Disney World, a wonderful dreamland, Orlando, USA - Part I

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Disney World4.jpg

Disneyland is everyone's dreamland. No matter whether kids or adults, like us, would certainly know and want to visit there once in our life.

There are many Disneyland branches in many countries. Unfortunately, there is no Disneyland in Thailand.

In the meantime, we have “Dream World” which is one of the largest amusement parks in Thailand. I think it looks like “Disneyland”, but smaller. I enjoyed visiting there from time to time. (you may find the place in my old posts.)

The Disneyland that I will show you in this post is called “Disney World”. It is situated in Orlando, USA. (my brother visited there 3 years ago, before COVID-19.)

This “Disney World” is very famous and popular, as you can see a lot of people visiting there.

Disney World8.jpg

Disney World10.jpg

Disney World7.jpg

Disney World11.jpg

The “Cinderella Castle” is one of the significant symbols of Disney World. It’s huge and really magnificent.

It looks outstanding from a far distance.

Disney World6.jpg

Disney World14.jpg

Disney World15.jpg

I think Disney World is not just an amusement park, but it's like a place where we can go back to being a kid again. We can have a lot of fun with various kinds of entertainment and get close to our favorite cartoon characters.

Everyone who visits Disney World has a smile back, according to my brother.

Disney World12.jpg

“Disney World” is very large and there are many more wonderful things to see. Will show them to you in my next posts.

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My first word is Wao, not to say that I am speechless, really those are more than cities, as its name says a world, every time I see photos of Disney World I am amazed, there are places where the facilities have up to 100 km2 it takes many days to go through them completely. The photos are great. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Yeah! You are right! Disney World is very large, it takes many days to go through them completely. In 2 days, My brother can visit there only two zones. I'm happy that you like the photos. ;)

Definitely those streets and those structures are only seen in a Disney World, I really liked the last photo, the street, the beautiful architecture of the houses and the imposing castle in the distance, just seeing it my imagination flies, that's why many call it , the magical world.


Yeah! I like the last photo, too, but the first photo is my most favorite because of the wonderful white clouds and the bright blue sky.

Well said! That's why many call it, the magical world.... Thanks a lot for your nice comment. ;)