Khao Lak Beach, one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand - Part I

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Khao Lak Beach13.jpg

When talking about Thailand, you may think of the beaches in the South of Thailand as there are many beautiful beaches due to the long coasts of the pacific ocean.

Khao Lak Beach is one of them. The beach is situated in Phang Nga province.

With natural beauty; i.e. beautiful clear water, white sandy beach, etc., Khao Lak Beach is well-known as one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand.

The surrounding scenery is wonderful with a lot of coconut trees/palm trees. These make good shady to the beach and make the beach look fascinating.

Khao Lak Beach2.jpg

Khao Lak Beach1.jpg

Khao Lak Beach.jpg

Khao Lak Beach5.jpg

Khao Lak Beach6.jpg

Khao Lak Beach7.jpg

Khao Lak Beach8.jpg

Khao Lak Beach10.jpg

Khao Lak Beach11.jpg

Khao Lak Beach9.jpg

Khao Lak Beach4.jpg

Khao Lak Beach3.jpg

On a nice day like this, the sky is pretty with a bright blue color. And I think the white clouds make the sky look more charming.

Khao Lak Beach12.jpg

Khao Lak Beach15.jpg

Khao Lak Beach14.jpg

On a cloudy day, even the sky was full of gray clouds, the sea still looks wonderful. I will show you the photos in my next post. Please stay tuned.

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The photos speak for themselves, I can only say that this place is a true paradise. Greetings.


Many thanks! Ah! Right words! "True paradise" I love these! ;)

Beautiful view of the first photo; sky, sea and sand, the ideal combination. Thanks for sharing.


The first photo is my most favorite, too. Thanks a lot! ;)


Thanks a lot! ;)

Thank you for sharing this beauty of place, just by seeing it recreates the view and sets the imagination to fly.


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it. ;)