Disney World, a wonderful dreamland, Orlando, USA - Part V

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Disney World306.jpg

Disney World at nighttime is so different from the daytime.

It’s much more fantastic with the colorful lights and wonderful decorations.

Disney World322.jpg

Disney World304.jpg

Disney World305.jpg

Disney World314.jpg

Disney World323.jpg

Disney World313.jpg

Disney World312.jpg

Disney World311.jpg

Disney World300.jpg

Disney World301.jpg

Disney World324.jpg

One of the most impressive rides is the “Teacup ride”.

There are many large and colorful teacups that slowly spin around.

Disney World307.jpg

Disney World308.jpg

Disney World309.jpg

Disney World310.jpg

“Cinderella carousel” is another popular ride, especially for kids. They are terrific and have beautiful decorations.

We would certainly feel as if we are a prince or princess while riding around. ;)

For me, I enjoyed riding carousels whenever I visited amusement parks when I was a kid, too.

Disney World316.jpg

Disney World315.jpg

Disney World317.jpg

Disney World creates a land in fairy tales that can actually be touched....

We would be very excited to see our favorite cartoons in real life.

Disney World319.jpg

Disney World320.jpg

This balloon looks outstanding with lights in the darkness….

Disney World302.jpg

That’s all for today!

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I am very glad to see your shared fabulous photos of Orlando UsA 🤩☺️,I am very eager to stay there w/ my romantic life partner in the chilled cold nights:-) I hope you do enjoyed there on the top of clouds nine joy
Enjoy w/ joy


Thank you for your nice comment and for visiting my blog. Yeah! Visiting Disney World with your romantic life partner would be a great and happy moment. ;)

It is undoubtedly a fantasy world, very beautiful, I liked seeing the balloon, it looks great


Thanks so much! I like seeing the balloon, too. It's a fantasy world indeed. ;)

Good post, greetings 🌱


Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I'm glad you like my post. ;)