The Monument and Stone things in Ssang Gye Sa Temple

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In this posting, I’d like to introduce the monument for a great monk and the some stone thing near the monument.

As passing through 4 Heaven Kings gate,
there was the monument in the center of the ground which was made at 887 AD for the memory of a great monk Jin Gam died in 885 AD.


The writer of the this monument was the famous scholar in Korean history. There is a legend that the scholar Choi Chee Won became a legendary hermit.

The head part was carved after the shape of the dragon and the bottom was the shape of the turtle.




Even though more than 1000 years have passed, the whole shape was well preserved.
In general the carving was very deliberate.

Before getting to the monument, there were two stone carvings seemed to be eroded by the wind and the rain. So it was hard to identify what the stone carvings were. In my guess, those were toads symbolized as the wealth in Korean Society.



The fifth stone pagoda near the monument seemed to be made in early or mid Goryeo dynasty.


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Like you said, it's actually great to see these monuments after 1000 years of time and glad no war or environmental issues could destroy them to the ground! Great photography of the great historical places and really appreciate your effort!


Which part of Korea this place is? It's totally worth observing.

The two stone carvings seems to have really been embedded in water, I mean that it been emersed in water, I can see the green moss on it's body, wow great shot by your camera, the creature with the bottom of a dragon is such a sight, awesome shot @slowwalker

Great work

Your attention to detail is second to none @slowwalker it always inspires me to visit the local temples and other ancient sites in my area.

Lots of wonderful Colors and the Turtle is very interesting....

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@slowwalker, Looks amazing Monument in Ssang Gye Sa Temple after passing 4 Heaven Kings gate. Those monument carved brilliantly. Lot of meaning included I guess. Dragon is main character of your country. So I'm not surprising it. Then after amazing carved stones there. Actually most surprising buddhism technology in these temple.

They are in a good condition huh? Great shot btw :)

Your photos are truly unique, @Slowwalker .
Thank you very much for introducing us to the rare but interesting
historical sights, architecture and amazing nature of your country.

You know how to notice a variety of details, pay attention to
historical facts and tell the story of Korea.

It was very interesting to me to consider this monument.
It has so many different symbols.
It's amazing how well it has survived to this day.

cool... that's a really cool photo... wish to see more about that... which camera did you use? greetings from asia

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It is amazing that this monument that was created in 887 AD still has the nice carved features of dragon and turtle. Both of them we can find in the history and literature of every nations both connected to mystery and myths.

The firth stone pagoda from Goreyo dynasty is well preserved, also the stone wall behind might be old, as it is partially covered with moos.

It is a great adventure for me to learn the Korean history and the beauty of historical places. There is another work I have done based on your photograph, this time I made it in more lighter colors :)

Beautiful post

A really beautiful photo. I see you not only as a photographer, but as an archaeological documentary. How is the detail of the part of the temple given a picture and explanation. Even without an explanation the reader sees the beauty presented
Thank you @slowwalker
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia