Yin Gak Sa temple and The Monk Yil Yeon, Mountain God Hall

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There are 2 history books on the ancient kingdoms’ history in Korea. Two of them were published in Goryeon dynasty, but the characteristics of those books were little bit different.
One history book contained the myths and the feelings of the ordinary people. And other book was written in formal style. The first book was Sam Guk Yu Sa, and the latter was Sam Guk Sa Ki.
Here Sam Guk means 3 Kingdoms, Shilla, Baek Je and Go Gu Ryeo.
Here Sam Guk Yu Sa was written by the great monk Yil Yeon in this temple Yin Gak Sa temple.

By accident, I dropped by this temple with my colleagues.
The Yin Gak Sa temple was very large in the past, but it was destroyed a lot.

There were only 2 building left in this temple, Geuk Rak Jeon and Mountain God Hall.

In this posting, I'd like introduce the Mountain God Hall. Its style was so impressive. It was very small architecture, but it had its unique characteristics. The painting was also interesting. The mountain god painting in this temple was quite different from others.





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This temple really so nice.Also youu always share something special and.thoughtful that's reallly so cute thanks.a.lot for sharing us these lovely capture.
Love it..
Have a nice day sir @slowwalker

Wow wonderful location I like this

Interesting structure. I also liked the picture.
You successfully made and photos, it is possible to consider
all the details of this image, dear @Slowwalker

Thank you very much for the photos.

It's looking so beautiful, also nice photography. Thanks for sharing this

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I have a copy of Samguk Yusa. This is an English version. One half is history of ancient Korea and the other half is history of Buddism in Korea. So many interesting things in this book. I want to visit some more of the places discussed.


You are a super...hahaha

@slowwalker, Firstly sorry for your accident. But I hope you're in god healthy. Finally we need to amazing those Geuk Rak Jeon and Mountain God Hall protected. I never heard both books before. But Your supporting we can study well in future I believe. Wall painting so impressive.

Wow.... Sooo cute and lovely post & photography...my dear friend i love it...📷😱

I am So Impressed on all the Things that I learn with @slowwalker bringing to us the Temples of Korea. Thank you kind Sir, I always look forward to learning from your posts.....

Looks like quite a small temple.

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슬로워커님 잘 보고 갑니다 간만에 들어와서 보네요


반갑습니다 ㅎㅎㅎ

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와 ㅎㅎ 간만에 답글이 달리니 너무 좋네요 ㅎㅎ
늦었지만 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

The temple still stands strong after the years it was built by monks which is amazing @slowwalker I wish that I could visit such temple just to see how it was after all the past years.

That is actually amazing! :)

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I find it amazing that such sites have withstood time and weather!

The temple is so little but cute, I would love to visit Korea but you already know that! Thanks again for your support since the beginning!

interesting post

Nice look

Great post. Beautiful photos

I really like your posts. I just made a comment with this word. i hope you accept it

small building full of beauty.
it looks like in simplicity
details of grooves and knick-knacks that decorate
Which is certainly made by great

Standing upright in the wind throughout the ages.
Engraved history with clear notes.
so we can't watch
leaving a trail for those who want to learn

thank you @slowwalker
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

That is really nice painting of The Monk Yil Yeon, he is looking nice and calm, like that feeling of comfort and peace that he is reflecting. I noticed a tale of tiger behind him, is the tiger to protect him?