Da business traveler


Hollywood shows us that we are world-weary road warriors who live out of beaten suitcases and subsist on dubious road-stop snaks/foodZ O.o.
We are running a full tilt watch; sleep-deprived, jet lagged, & in a constant rush to make meetings, applying makeup or running an electric shaver over their five o'clock shadows in the backseats of taxis.

Savviest business travelers know how to make EVERY meeting with ease.
We dont look rumbled, wrinkled, or bleary-eyed.
Know how to have good time^^

But since traffic is very much out of our control, do your best to remove it from your planning
Live in the never check a bag unless you have to camp!!.
So how does she stay pressed and sharp when living out of a single carry-on bag?
BUY wrinkle-free clothes; as many as you can

As crazy as it sounds;

airports are an excellent place to network, even by accident, don’t get caught looking like you are dressed for the beach instead of the board room.
Don't dress too casually when traveling; you never know who you will meet!!!!

Not Preparing For The Worst

In reality, these things happen and you are better to plan for them.
I always assume that my flight is going to be delayed so I make sure my phone and computer are always fully charged,” I pack my own meals and always have healthy snacks like almonds, Rx bars, crackers and a bottle of water.”

Being able to communicate once you get to your destination is paramount!!

When your company's book your room, make sure they're booking in the right place,"; tell your preferences and priorities. Make sure they know where your meetings are, too.;)
if they're booking with a card that's not in your name, check with the hotel ahead of time to find out if you need authorization

The first step is knowing your options,

Ask the locals about their favorite spots,talk to your bartenders and servers about where they like to go

Don't lose your receipts! Bring a folder and put every receipt in it, and take a photo of each one with your phone

Not only should you be checking company travel policies for preferred hotels and airlines, but you should learn what fees and expenses are able to be reimbursed by the company. otherwise you may end up paying for expenses you didn’t plan to cover.

Don’t wait until last minute to book your flight. Not only is the flight more expensive, but your seating options may be limited

Traveling internationally, make sure to bring a power adapter for all your electronics.
Call your cell provider ahead of time to check the rates

Take a picture of your parking info -so you find your car when you return, Otherwise you wander aimlessly.

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.
♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡

CameraCanon EOS 77D
LensCanon EF S18-55mm f/4-5.6G
Location Sweden; somewere
OwnerAll Rights reserved,original content by @swedishdragon

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Cool so woosh woosh travels a lot is what I can say out of this. I would love to see your best travel photo.










I covered skottland, texas, thailand, norway, sweden, might not be MY best BUT they all gave me a emotion & thats what i prefear :) uk shoot backfired on me after the caves in USA, i got moist inside the camera LOL :P & i have missplaced New york folder :(


You are so lovely. You actually went on with finding me your best shots and My My they are great.😘


Hmf looked like a try to appease you😁🥺😆😝 shyyy..dont tattel on me 😉


a loot of woOosh yes ;) Ha ha you need to limit that down a bit ;) at least to a country :P We got Canada, Texas, New York, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Greese, Itaily, Spain, Hm did i miss any? Oh France, Check republic, Slovakia, Poland hi hi


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Don't worry.... I'm working in a teletransportation device and in about 100 years you will be able to be in places in a blink of an eye :D


woohoo FAB!! oh ohh is it like ready in 20days?? Im like on deadline here & all ^^

Sweden is beautifull! :)


aw welcome back honey, ♪♫•.•°°•.¸¸. ♡ ℒℴve ♡ .•°° ♪♫•¨•.¸ you cant just leave me like that ;)


I think about you all the time!
Continually! :)