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Tea plantations were passing by and they seemed endless, everything was unusually green and what’s more important - fresh. Mountains were hugging every little thing around and sun was giving the juicy look for every leaf.

This is what we saw and felt while driving in rikshaw to Munnar. We were talking about how many hikes we would like to do and how many waterfalls we want to visit, it all felt like a dream, talking about those things. But nothing impossible, already the next morning we were on the go.


Munnar, The Town
It was quite surprising that in such a green and beautiful place there was a traffic worse than in Moscow, the air pollution got straight in our lungs and we could barely breath. All the hotels were full and we had to check 3 hotels before we found something. The room wasn’t the best and we paid 25$ per night...very expensive. Actually, everything in Munnar is expensive for tourists, at least for us it was, because we are budget travelers.


Luckily, there were scooters for rent and we decided to take it for 3 days. I expected that every sightseeing point is located not very far from Munnar, but it appeared that for some spots we would have to drive around 50-80 kilometers.

The Top Station
The first morning began at 6 am, we woke up with a sunrise, packed our bag and left the hotel to see the Top Station. Why so early? Because it’s not hot in the morning, it’s less crowded and it is not raining in the first part of the day.



It is located 1 hour and half from Munnar and we were going slow to capture the morning bliss and no doubts...it was a bliss.


Driving up in the hill we saw how sun is waking up and playing with the trees. To add, it was a bit foggy and it felt like we are driving through the clouds and now imagine how beautifully sun rays are falling and in the moment when you look around yourself you feel like you are in a disco party when disco ball is rotating.


When we got to a Top station, we had to walk for 1km a bit downstairs to a view point, but as soon as we arrived there, nothing special appeared, yeah, it was beautiful indeed, but I can say that way to that station was more beautiful and scenic.




Eravikulam National Park
The next day started with a thought to go north from Munnar, there are a lot of waterfalls spots and many scenic views were expected as well.


But then, we were driving by a national park (we didn’t know it yet) and somehow our mind took us there, we paid for entry 350 (per one) rupees and stood in the line around 30 minutes. There were a looooooot of local people, 8 big buses, cars and scooters in the parking. It was crazy.


Anyways we had to get into the bus which took us to an entry of the park. We still didn’t know were exactly we are going, but while driving I understood that it’s gonna be worth it, because the views were appearing just incredible.


So when the bus took us to the park, we started to walk, it’s about 1,5-2 km long path with many plants, animals and what’s more exciting - views! The view was worth those 350 rupees.


Unfortunately, it was crowded, because it was the middle of the day and people were coming and coming and coming. We had a lovely walk, but I thought it’s gonna be longer. Anyways, nice place to visit!


Greenvalley, Lakkam Waterfall, Tea Plantations
The last day we decided just to drive and see what happens. So we did and what we saw was amazing. All the way green valleys were following us and we wanted to stop after every turn, because the views were getting more and more fascinating.


We stopped to capture the Greenvalley view and, honestly, we just escaped, that view made us forget about everything.


After that we made a stop at Lakkam Waterfall, but what can you see when the place is full of local tourists having a bath in river and making thousands of selfies :D The waterfall would be amazing, but the best time for it is the early morning!

We understood that there is nothing to see, sat on our scooter and went further. It was more interesting to ride, new views of tea plantations were opening and we decided to go off-road to see were it will take us.


We stopped on one of the fields and just had a green-ish walk until tea gatherers saw us :D But nothing happened they just waved us and we smiled back.







Ragamaya resort and SPA
After 3 days of ‘not-the-best-rooms’ we wanted to have a proper relax at one of local resorts.

We booked this lovely resort for 2 days and when we arrived we were surprised how we were welcomed, staff at its best!

The room was so comfortable and spacious, the bed felt like the cloud, haha. We chilled at the swimming pool and ordered delicious dinners to our room.




One of the most important things was view! The balcony with a view to lake and hills hidden in clouds looked amazing! One evening we just sat down for 2 hours and were looking at the lightnings, some kind of spectacular meditation!



We tried the famous Ayurvedic Pathra Swedam and Sirodhara massage for almost 2 hours. The best massage experience I would say. Relaxation at its best.


The stay in the resort was absolutely wonderful and once in a while it’s healthy to treat yourself with something like this, especially when you are traveling :)

These were our amazing days in Munnar, a place to visit without doubts!
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Lots of love and stay positive!

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