The Stone Pagoda for Buddha’s Sarira and The Stone Monuments for The Great Monks in Sshang Gye Sa

3년 전

By the road, I came down along to the road, I saw the monument for the monks.
The head of the turtle which was the bottom of the monument was so impressive. So I took the photo of it through the gate.



There were several monuments there. No matter when I saw the monuments in the temple, it made me somewhat sad and melancholy. It made me realize there was an end in our lives.

I was living my life as if there was limitless in my life.
So those monument made me realize I should die sometime.
But it must be a very good chance for me to realize how to live my life.

There was the stone pagoda at the behind of Dae Wung Jeon in Ssanng Gye Sa Temple.
I’ve never heard there was the pagoda for Buddha’s Sarira in this temple.




I had visited this temple 2 times before with my friends.
At that time, I didn’t notice there was the pagoda for Buddha’s Sarira.
The reason why I didn’t notice the existence of the pagoda was I didn’t interested on the temple itself.

I seemed to visit this temple just for sight seeing.
So I didn’t get to the very corner of this temple where the pagoda was located in.
But, It was hard to understand the temple seemed not to introduce the pagoda with heart.
In my guess, the Sarira in this pagoda seemed not real.
If the Sarira was real, they must’ve tried to let everybody know the pagoda.
I heard the Buddha’s sarira in Korea were not real in many case.
Anyway the style and the appearance of the pagoda was as same as that of Tong Do Sa temple where the real sariras of Buddha were.

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Very ancient place. Very nice and beautiful photography.

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The stone pagoda looks very unique & extravagant.

Awesome cute friend @slowwalker ... 😱💕💞😍

Yes! You are right such a turtle can be seen immediately.
Great work, dear @Slowwalker

You can always notice the details
and to see interesting architectural delights.

It's nice to see your photos.
Thank you for the exciting tours of Korea.

This stone pagoda is really interesting.

The end of our lives is a good thing, but we have become afraid through the generations. Rest is good my friend. That turtle neck and head is a very cool image

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That is quite philosophical post @slowwalker, I believe on some stage of our life we all visit that point when we analyze our life, and see how we lived our life and if we achieve what we wanted. It seems for us that life is endless and the idea that everything will go its way, when we are not there sounds really terrific.
The turtle that you captures very well done, like the pattern, obviously someone has done it with love.
I can imagine that when you were with friends you did not notice for Buddha’s Sarira, that usually distracts me. I prefer to visit such places few times, in different seasons the places look differently too.

@slowwalker, The first monument awesome with Turtle design to my mind. There are so many monument now I see. Pagodas and Dagoba I seen before like you. But I think I first time looked this temple. Well explain with brilliant captures.

It's amazing how they preserve it until now :)

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I understand that there is a very intriguing stories about these pagodas and Buddhist temple. Your pictures captured a very beautiful view. This is truly amazing. Good work

Photos that are full of beauty

Your camera's shot made me curious, did you really go visit the temple in the fall? Because I see the leaves on the plants are so exotic.
Moreover, the combination of temple buildings and the environment is very worthy of being painted.
. And even more interesting is that you have visited him twice before with your friend. then from those who don't have interest, they become interested and increasingly intense in taking photos.
of course this takes a lot of effort to get beautiful results.
If you feel sad and melancholy that means you deserve to be a happy person, because you realize that life is only temporary and one day will be picked up.

thank you @slowwalker
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

Yes it is hard to think that all of those people involved in building the monuments are all long gone. It sure makes me realize life is not very long.

it made me somewhat sad and melancholy. It made me realize there was an end in our lives.

I seem to feel this way more often than not these days. I feel like it is life forcing us to look at things more deeply and really begin to understand the impermanent nature of things. Interestingly, when we look at these sensations of melancholy, they often have a bitter sweet quality to them.