Scotland Adventures: I Touched a Coo!


Here's the scene...


After nearly two weeks away from my pack 'o pups at home, I usually shift into "I MUST PET EVERRRRRRRRRYTHING" mode. Scotland was no different.

See a dog? Pet a dog.

See a sheep in the middle of a single track road up in the highlands? Well, I mean, try to pet it. But it's probably going to run away. Same with the "regular" cows.

But these "Heilan Coos" had me obsessed.

Just look at all that furry magnificence! OK, sure, the horns could do some damage, no doubt. And yes, they probably weigh a ton or two and could squash a human like an over-ripe watermelon dropped on hot pavement.

But... just look at them!

Carpé Coo!

I saw our opportunity, coming around the bend near Ben Nevis. We'd successfully navigated another traffic circle, and there it was... a couple of cows just standing there accepting pets from people.

We pulled in.

He stayed in the car.

I approached, took pics, and then PET one who looked really bored and not at all in sync with the monumental nature of this moment.

I skipped back to our little-bitty rental car and proclaimed, "I TOUCHED A COO!"

He revealed that he'd been quietly muttering, "Don't touch the cow. Don't touch the cow," the whole time, recognizing the potential danger of approaching a wild, woolly, and weighty beast.

Would YOU touch the coo?"

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  ·  작년

Such a funny story😅 im the same. It looks so fluffy! I probably would've pet it also😄