Introducing Myself

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Hi Good day!

I am Jessel, 25 years old, a Fine Arts graduate, an art educator, a visual artist, a traveler, adventurer, food lover and photographer from the province of Davao City Philippines.

In this page, you will see my artworks, my art students, photography, travels, and food experience.CBD99223-FA9F-4D54-A870-B0F71932C080.jpeg



This is one of my students. Next time, i will post more of them.

I just have few major artworks to show. The Reason is, I don’t do mass producing art works for money, i do it because every piece is important its my passion, it is well research/study and its my masterpiece. And i would like to share it to you as inspiration and connect to it.

One of my Major works, title “Bentahan ng Laman sa Merkado” (A flesh selling in the market) its an oil painting on canvas.


I would like to mention and thank @acidyo and @hiddenblade for introducing and helping me to approve my account.

And i think thats it for now. Thank you!

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Welcome on Steeeeem!

For your food experiences on restaurant, cafe, bar, street food, you can submit your review on @Tasteem dapp (


Have a great Steem day!

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Thank you, i will check them out.

Nice! I'll chime in with the others and say that it's always great to have an artist on board. Welcome!

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Thank you sir.. 😊

Welcome to STEEM blockchain. Hope you’ll have fun and stay to make this the greatest platform it promises to be. Bless you.

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Thank you, bless your days too.

Welcome to steem and always support you @spintwister

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Awesome art I think you'll fit right in with the #creativecoin team check em out @creativecoin

welcome to steemit and I wish you all the best with your blog :)


Thank you sir, i will work and try my best to be better blogger. I will check them out the #creativecoin thanks

Welcome! It is great to have artists across the globe join the community on this blockchain.

I hope your journey here is fulfilling and rewarding and you meet a hundred other peers in the art community.

So many art tribes for you to join and @acidyo is a solid resource for you as you grow.

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Thank you so much.

Welcome to Steem.

I'm not an artist, but I like looking at nice things. We need more art here, so please make yourself at home.


Thank you sir.

Welcome. Always amazing to see more and more people join here :D


Thank you sir!

Welcome to the platform! If ya have those 2 pushing ya here then you are already in great hands. Can’t wait to see what you can do here!!!

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Yeah i guess they really helpful for me to my starting blog. Thank you by way

Hello how are you ?


Feel free to follow me and check out my contents

Thank you very much


Hi! Doing great, thank you. i will follow you thanks

Very creative arts 🎨, love them. You will enjoy this chain for sure with those great mentors by your side ♨ Steem on!


Yes im so lucky to have them . Thanks you

Love the cellophane human on the scale!! Amazing! Ciao from Malaysia and welcome to the steem multiverse

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Thank you! Nice to know you Ciao

Lovely art, welcome to steem.

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That is some fine artwork and a strong message!
Welcome to Steem :)


Great introduction post and welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to seeing what you'll be sharing with us:)

Think most people would have broken that scale in the oil painting though😅


Yeah glad they appreciate it. Thank you for welcoming me 😊

Welcome to the Steem blockchain! Very interesting artwork!


Welcome to STEEM! Hope you have a wonderful time here!


Welcome to STEEM! Definitely a great place to be. Your art looks awesome, and I too love to ski! Enjoy your time here :)

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Thank you. Im still learning to used this, not so good in blogging but would love to share more thank you again!

Welcome! Don't forget, Stay awayyyyy from the trending page! and you'll have a good time =)


Thank you. Yeah i will 😶

Welcome on steemit :)

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Nice Stuff, welcome to the Steem Universe :)) Follow&Like


Thank you i will

Hi, I'm newbie too


Jessel, I think you're a better artist than me and I've only went skiing maybe once or twice in the early 2000's during high school. You look like a winner. I love your passion as an artist, as a teacher. I'm inspired by your work. Keep up the good work, young soul.


Hi @joeyarnoldvn thank you :) you inspired me also im flattered


How long have you been drawing?


Since high school like 12 years