Treasures of Koryeo Dynasty in the Wrecked Ship

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In last posting, I introduced you the porcelain of Koryeo Dynasty. There were several shipwreck in museum at the age of Koryeo Dynasty.

Among them, what brought my interesting were the incense burner and the bawls for Buddhist monks. It looked like the master pieces of Koryeo celadon for me.
Many relics excavated in the shipwrecked seemed to be gathered in this exhibition.

The relics I’d like to post was excavated not near Mokpo city but near Taean peninsular of western see of Korea.

I could get closer to the shipwreck to take the photos.





I am not a specialist on the porcelain, what made me think those celadons as the master pieces was sorely my instinct.

The design and the color made me evaluate them as the master pieces.

Then let me introduce first one, the incense burner.

In the corner of relics, I found very interesting thing, the incense burner. In Korean traditional ceremony, the incense burner was very important. The flavor was one of the most important component in religious ceremony. In the ceremony, the flavor was the essential element in Confucian and Buddhism.

I saw using the incense burner in Catholic Church, too.

The incense burner in this exhibition was very impressive for me for it’s elegance and preciseness.




It was designed that the fume came out through the mouth.


For more than thousand years, the celadon was perfectly preserved under the rough sea.

Second thing was Buddhist monk’s bawl.
In Buddhism, the dinning was a continuation of cultivation ceremony, so the bawl was very important. Besides the monks’s status in Koryeo Dynasty was very high. In my guess, the social status of Buddhist monks was deeply influenced from Indian cast system. In Indian cast, the Brahman had the highest status in Hinduism.




The design of the bawl was simplicity itself. Actually the bawl of Buddhist monk could not be gorgeous. The bawl was extremely simple. But in that simplicity, the essence of Buddhist philosophy seemed to be reflected. There were simple simple patterns of the peony blossoms and the some stalks inside of the bawls.



One more interesting thing in this exhibition was the relics were reproduced as they were excavated at first under the sea.



Some other celadons found near Taean beach



In Next posting, I will post relating to the excavation of the century under the sea. Due to this excavation, the National Maritime Museum could be built in Mokpo city.

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Wow, i'm facinated every time when i see something that old in a very good shape


The treasures of Koryeo dynasty is really amazing!


친구와 같이 하는 삶이 가장 행복한 삶인 것 같습니다.
전 평생 혼자 여행다녀서 혼자가 좋더군요


What's a lovely post

Amazing pictures. I love seeing recovered shipwrecks and the treasures they held.

Those were some fine and well-preserved relics from Mockpo @slowwalker The incense burner looked still new because it is made out of porcelain. It was probably got lost at sea when the merchant boat got caught in a stormy day.
Beautiful bowls and artifacts.


It's amazing!


Thank you so much for your comment


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good post you are a great photographer Beautiful bowls and artifacts thank you for sharing this post

excellent post

Those dynasties has a lot of treasures according to history. It's good to know people are still there to respect it.


It's wonderful it was found. Can't imagine what else is out there under the water.

wow your posts are full of great learning informations . The treasures of Koryeo dynasty is a good read ...looking forward to seeing more from you. I wish you a blessed week.


Thank you so much


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Im photograph and i like so much your photography its pro , amazing and creative


Thank you



Wow, how many interesting things!

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There are amazing pieces. Pure history!!


Very interesting post!

resteem , great as always , I travel in time trough your posts :) I wait for your next post about excavation of the century under the sea ,, keep it on

Great piece of history!

Amazing photography....thanks for sharing

Amazing glimpse into the past..

There is a mystery surrounding a shipwreck, especially one from antiquity that yields such precious treasures.

I found particularly fascinating the photos of the Caledon bowls nestled together in rows as they were originally placed in the ship. Such care in packing ensured minimum breakage.

I also found the incenses burner to be exquisite, @slowwalker. As you mentioned, incense is used in Catholic worship and although it it said to be a fragrant offering, as a child I hated the scent -- it was bitter and pungent and reminded me of death. For this reason I often stayed away from mass--I found the clouds of smoky incense to be suffocating and it made me feel claustrophobic.

I also admired the Buddhist monk's bowl. The fine cracks in the glaze are more a product of the caledon process than of age and add to its value.

This was an excellent post today, my friend, that reminded me of why to this day I never burn incense :)


Interesting story, than you.
On the other hands, I adored the scent from the incense burner. From time to time, I fired the incense burner for myself and enjoyed the scent.
The scent in Catholic Church was better than that of in my house.
So in mass, I got closer to Father.
Same experience, different feeling. Interesting. Thank you


It is interesting how differently people react to the same experience - now, I can't stand burning incense of any kind. I think it has more to do with associations than the actual scent :)


John as many of us have said, @slowwalker always puts out amazing stuff, so sincere.

I learn so much and I know we have talked about this too!!!

Have a good week man.

Deep article. It is interesting what you can find deep under the sea. People say it is right now more ships under the sea than they are driving on it.


loved your post, I invite you to check my last post "history of cupping and his benefits-"if you like :)

Incense is actually used for aesthetic reasons and in therapy, meditation and ceremony. This is essential in Buddhist monks practices.

Its a bowl @slowwalker not a bawl.
I guess you misspelled it.

Anyways, the bowl is just that simple because simplicity is the foundation of living as monks. They live simply and humbly.

By the way, the photos are pretty awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

Great post!



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Haha agree. But smoking increases the chances of dying earlier :)


Dying early and dying at 100 or more doesn't really matter. What matters is how well you live your life to the fullest. Steve Jobs died early but contributed a lot to humanity. There were people who died without sickness, just being old, doesn't seem productive.


Oh yeah!
I'll change it.


Umm, I heard that’s not good for health


Thank you for correction and your thoughtful comment.


Thank you and you're welcome!

A very nice piece of history ...They've build things to last not like have to replace everything so often...
But one a gain a fain master craftsmanship.

Wowwwwww this pictures are so lovely, nice article.. M scared of ships though


so glad that this past treasure shows our past culture and rituals.
they are wonderful, where it is located now?

nice wathe do you thing my Tattos?

the ship looks scary and old. Now I know where IKEA has its ideas for bowls and plates :) Thanks for historical background, it is always interesting to get to know information from Korea and its unknown information (for me at least).

You should be more careful while editing your posts, that's my advice!

But even though you could have done better in that front, I believe this information is worthwhile! Thanks for your submission!

These just uncovered treasures truly are one of a kind since there were so many intact at once, what a find!

Nice picture amazing..
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How did they use to weld back then??

Nice always come with great and very interesting blog.

Those pictures are fantastic! I've always been a fan of old relics and artifacts! Great to see the preservation of that old shipwreck! Thanks for sharing!

Those are very nice, I look forward to your next post


Amazing creativity <3 old is gold and old things always a beauty <3

It's fascinating how old things like these survive the test of time. It truly talks about the masterful craftsmanship of the people who are behind the creation of these treasures. Indeed, quality trumps quantity any time of the day. Thanks for sharing, @slowwalker! 😊

A friend of mine!!! Hi)) Best wishes for you)) As always, your story at the highest level) Very interesting, informative and exciting)) I really liked the censer))) Excellent photos)) I'm waiting for new stories from you)) We read you with the whole family with great pleasure)))2340.png


Thank you for reading

Amazing historical things.. The bowl and incence burner is amazing.. Bowl is simple but stunning.. Waiting for more stuff.. They are not looking old.. Very attractive and beautiful showing the owners love for simplicity and art

Thank you for sharing such knowledge history about past treasure. That's really a great work.
You have written a very great article about history i love it

OH!!! I am so amazed by seeing these relics!!!!!!! I wonder about their great skills!!!

The Sinan was a landmark discovery that offered valuable insight into East Asia’s international maritime trade during the Middle Ages, which flourished to such an extent that its trade routes were known as the “Ceramic Road.”

historical treasure.


with that for a project I would make an ark where I would trace the power of the animals and their obedience

it turns out that in korea there are many cultures and ordinances that I have not known and I have read all the post @slowwalker and I can know about the culture that exist in korea success always


Thank you for reading

I'd love to go to a museum to view such things.

Beats hiking in nature when i travel haha.

Love korea.

Very beautiful photos and everything is very well preserved. I love the incense burner. Looks very special and a great idea behind it. Good work, thank you for sharing :)

잘 봤습니다/보팅은 bandwidth가 밤만 되면 바닥이라 못하네요.

I read the post - as if the museum was visited) Thank you for the interesting information!

when i see all this ancient pics i get lost in the past world wondering how it may have been then . thanks for sharing with much details. seems like i need to visit a museum soon . there are lots here in india.

Your instincts was right.
Great photos you have got.

i need help from you. please vote and resteem one of my photos :)

The wreckage looks unreal !

works and photos are very good, suitable to develop
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What an interesting article. The incense burner is also my favorite. Such great detail. The photos are great too. Can't wait to read your next post.


Nice one

박물관 다녀오셨군요. ^^ 잘보고 갑니다.

please upvote me once @slowwaker

Wow this is great ancients !

good post dear friend

@slowwalker. I’m looking forward for the next post! That incense burner is so weird ( in a good way), I wonder what it represent?

Nice reference to the history

in this shipwreck is very much a photo that can di ambli and made history.
I really like this photo,
friend, if there is time, do not forget to see my post.

look so beautiful.
whether it's a boat...??

Great post! Have to say a even greater national relic for Korea is the turtle ship of Admiral Yi and even better is the story of defeating the Japanese army with the turtle ships while they were heavily outnumbered

it turns out that in korea there are many cultures and ordinances that I have not known and I have read all the post @slowwalker and I can know about the culture that exist in korea success always

Wow, Imagine being the one finding something like that!

Wooww terbaik

Nice post, awesome shoots! Thanks for sharing this experience, so much history :).

아아 태안에서 생각보다 많은 보물들이 발견되었네요. 그나저나 저 연기 나는 향 버너의 동물은 두꺼비가 아닌가요? 그 뭐지...소주 회사 진로가 생각납니다ㅎㅎ!!

It is like I said again last week on a post here of yours, you really do put out some of the best, sincere, sensitive content on Steemit @slowwalker.

I learn so much from your posts, you really get around out there LOL.

Say hi to your mom for me!!

지난 주에 당신의 게시물에 대해 다시 말했듯이, Steemit @slowwalker에서 가장 진지하고 민감한 내용을 실제로 보여줍니다.

나는 너의 포스트에서 순전히 배우고, 너는 진짜로 거기서 LOL 주변에 얻는다.

나 한테 네 엄마 한테 인사해라 !!
jinan jue dangsin-ui gesimul-e daehae dasi malhaessdeus-i, Steemit @slowwalkereseo gajang jinjihago mingamhan naeyong-eul siljelo boyeojubnida.

naneun neoui poseuteueseo sunjeonhi baeugo, neoneun jinjjalo geogiseo LOL jubyeon-e eodneunda.

na hante ne eomma hante insahaela !!


Thank you so much

What year that they sailed? Is it purpose to sell the product?

wow. a great post. really give me new knowledge @slowwalker

It's amazing that when they found the ship they could tell it was a ship at all. Lovely post.

  ·  3년 전

awesome finds :D thanks for sharing it

travel is very amazing, I really like photography @
slowwalker, I will resteem your post

It is wonderful that they were able to include aesthetic elements in simplicity. It is simple and not stimulating, so we can have a chance to think about beauty.^^

nice photo's brother, i love it

Interesting treasures! Also learned a bit about the history. Excited for the next post!

It certainly look older than my late grandpa's walking ancient walking stick... I bet they're priceless!

Oh wow. Interesting post.

that was a great @slowwalkeer
that were fine and all around protected relics from Mockpo.
it is looking still new on the grounds that it is made out of porcelain.
Excellent dishes and curios.

Are these all your own photos?! These are amazing! Perfect!

How impressive is History, so much history that this world has, this planet that we would like very much to know. These post help to learn a little more about those stories that for many are unknown and for another a true bellza. Thanks friend, regards

good picture

wow what an interesting and explicit exhibit thanks for shearing the knowledge now i am enlightened

Very amazing travel @slowwalker

Thank you for post

Please upvote and reply me @burabay

Thank you so much 😉


The people of the Koryeo Dynasty were extremely resourceful and you are correct in saying that they produced items of materpieces. great post.

what an amazing post. thank you for sharing. keep it up.

It's amazing how well preserved the porcelain is after all this time. I'm a huge fan of history, so I'm glad to have found your blog :)

that's awasome @slowwalker
thankyou so much for sharing this.

nice to know your blog,
iam a biginer steemian from Indonesia.

hope you will visit my blog, help me and coach me in improving my @steemitilmu account.

see you at

This type of treasures tells us what life look like in the past. Thanks for all the amazing pictures.

The treasures are simply amazing. I'd love to have one in my home. Especially that incense burner. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

The travels is very good for know about something @slowwalker

I like your pics.. Good job, the post is genial

Always a good information is welcomed

Thank you for information about Koryeo Dynasty.

wow these are SOO COOL!! i LOVE seeing the history, i am also a diver so imagine if you discover it all whilst diving! hhehe :) thanks for sharing!!

Wow,sangat menakjubkan dengan kenerja anda dan dengan peninggalan sejarah nya,dr.slowwarker

These things are just amazing.....These things are very valuable......These things are some kind of treasures......
Thanks for sharing with us...

nice pictures!

One of the best post i have seen on steemit regarding travel and photography. you just got a extra follower :)


You think so, please follow me, am just a beginner


follow for follow?

It makes me want to watch the movie "Indiana Johns" again. Thanks for your great picture and detailed explanation.

First of all thanks to share this with us, we thought that it is really interesting, we are buddhist and we never heard about historical things like you said the bawl that buddhist monks use . We really enjoy your post ! Thanks ! If you are interested pass by and read our post and vote as we did for you :D

Wow, the incense burner actually looks so cool, and it is preserved so well indeed. I'd definetely buy one if it was anywhere close to my budget. I guess there is some replicas but the original will always be the best.
Really interesting post.
Korea always gets my surprised.

The article is interesting. I expect your next post.

Wow, the things the ship must have seen through the years. History is so amazing.

  ·  3년 전

Wow... dig this post 100%

post very very interesting
I resteem your post

Thanks for this information upvote and follow u

The ship almost looks viking @slowwalker

wow, such an interesting things ! its really a nice work ..

That is so rad! Makes you imagine being in a different time

Amazing museum!

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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Wow ! Amazing.

Great article and photos!!

You make great stuff

Increadble treasures! If I come to Korea, I would definitely visit this museum! I'm very interested in the culture and history of ancient East Asia! Thanks for sharing @slowwalker!!

Amazing relics of the past...! great share...

This was indeed a delight to come across. These beautiful works of art are breathtaking

We are big fans of anthropology and history, which is one of the many reasons why we personally travel. Thank you so much for sharing this. Looking at the photos there is this compelling urge to want to be there and reach out to touch the artifacts as if it somehow establishes a connection with those who created and held those in the past.

I love how all the dishes seemingly fell in place like that. Amazing discovery!

it turns out that in korea there are many cultures and ordinances that I have not known and I have read all the posts @lowlower and I can know about the culture that is in korea is always my best friend.

It is amazing how intelligent people were in the past! The dragon statue that emits smoke from the mouth is really really clever! also i find it amazing that they were able to get the ship wreck replica! so cool to find such old artifacts in such great condition. thank you for the share!

this is a very good photo, let alone this photo contains the meaning and neatly arranged, you take it completely. I like. I'm a photo of a journalist in my area. occasionally you have to visit my area. greeting fellow photographer

Interesting blog @slowwalker, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next post. The treasures of the world!

The glazing is still so pristine, and the color! How old are these?

Only thing that I cannot understand is how those things are preserved under the sea for so long? As I know that sea is including very much salt which could create an acidic environment that attacks the things slowly.

Again very good and interesting photos by you. Thank you for that

Wow, its amazing there's still part of a ship after all this time.

I love it because I love history... 🤘😎

I love it because I love history... 🤘😎

Hi @slowwalker........ U r coming with a interesting topic........ I want to see them from near.... I like antique much. I too use to collect some antique things. I will post someday on them.
As u r Korean, u r a believer of which religion ???

And please see my post to @den seeking help for us( steemians of the North-East India).

The relics says alot about the korean people,good job @slowwalker

This is seriously awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Another piece of a historical post.
I like that. I see that you're interested in spiritual things. Am I right with that?

Kind regards,


That's a life of a traveller, when you travel,
you discover things you never knew about and most times there are adventurous too.
I love traveling and it has really helped me. I'll be sick if i don't discover new things, learn other people's cultures and make new good friends. Keep exploring @slowwalker.

Amazing post. Enjoyed reading it! :)

Amazing finds! Thank you for sharing these photos with us ))

Truly magnificent! what a beautiful collection of artifacts!

You had some code problems with the images of the ship. and btw, what is the size of it and "how old is it"? It's missing some interesting information. I'm too lazy to search on google :D

The incense burner is genius for their time, It's like the building on Rome, they were built hundreds of years ago and some of them are still perfect. who knows how to do the same now?


thank you so much

A wonderful article written about these artifacts. Thank you very much!


This are all precious

t is a relic of the ancient history that the world was sheltering,,, amazing !

  ·  3년 전

that was a great boat, i wonder how old is that boat sir? or it was just made like that?

All photos you have taken are awesome, and thanks for your discription on that too. You inspiring steemian, thanks again!

The treasures of history are great, every time it contains information from old times. thanks for sharing

wow I would love to see that in person, coz I only see ship once witch is my friend who is BLACK SHIP. 😂✌

Good read, thank you.


요즘 왠지 저러한 동양 문화권의 운치(?)와 여유(?)에 마음이 끌리네요. 잘보았습니다

Amazing photography....thanks for sharing.... great post!

the resemblance is uncanny

Thanks for up bro!!!!

Is it worth having, just antique is the only reason that people spend millions.

I thought it was written as the name Goryeo .. yeah, I might be wrong :). they are excellent historical artifacts. it is wonderful that this treasure has been uncovered. I loved the incense burner too. how elegant the design is! Like many works left from the Koryeo dynasty, I think they are also considered as national treasures. thank you for sharing this museum tour with us

Ancient relics are always amazing.

This is really interesting. Thank's for sharing!

Beautiful artefacts. They are in excellent condition considering how old they are.

Very interesting that both feet are on the balls, and in such great condition

what is the Koryeo Dynasty of a kingdom? or is it something else? may be explained sir? I do not know about that

increible tu publicacion saludos!!

amazing photography. I like it @slowwalker