Disney World, a wonderful dreamland, Orlando, USA - Part IV

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Disney World206.jpg

There are many wonderful hotels in the area of Disney World and the hotel that my brother stayed at is the one among them. (Unfortunately, he forgot the name of the hotel.)

The hotel is very huge and looks elegant with a luxury design.

The surrounding area is also really nice and looks wonderful with the greenery.

Disney World231.jpg

Disney World230.jpg

Disney World209.jpg

Disney World218.jpg

Disney World217.jpg

The room is large and looks clean, comfortable, and relaxing.

Disney World227.jpg

Disney World232.jpg

Disney World233.jpg

The outdoor pool is beautiful. You can relax by swimming in the pool after tiring walking around Disney World.

Disney World220.jpg

Disney World219.jpg

The hotel looks more magnificent at night with the lights among the darkness and the garden looks fantastic with the lights as well.

Ah! The full moon over the hotel is really bright and gorgeous.

Disney World211.jpg

Disney World212.jpg

And the food looks so delicious….

Disney World234.jpg

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Very cool. Resteemed :-)


Thanks so much for resteemed my post and for your great support. ;)