Disney World, a wonderful dreamland, Orlando, USA - Part II

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Disney World108.jpg

Disney World is a large Magic Kingdom. You cannot go around the whole area within one day. Even though my brother stayed at the hotel for two days, he can visit only two zones of Disney World.

To reach the entrance of Disney World, you have to take the Disney World Railroad from the car park to the gate.

Disney World116.jpg

Disney World114.jpg

Disney World115.jpg

One of the amazing zones that my brother visited is the “Animal Kingdom”.

According to my brother, you will have a great adventure in the wonderful jungle and you may pretend as if you are an Avatar and have an exciting experience with the dinosaurs.

Disney World113.jpg

Disney World100.jpg

Disney World102.jpg

Disney World103.jpg

Disney World104.jpg

Disney World105.jpg

Disney World101.jpg

Disney World106.jpg

Disney World112.jpg

Disney World111.jpg

Disney World110.jpg

Disney World107.jpg

Disney World109.jpg

Ah! Via these photos, I can imagine what a good memory my brother had while he was in Disney World.

I also love that there are a lot of trees around the area. Plenty of white clouds are my favorite, too.

In my next post, I will show you more photos….

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