Unexpected Sculpture of Whale’s Back in Suncheon National Garden

2년 전

I saw an unexpected structure in the corner of the Garden.
At first I did not understand what that structure meant.
After a while, I noticed that structure mean the back of whale.

In old Korean saying, there was a metaphor of the whale’s back. It meant the huge traditional Korean house having black roof tiles.

Old Korean people seemed to compare the whale’s back with the roof of Korean traditional house.



So the artist who made this work used traditional roof tiles.


It was an interesting metaphor.
Artist’s imagination was excellent.

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I think that artist was seen a whale tale in real life before he build this artwork! Amazing, yeah it was an unique artistic thing I have ever seen!


Wow, I never expected the Suncheon National Garden to be filled with amazing stuffs as this really, the whale sculpture is ephemeral and the material used is definitely awesome, I like how you captured it from many Angles, it's definitely astonishing.

Really great.

a meaningful work. Even in Korea is very common as an expression. I can say that Koreans are very smart in giving instructions and advice. not necessarily with words, but with symbols that for others can be very difficult to understand.
Only people who have "finished" with their life can understand a symbol. And the great thing is that this work is just an ordinary roof, but with high scrutiny you can decipher it well.
Thank you @slowwalker
Warm regard from Indonesia

Amazing ! ♥♬

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good news and information I just heard this story thank you for the information

huh, looks cool, my kids would love to climb on it and slide down

  ·  2년 전

amazing ...
like engineering in media technolog ..

That's mammoth and incredible to see thanks for sharing that

Interesting concept. I quite like it! And the grass looks so dry, like mid-summer time! It's still pretty cold here in Vancouver :) Thanks for taking us to the whale park!

That is a truth, the hump is made of roof tiles, it looks like the house is buried in the ground. But on other side, it is indeed look like the back of a whale :)

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