The Hero Who I Met In The Unexpected Place In Jeju Island, Korea

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After having finished excursion of 110m high wet land for 1 hour, I found the statue near the observatory.

I was surprised with looking at the name of the statue.
It was the statue for the late mountain climber Ko Sangdon.



The place was well cared.


He was the first climber who conquered Mt.Everest among Korean.
Before his success, lots of Korean climbers had been sacrificed in the Everest.
With his success, he became a hero in Korean Society.

But he died after a few years later in Mt Mckinley(Denali) in the Alaska, the highest mountain in the north America.

According the eye-witness, his junior fellow slipped at the cliff and he hold the jail to the end.
If he cut the jail, he could've lived. But he choose to be with his jail party.
Witnesses were looking that situation through the telescope.
So they fell off from the icy cliff, until the rescue team arrived, Ko Sangdon was still alive.
At that time he lost his gloves to hold the jail to save his junior fellow, it was said that a women rescue put his bare hands changed black color into her breast with tears.

Also I was once a climber, his statue was so touching.
Especially I met him in this unexpected place.
Jeju was his hometown.
I stood there for a while. Behind his statue, there was small gravelike looking pile of earth.


Once he was a hero for climbers, and I was looking at his statue in this unexpected place.

He died in 29 May 1979 at age of 32 years old.
He lived and died like the fire flower.

It seemed not long ago that I heard the news relating his death.
Time flies like the trees what I saw in the car.


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nice to remember these people ..

Ko Sangdon may have died early @slowwalker but the essence of his braveness will be seen by his fellow Koreans and will use it as an inspiration in their own life's challenges and troubles. He never died in vain but for a special purpose in everyone's heart.

Wow wonderful .. well done on the photos
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Great men.


They were a great people,we have to proud with them

The tall virtue of statue

Nice post!!!impressive..


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Jeju Island was formed from lava approximately 2 million years ago from Halla Mountain..
Interesting Jeju Island Facts: The highest mountain in South Korea, Hallasan (Halla Mountain), is located on Jeju Island.

A heart warming story. And to think That he was so young at that time is very very touching. May his story never die.

I am happy to know the new facts.
Thank you. I love you. Bless you

indeed he was a great and brave man ......Such type of people takes birth in centuries ...Thanks to introducing us to such a great man

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Hola @slowwalker
Esta estampilla fue emitida en 1977 celebrando su ascenso al Everets
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo


Thank you so much

What a brave man. To sacrifice himself for fellow climbers. I can imagine his hands were ruined forever. Only to be lost on Mt. McKinley. Neat to see such an homage to a local hero. Beautiful statue and resting place. Thank you for sharing.

What a great impressive post thanks for sharing such a post.

늘 공감되고 마음에 남는 것이 있는 글에
기쁨을 느끼고 갑니다~

아 몰랐는데 새로운 사실을 알고 갑니다. 고상돈씨, 멋지네요
불꽃같은 삶 ㅎ

a sculpture containing historical value.had a nice trip on joju island. Thanks master @slowwalker

What a great impressive post thanks for sharing such a post.

Yeah, I always dreamed of climbing Everest in my Youth. Too bad about this incredible Climber and losing his life so young. Thanks for posting @slowwalker

Excellent photos, worthy recognition for such an amazing feat. The monument looks good but it does not look very busy

I cocked my head while looking at your photo on picture number 2, that's very interesting. :D

time is flying ?isnt it even im 30's.feel same with u
but hope i m 60's soon in a good condition (money ,health and mental etc ~) ^^

We spent 91 Days in Busan and our plan was to at least spend 10 days on Jeju but it didn't happen, we ran out of of time but it gives us reason to go back! We seriously miss South Korea.

that is really a brave hero indeed. thunbs up for a wonderful post sir!

Hi @slowwalker.

Sorry, I'm asking here.

Someone named @slowwalker in sent me a message asking me to send 3 SBD to @blokctrade with the memo he gave me. And he promised me something. And I have done it. Is that really you?


I never have done that kinds of things


Because I think it's you, that's why I believe it. Then I asked @jaki01, he said: it's impossible for a @slowwalker to do that, and believe it is not the real slowwalker. Only then did I realize that I had been deceived.

I'm sorry, for almost misjudging you, and also almost misunderstood. Good people are unlikely to cheat. Thank you @slowwalker

Wonderful and fitting tribute to him 💯🐒

And another great travel impression post, thanks for sharing @slowwalker! 👏👍👊

Hi! I've always wanted to visit Korea and Jeju, but heard that it's actually pretty expensive? I'm a budget traveller and of course, cost is always a concern. Are you able to share in general costs in Korea or Jeju?


a very beautiful job, though tired.
I love gardening and I also like farming.
it's a remarkable statue of his story and many possible memories with that statue.

The men and women who brave those mountains have courage and grit beyond that which many of us know. Although he is gone, his story carries on in the pride that his countrymen have and the stories that are told, Thank you for sharing this with us.

멋진 산악인이셨네요. 한국인 최초로 에베레스트 정복이라니.
같은 고씨로서 자랑스럽고, 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

  ·  2년 전

슬로우워커님 좋은 하루 시작입니다~^^
워커님도 등산인이셨군요... 그렇다보니 더 많이 마음에 와닿으시나봅니다..
너무 빠른나이에 세상을 떠나셔서 참 마음 아픕니다..
마지막의 글이 오히려 더 공감이가네요...
가는 시간을 참 잡고싶네요.. ^^
오늘도 좋은 글 잘 보고갑니다.
고상돈님 도 저 또한 마음에 새기겠습니다..
아침 점심 맛있는거 드시고 좋은 하루 보내시길 바라겠습니다!

This is cool!

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Korea has a lot of Historical Heroes to offer. It's good to know someone or something's past sometimes.

Really interesting story, nice to know about this person... Your photographs are amazing too, thanks for sharing, greetings from a venezuelan lover of traveling... A big hug for you.

another great post. Thank you for sharing, also your support.

What an inventory...... A great exposure into knowing things about the happenings around the world.... Though his of age but has delivered his people from the threat.

The first climber to conquer Mt.Everest. This is a great guy.

His fate is tragic. Thanks for telling me.
The bright memory of him. I thank you for the photos., @slowwalker

Very good place... I like your share it.. because that is education... thank you and success is your...

Impresionante lo de éste hombre y que bueno que hayas podido disfrutar esta aventura y que las estes compartiendo con nosotros. Gracias...

Nice post @slowwalker It's been almost twenty years since I've been on Chejue Island and the peninsula. Some of my best times were in South Korea.

Aku juga ingin mendaki gunung itu dan menikmati indahnya panoramanya 😍😘😁

Wow !wonderful.A salute for the hero and salute for the wonderful pictures you took .Hats off

Wow, very neat @slowwalker, I always like your posts :) You share some really cool places. Thank you very much!!!

It's my dream to go to this place...

This story turned out to be emotional! Thanks for introducing me to such a legend 😊

That is a crazy cool story. :) once again cool photos. Love the tree on the second to last photo

Now I'm happy to know about him, many thanks.
(And please, people like him can't fall into oblivion)

nice post

korean hero photo is so nice and this tree look different