Bergen, Norway

2년 전

The weather at home has turned where I would rather stay inside, so I thought I would get back to posting photos of my 31-day cruise.

I thought this was a terrific marketing strategy, as it definitely drew me in to have a closer look. Downtown Bergen has one of the best outside fish markets I've ever seen. This rather ugly, sharp toothed creature is called a "Monkfish" and is also known as poorman's lobster which I can confirm that the meat is similar to lobster in taste and texture. I'm told the taste is a result of lobster being this creatures main diet.


This is one of the many islands we cruised by in the early am. We were told these island homes would be 2nd homes.


A view from the cruise ship as we moored in Bergen.


I found Bergen to be a destination I would go back to as it had an energy I liked and the city itself was visually appealing.


This is one portion of the farmers market. I actually enjoyed being in the crowd of people.

The next few photos are some of the incredible seafood for sale and they would also cook anything you wanted.



I hope you enjoyed my post because I enjoyed making it!
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Great photos, especially the berry stand! The fish market very much reminds me of the markets in southern Spain. Well, except for the monk fish. Those fish certainly aren't going to win any beauty pageants, either!

The architecture is pretty interesting, too. You can tell it's a northern country, with those steep, peaked roofs. Those windows in the side of the peaks are something they do in Austria, too, if I remember correctly. Very cool.


I love the architecture of Europe. I think it’s very photogenic:). I couldn’t find out why those buildings had those big faces with the tall peaks which we saw in lots of other countries. Perhaps it was just the trend?


Those steep roofs definitely help with keeping the snow off, but I wonder how useful the windows are in the winter months... Lol

What a big fish is this!!!!! Very beautiful place!!!
Have a nice trip... :))

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hello, impressed to see how is with sos tigers, good trip.