City on Neva

2년 전

Hello dears! And again my memories from the trip to St. Petersburg. This wonderful city on the Neva river is beautiful in any weather, all seasons here have their own special charm. A traveler who will go here for the first time I recommend to stock up on all variations of clothing, for all occasions. St. Petersburg is a beautiful and very atmospheric city with its history. Here such charming views, the charming streets, the Neva, the facades of the houses, numerous bridges, and no sights nice, even just to walk around the city. But they are still there, and in large numbers. Palace square, the Hermitage, Strogonovsky and the Yusupov Palace, the Museum complex of the Peter and Paul fortress, the main cathedrals - Kazan, St. Isaac's, our Savior on the Blood... This is only a small part.





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