


The house I had visited was not far from the main house.
As entering his house, I was so surprised.
His house was maintaining the original appearance of Choson Dynasty.
It was said that this house was used for the guests.


At first the gate was so nice. The gate still hold the atmosphere of the past.
Near the gate, a cat was looking at me.
That scene was as same as that of folk painting.



The most impressive thing in this house was a pavilion and a garden.
The pavilion was so well balanced and hold it’s typical style of traditional architecture of Mid age Choson kingdom.

The pillars supporting the eaves were so balanced.
The parts around the crossbeam have been substituted with new wooden materials.





The best part was a garden.
It was not a wide, but well decorated with various subjects.

There was a stone lantern in the center of the garden which had been brought for the ruined temple of Shilla dynasty.
Plus the pieces of the towers stood in the garden.






I had sat on the floor for a while and enjoyed the mood of traditional house.
Just sitting on the floor looked like a meditation.
I felt the tranquility from my deep inside

I passed through the small gate and entered into the women’s space.
Family was living there.

It was typical women’s place. I took the photos as below




It was really nice day.

What do you feel on this house ?

Thank you for reading

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I like the old traditional way of building because it shows their artistic talents and care for nature. Korea is indeed beautiful, thanks to your post @slowwalker . Today, I posted about how google plan to ban crypto ads and what we should do-feel free to see it ie if you are free. I wish you a blessed weekend.


yes, and lovely pictures


Thank you for your comment

It really is amazing how these nrich families in the dynasties build their mighty houses from its foundations to the eaves of the roof stands the tests of time and they get preserved for us to enjoy and learn about @slowwalker I like the last photo too because I see there where they store their foods, Kimchi perhaps or salted meats and vegetables. I would love to have those jars.


Yup. I do agree with u.


Yup. I do agree with u.


The Jars always make us of Koreans to think their home

This image struck me mostly @slowwalker!





amazing photography sirgood work best of luck


Thank you so much

Photos and history are just perfect!

HEY! ive never been to korea, or really know much about these particular times in history, but, this loos such a peacful and honearble place to live, maybe one day i will see this for myself! great post, thank you!


Lovely post and very educational and informative. Honorable wealth is a noble goal but difficult to achieve in the modern world.

It's so nice to see the house is so well preserved over such a long period of time.


Thank you so much

Beauty house

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Nice, tipuvote! 0.1


Thank you

Wow Its Looking good and Historical . I like your every post . i love to travel i also share some information about animal if you want then check my post Thanks @slowwalker

Good travel
Success always for you @slowwalker
I upvote and resteem


Thank you so much

It is the most amazing that people who lived there actually preserved it well!

It definately has historic scent
Especially parts of the traditional house(called Hanok) is the most delicate..

I guess just being there would heal you from the wounds of daily trivial life matters..

Thank you for the picture. It felt like visiting my granma's house in countryside :)


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Thank you for dropping by and reading

@slowwalker, very beautiful photography! Capturing nature in all its glory of own creativity. Travel photography is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. You have a great theoretical knowledge and experience about to make good photography as well as creative perspectives. Your creative perspectives really impressed me. Because without creative perspectives it is not possible to capture this types of glamorous photography.


you are absolutely right in this life very necessary once perpetuate our surroundings for memories in the future


Thank you for your compliment.
I'm a novice in photography.

architecture is just amazing . your first line is just amazing. " its is difficult to rich and much difficult to be honorable rich " it is so true . I feel house is looking cool with wooden structures.


Thank you

It was very interesting to review your photos. Thank you for sharing. And the garden is really very picturesque!


Yes, thank you so much

I agree with what you say, it is difficult to be an honorable rich, in this house only with photos shows the peace that there is in that place, I think many would feel very lucky to live there, you can sit and admire the beautiful landscape and is surrounded by nature, I love this house I have always liked them I see them in movies or photos


Thank you so much for your comment

Nice building,thanks for sharing it.


Thank you for sharing, too

What I like the most in Choi family's house is the serenity or feeling of peace of the place. It looks like a very relaxing environment.

The materials of the building also look authentic and durable. I wish that the place will be preserved for a longer time.

that's really beautiful, I love it

what a great steemit article, one of the best i've seen so far (upvoted your post)

Nice looking hanok house, and the cats is just elegant.

Its like you've time traveled, nice photos as well.


Thank you

처마 앵글에서 가문의 프라이드가 느껴지네요. 외벽이 돌로 만들어 진것에 눈길이 갑니다-


그렇지요 ?

it's lovely houses... simple & calm environment... I would love to live there


me too

This is absolutely beautiful. I'm from Nigeria and this is my first comment. Yeah, I'm new here and I totally enjoyed your post and is looking forward for more. Meanwhile, I will replicate this here. Thanks so much.

I really want to visit and take pictures in this place @slowwalker. The existing house in every photo is very beautiful and looks cool.

Traditional and sweet home

Traditional korean house with leafless trees and unique house shape I really love it ... very good shots I love it very much.
it feels good when i can visit there, thanks for the picture i really like .

I like this architecture , looks really good ;)

traditional housebbb.jpg

Thanks for sharing sweet home . . .

Nice post..
I like this

명예로운 부자는
부자가 되기보다 더욱 어렵죠.
우리는 전직 대통령을 통해서 그걸 잘 공부하고있습니다.
늘 건강 유의하시기 바랍니다.

history of interesting friends, I am very happy to read it, intercontinental trade has its own success story for @slowwalker

This is such a beautiful house. So charming and full of history. This is why I love to go through most of your posts as the places look very elegant and charming.

경주 명문가 최씨 고택인가보네요 가본적은 없지만 조선시대 양반집을 잘 보존하고 있다고 하는..
글과 사진 잘봤습니다 좋은 하루 보내세요^^

Wow, this is amazing, pure history on this place. Thanks for sharing it, I love this kind of photos.

There is something magical about visiting an traditional house on a quiet day, when there aren't many people around. You can really feel the weight of history at times like that.

indeed yes serti which in the words of his landscape like a painting.

Thanks for sharing. Likw historical places and original phptography @muhammadafzaal

Traditional and still very natural ..
Flower page is also very interesting and neatly arranged .. Very beautiful ....

a very good story for us to hear my friend .. and success always make you my good friend .. and please visit my blog once my friend @slowwalker

Decades house that still look smart

A real hanok house @slowwalker Koreans ability to protect their history such as this house as always been one of their strenth when it come to tourism... Thank you for taking the picture of this old but beautiful hanok.

this amazing story of history is really amazing, may you success always and healthy always my friend @slowwalker


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Thank you

There’s such unique architecture there that we don’t see in my part of the world. Do you have any idea how old the house is?

Excellent photography by the way!

p.s. Thanks for the vote on our latest post :)

This made me feel so curious, how many stories would be on the walls of this house? I imagined meditation groups, some martial artists being trained here... So magical. This song was playing all along in my head while reading this.


Thanks hey, just the sound I needed to hear. You may also like The Three Kingdoms 2010 Full Soundtrack.

A beautiful old house . I love old buildings ,old architecture is awesome.

Since this world came into being two things are going side by side. God and Devil( Good and Bad). It is our intention to whom we select for our life style. This is so true that world had seen more bad things than good things that is why it is really difficult to become an honorable rich. This is not only happening in Korea or Africa but all over the world. So, i wish to see this whole world a place of love and peace overall, hope so this dream of mine come true :)

Nice post my friend @slowwalker...... UpVoted and resteemed.

Here you can read a post related to your post.

Architecture of Ancient Greek.

images (3).jpeg

This post is dedicated to you.

Wow ,,, very good post and amazing, I really like this post And I can learn from this posting ,, perfect .... @@slowwalker

Although it is small it was built with a great technique. I am always amazed by the use of wood in these your architectures. Really extraordinary

This house would be the perfect setting for different themes, it can give you at the same time an air of peace and calm, while with the necessary conditions it can be something dark and murky. But this according to the optical that is looked at. Greetings from Venezuela

the trees in your photos!!!!!!!!! they tell 1000 stories/tales!!!!!!!!! thank you slowwalker....for this glimpse...into those stories.

that is very true, because most people after rich they forget the people who are under it,
they ignore the misses,
but hopefully when we are rich it will not be like that, like other rich people.
we respect each other, and help each other @slowwalker.

wow..i really enjoyed reading this..and i learnt things about the korean history and their society..i really like to see their is something unique to them..and i have noted in most of your posts that in your country the gardens are mostly decorated with objects rather than there any special reason for that sir? :)


It is very difficult question.
I need to ask your question to the specialist


oh thank you very much for your concern sir.. :)

que bella historia , que bello post

wow very beautiful

Wooden gate, stone fence, original house style, enchanting. The old wooden gate is exceptional. The smell of roses. Like in every family home, peace, warmth and love should be controlled. The environment looks a little sad.

Thank you,i felt i was in Korea in my room.

This is absolutely amazing and also great photography

Me gustaron las fotos, el tema es muy interesante; felicitaciones buen post.

The Traditional House is magnificent. Looking @ it is like stepping back in history. A much simpler and kinder way to live. I am reminded of the old days which were much happier in my opinion . Thanks for sharing..

Chosan dynasty is an old dynasty that last for many centuries.So according to that era this Choi family house was built with peculiar and unique concept of art and artitecture.It is archaic but still looks great.Pictoral depiction of it is also nice

awesome place & eye catching scenery. Must visit place.

This place looks like perfect to shut yourself from the madness of the outside world...

waow beautiful Amazing photography my heart is upvote you 100o timw

분명 한국문화에 대한 소개인데
국산말밖에 모르는지라
읽어보고 싶은 포스팅인데......


제가 사용하는 방법 입니다.
이 페이지 차제를 한국어로 번역하기 하시면 됩니다.

크롬으로 페이지를 열으셔서 오른쪽 마우스를 클릭하시면 보시는바와 같이 한국어로 번역하기 하시면 100% 완변한 번역은 아니여도 충분이 내용전달을 되더라구요
그리고 난다음 다시 새로고침하시면 한국어 번역한게 풀리게되고 다른 영어포스팅 들어가셔서 이렇게 반복하시면 어느정도는 읽으실수 있으실꺼라고 생각합니다.


친절한 방법에 대해 소개해 주셔서 고맙습니다
참고해서 번역해서 읽어 보고 다시


어느정도는 읽으실수 있을꺼라고 생각해요 ^..^ 도움이 됬으면 하네요


덕분에 잘 읽었어요
저두 감사해요


Hmm, how is it full of joy if you can't feel anything?


Of course, if you don't feel anything, you don't feel pleasure, so you try to keep your senses as open as you can and feel many things. It's about being in a state of deep grief.

번역이 제대로 된 것인지 당최 알 수가 없군요
번역기를 믿을 수밖에.


번역기를 돌려 자세히 읽었습니다
경주 최씨 가문의 집에 대한 자세한
설명이 되어 있네요

글과 함께 읽으니 사진의 풍경이
더 다정하게 다가왔습니다

한옥의 특징은 정겨움에 있다고 생각해요 마치 내가 살았던 것처럼 편안하고
다정한 느낌을 주지요
그리고 아기자기한 풍경이 있구요

첫 문장이 가슴에 닿습니다

'부자가 되는 것은 매우 어렵지만
명예로운 부자가 되는 것은 더욱 어럽다'

그래서 한국엔 이런 속담이 있지요
'개처럼 벌어서 정승처럼 쓴다'
이 속담을 이해하실까요?

좋은 포스팅 잘 읽었습니다

팔로우 하고 갑니다
계속 방문하고 싶네요

what a beautiful thing especially the garden and we should restore such kind of things


This is amazing

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Looking at this just makes me happy..

I love it, I love the old way of building when it was artistic an had dept .. Now in my country

Alot of people just build to show who's richer & more powerful.

Definetly adding korea to my travel list thanks to you

Only a few people can keep tradition properly and mind blowingly. You are one of them. Friend, bring up your talent for the brightest future.

As Krean, I'm glad to see that stoey of Korean heritage is attracting people!

I want to go to Korea

How peaceful it is to live in such a beautiful home. this reminds me of the traditional korean drama that i've watched before though! haha!

Japan is one of the top countries everyone should visit at least once.

This is amazing, thank you for sharing the pictures! I may never be rich, but to be honourable is something anyone can achieve.

very beautiful nature. i like it

I just discovered your account, and I really appreciate your attention to aesthetic and historical/technical detail. I lived in South Korea for two years and fell in love with the traditional architecture. Keep up the amazing work!

Your postings for Korea are great! Korea definitely deserves them! ;)

i like your all photography.....I like traveling.Thanks for sharing your history..

Your starting lines are really touching which makes me go below this post. OMG this is more than awesome. Loved it. Old traditional places are always mesmarizing😍

I think the pictures are good but the connection you have with the place is awesome. I felt it just by reading your story. And I'm taking this quote with me "It is very difficult to be a rich, but more difficult thins is to be the honorable rich" because I don't want to be rich or envy seeing some rich ppl and after learning the stories, but to be honourably rich should be everyone's dream. Thank you

The write up, the pictures, the history, everything is so fantastic. i have learnt a whole lot from this post. Thank you for this @slowwalker

Nice photography and a very beautiful article.

I would feel a lot of peace and calm inside that house. I am happy to know that they keep their culture and traditions very present, as well as that they care for and protect their stories and important places. Here in Venezuela we have been living in socialism for almost 20 years, and I consider it a badly practiced socialism, universities, hospitals, cultural centers are in ruins, it is sad to see my country with so many riches to decay but I still maintain the faith of that we will get out of this situation. I also believe that we have lost the sense of belonging for our country is something that I will always criticize Latinos.

Informasi sangat bagus

a very useful post👍👍👍

really amazing traditional house..........

really a house that still maintained its authenticity. I can feel the atmosphere of the house in ancient times. really lucky you can enjoy the atmosphere directly. this is amazing. I think I want to be there to enjoy the atmosphere of the house.
but, I really salute the people of Korea, because it can maintain the culture and historical sites. which makes me even more proud, there are people like you who are always sharing about this. Thank you my friend. because of you, I can better appreciate the value of a cultural and historical site.


Thank you as always for your compliment

I love this traditional houses @slowwalker the gardens are unique and the style is very minimalist. The atmosphere it's very relaxing. Good job!!

Beautiful pictures of a Korean house and environment. I think it needs a bit more beautiful flowers and good luck symbols like koi, goldfish, and some renovations to get it into good living conditions.

Man those are some awesome's so cool to see some Korean architecture, I'm not overly familiar with it. How mystical :)

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Your post inspiring me to my blog
@slowwalker thanks

I like the old traditional way of building

Impressive Images combined with history. I liked it!

Its beautiful but i was wondering from security aspect. Are such homes safe ?

Best experience and good post

Like the traditional house

we can feel all the splendor of this people through their architecture, their cuisine, and their tradition

Asian architecture like in your beautiful photos always makes me dreamy, calm, inspired and curious. I really love the different shapes in it and the way the house, garden and stone lanterns beautifully match together and make up one big wonderful picture together. Every detail seems so perfectly chosen. Everything seems to be where it has to be so it looks the most appealing and calming to human beings. There is so much love and wisdom in this kind of architecture and you really feel how much history there is in it. In the city I grew up we had a Japanese garden and I loved to meditate there! It was just such an energetic space! :)
I would love to meditate in the place you shared with us in your amazing post! I bet there's a lot to see,discover and feel for sensitive people. When looking at your photos I feel like there are a lot of hidden little secrets you can only discover when you look at it through the curious eyes of a child :)

Oh and of course I would love to cuddle the cat! :)

I am happy you had such a nice day! Wonderful you shared it with us :)

Best wishes :)

So detailed in information and photos in your story brought me closer to your country and I appreciate it. I am more traditional type and always interested to know more about traditions of other countries. Thank you.

This Is A Good post and very useful...
I like it very much...

Super! ;)\r\nI thank you if you follow and upvote me too.\r\n Greetings! (:

It's a beautiful house. Thanks for the beautiful post.👍
Turkey the attention of draws to?

I like this !!

Hello @slowwalker, interesting story of that nobility that lived in his time, preserve the history, customs, should be more careful if it is for visits of tourists, I am struck, despite being abandoned, a bonsai, which has next from the source, that is, it still indicates that it has life, cultures, people pass, but history remains and is important. The house gives me a feeling of loneliness.

Nothing is better than travelling, it cleanses everybody's soul for the better.

A nice and well-preserved traditional house, modern times may now be very hard to find a house like this.very good post @slowwalker

muy buena publicacion, me encantoo

Hola amigo @slowwalker
De verdad te felicito por esta oportunidad que te ha dado la vida.
Cuando preguntas ¿Qué siento en esta casa? Déjame decirte que estoy relajado, meditabundo y en absoluta PAZ y AMOR.
Las tomas fotográficas son de un encuentro al tercer tipo.
Por cierto, cuando mencionas la linterna que esta ubicada en el centro de jardín proviene de las ruinas del templo de Shilla, estamos hablando de un reino que existió entre los años 57 a. C. y 935. Osea, hablamos de reliquías.
Saludos y de verdad Gracias.

사진과 어울리는 글이 대단한 것 같아요!! 잘 읽고 갑니다!

I feel that 'he who bring the inside out, bring the outside in'. This must have been a very honorable person who you write about.

It looks so interesting some sort of erie vibe to it! Looks relaxing how ever!


Wow! How great that you would ask a stranger a question and it turned into a whole different adventure.

I like the traditional house, because the atmosphere is beautiful, comfortable and peaceful

Nice write up, thanks for sharing

i love your photos - the architecture is really cool. Id love to see some of your shots in black and white, so ive nominated you for a 7 day challenge! come play, if youre interested :)

that's why I love Asia, it's so unique in its culture and architecture. I'm going to include to my wish list a trip to Asia. Steemit will help me for sure!! LoL

  ·  3년 전

me gusta las imágenes. Buen post.

Hola @slowwalker! Las fotos estan preciosas, es increible todo lo que se trasmite con esas fotos, es un post muy entretenido y de facil lectura, me encanto tu comentario del gato en la puerta que te esta mirando, cuidate, un fuerte abrazo en la distancia. votacion positiva y reestem

Me gusto tu fotografía es hermosa es como sacada de un cuento. Felicitaciones.

Traditional Korean House!

I have always loved this style of architecture, and would like to see more homes and building like this here in Oklahoma!


Thank you

Wow, this is really amazing... with your photos it was just like I was there too, catapulted into their story... wonderful! Thanks for your sharing!

Wow,so much beautiful site,the women's houses ,the beautiful pots everything . If I were there ,It would have been happiest moment of my life.But thank you,for the sweet post,which makes me fresh and energetic .Yes your mythical world have so much beauty and pride.By the way which country are you belong too,south or north?I have no knowledge, about your country,I only know the name of Ben key moon,the secretary general of uno,that he is a korean guy. You had mention earlier that you are willing to come India ,would you like to meet me ?I will be happy if i get the chance to meet a vetaran.steemian like you in my real life.Wish you a very time aheade


I am from South Korea.
It is impossible for north korean to connect internet.
When i visit India, I will send you a mail

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I like the last one image

All of that stuff showing kind of traditional part of Korea. So unique.

Such beautiful images of real life, unmanicured and raw! Very nice!