The Gates in Sshang Gyeo Sa Temple

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As arriving at Sshang Gyeo Sa temple, what attracted my attention was the arrangement of the gates.
As I’ve posted several times before, there are lots of gates meaning the order or the structure of Buddhist paradise.
Unlike other temples, the gates in this temple were arranged in a row with very close distances.

The first thing welcomed me was the stone bridge in front of the one pillar gate.
I’d like interpret the bridge as the symbol of the border between this and that world.


The one pillar gate seemed not special with that of other temples.
But the style of the roof was very complex and magnificent to others.


The second gate after the one pillar gate was Geum Gang Gate which was built to protect Buddha.
Sometimes, this Geum Gang (Diamond) warriors was meat as the personal body guard for Buddha.
Interesting was the Geum Gang warriors in Sshang Gyeo Sa temple was very similar to that of Ma Gok Sa and Wha Eom Sa temple.


When stopping by Wha Eom Sa temple, I heard that the very famous monk took a charge of rebuilding several temples which had been destroyed during Japanese Invasion 1592-1597.
In this respect, Sshang Gyeo Sa must’ve been rebuilt by him.
The similarity of Geum Gang wooden statues might be explained in this context.



The ceiling of the Geum Gang gate was so beautiful.
The patterns made by the materials were so impressive.


One of the most amazing thing in Korean traditional Architecture is the decoration and the ornament of the traditional building was the result of very practical use.


The last gage was the 4 Heaven Kings gate.
The 4 heaven Kings gate was so similar to the Geum Gang gate.
The arrangement of those gates was one of interesting characteristics in this temple.

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The building structures and the artworks (designs) of this temple looks so amazing! I think from your recent visits this temple might show a vast amount of historical designs than other temples! Ncie photography of your experience!


beautiful temple..

@slowwalker, You found four gates very closely placed in Sshang Gyeo Sa temple. Those four gates very impressive with different reasons. Seemed more peoples be relaxation near the bridge. Brilliant place for photography. I like one pillar gate's roof style like you. It was created marvelously. The Geum Gang wooden statues shown us how their protected Buddhism in this temple. The Geum Gang gate's ceiling patterns amazing and adorable. Well explained and brilliant captures.

I am impressed by these images.
What an amazing architecture.

I liked the original roof and ceiling and the Geum Gang statues themselves are so bright and very warlike.

These are bright decorations in Korean culture directly
attract the attention of many tourists.

Thank you so much for the unique photos, dear @Slowwalker.

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amazing temple sir.
really beautiful photography sir @slowwalker

What a great pictures and story you told about the temple and the bridge. I love the fact everything is so colourful, even the statues.

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My goodness, that gate pattern is more than amazing, the colours and the design behind that is just too awesome, I really love it, the shots are so colourful

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that's very beautiful and this kind of building structure is very interesting

Fantastic post friend congratulations

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Wonderful, amazing and very peculiar, thanks.

Great Photograph

Beautiful photo, really very interesting photo. when looking at photos asistically this certainly makes us want to see firsthand. The detailed images on the photos you present make us more aware that traditional Korean ornaments and architecture fill the entire building.
Looks like how this gate is very welcome to visitors.
We who are far from Korea have better knowledge with the information you provide.
Thank you @slowwalker
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia