Las Vegas... What to do ?

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Hi Steemians,

Today I'd like to share some ideas on things to do when in Las Vegas Part 1 I hope you guys enjoy this!

Some of the top things people like to do in Vegas are going to shows, clubbing, gambling, shopping and of course having a great meal. The restaurant industry is so competitive in Vegas that you will you find the best chefs there.

Tip number 1

Is always fun to hit one of the many buffet. Buffets are in almost every Casino. My favorite is Wicked Spoon located at the Cosmopolitan Casino. @splendorhub Wicked Front.JPG

Is there where you would find almost every flavor of the world.


@splendorhub wicked sausage.JPG

The selection of food they offer would make any foodie super happy!!

@splendorhub Wicked dessert.JPG

Make sure you save room for dessert!

Tip number 2!

Have you ever played Pac Man? Well at MGM casino you will find the giant Pac Man

@splendorhub Giant Pac Man.JPG

Tip numero 3!

If you love watching cooking shows you have probably heard of Hell's Kitchen. You can now go find a stage restaurant replica at Caesars Palace casino.

@splendorhub HK Front.JPG

#...and feel like you're in the studio.


Tip number 4!

Not sure what to bring back home as a souvenir gift ?! What about a sculpture of your face :)
Located at: 3050 Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas Nv 89109.

@splendorhub 3d miniature.JPG

Tip number 5!

One of my favorite things to do when I visit Las Vegas is take a walk thru the impressive Botanical Garden of Bellagio casino

You will never see the same designs twice.

@splendorhub bellagio garden.jpg

Tip number 6!

Last but not least!

How about having a drink at the famous Chandelier Bar inside the Cosmopolitan casino. This is a beautiful place to start the night. The giant crystal chandelier will make you feel as if you're in a magical place.

There's something for everyone in Las Vegas. Need to plan a family trip? Yes! you will find plenty to do. Do you have any tips for Las Vegas? Be sure to drop a comment below 👇

I hope you guys enjoyed this, stay tuned for Part 2 of Las Vegas.. What to do?

Let all you do be done in love ❣️@splendorhub


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I have been to Vegas several times and yet, with the exception of the Bellagio, all of your suggestions were new to me and now I will have to plan another visit. I would definitely recommend the Cirque shows as they are impressive and worth the money. Indulging in gelato inside the Bellagio is an absolute must. TIX4TONIGHT ticket booths provide immense savings for shows and buffets. Many thanks for your fun post!


Yes I agree about the Cirque shows! Any show of that production co is a good place to start. I will have to try that gelato :) Thank you for visiting.

Super place

Excellent! Good idea share with us.Your good tips help who are visit Las vegas .I have no chance to go there.But I like your blog.

las que nunca pierdo las esperanzas, y se que con el favor de, Dios y mi dedicacion algun dia conoceré las hermosa Vegas...

I don't see anything except you. You are so cute.

I liked your post because it showed some great alternative ideas to the usual "casino & show" aspect of Vegas. Best wishes.


...and there's more. :) Thank you for stopping by.


This goes along with tip #2 !


You are right! LOL Best wishes to you always :D

Nice idea😊

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Love your photos! And thank you for the tips haha! Las vegas sounds fun, but I don't know if I would ever go there! I like nature much better lol!


Me too! there's a great park out there :) Red Rock. I've been there a few times, good times!


Really?! I have to check it out! Thanks for that info!

I missed you when u was here! Sheeeesh, you visited my favorite place the Chandelier Bar! Give me a heads up when you visit here again. You're buying haha jk :)

Vary well done post. UpVoted 🤘


Thank you :)

What about pool parties haha, I go them a lot


...part 2 maybe :)


Haha, I live in Vegas lmk if u want to meetup

It was a great sharing. It is very nice to travel. And you deserve these beauties @splendorhub


Thank you for stopping by :) Best wishes to you!

Hi @splendorhub I missed you. Thanks for the post I love that crystal chandelier. Hope you are well!


@waterfordguy Thank you. Wishing all the best :)

I was impressed with the interior of the Cosmo when I was there last year. The rooms also look really nice.


Yes that place is impressive, never gets old :) Best wishes.

Nice to know.. Thanks, we are planning this June for bachelors party in Vegas. among all the above, any additions i can put to the bucket. This would be my first trip to Vegas. Excited .!!!


@pradeepdee6 How exciting! Make sure to add a pool party to the bash! :)

I am not a gambling man and I love that you included things that were not gambling. I may get the itch to go now.


@feelsomoon Good to hear! This has also been one of my favorite places Red Rock The Lion King show is also very highly recommended :)

nice place, nice girl

I think i have to work day and night to earn enough money to go to Vegas. But i won't loose hope. One day i will definitely visit vegas. Afterall its Vegas
and what happens in vegas stays in vegas <3

Thank you for sharing through this post, the alternatives that are counted in Las Vegas, City of lights; for when I have to go, to know which sites to go first knowing that it will be fun.

Beautiful city, go with the flow

welcom nice garil

I love Las Vegas. The desserts, foods, outing and especially casino make me so exciting and amazing.

Love the turtle and Pac-Man. Wicked Spoon is a great name. Very creative and interesting. Reminds me of the spoon quote in Matrix.

So beautiful woman in photography


Thank you :)




your choice is very nice


Thank you :)

Have a lovely day, Barbie.