Khao Lak Beach, one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand - Part II

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Khao Lak Beach105.jpg

As I mentioned in my previous post,, Khao Lak Beach is wonderful even on cloudy days.

At present, it’s raining almost every day due to some storms. The sky looks grey and there are a lot of huge clouds over the sea and the beach.

These may frighten us if we sit on the boat. In the meantime, if we stand on the beach, I think these create amazing scenery.

Khao Lak Beach104.jpg

Khao Lak Beach101.jpg

Khao Lak Beach119.jpg

Khao Lak Beach100.jpg

Khao Lak Beach102.jpg

Khao Lak Beach103.jpg

There are only a few people on the beach or in the sea. It’s because of the COVID-19 and the rain as well.

The atmosphere is so peaceful.

Khao Lak Beach117.jpg

Khao Lak Beach115.jpg

Khao Lak Beach118.jpg

Khao Lak Beach121.jpg

Khao Lak Beach120.jpg

Khao Lak Beach116.jpg

Khao Lak Beach123.jpg

Not only the humans like us, but the dog also feels relaxed and lies comfortably on the soft sand like this....

Khao Lak Beach122.jpg

Sitting on the swing and watching the waves that gradually reach the beach is my favorite activity.

The sound of the waves and the wind can entertain us at that moment.

Khao Lak Beach113.jpg

Khao Lak Beach114.jpg

The sea never sleeps… In the meantime, the grey day and the tranquil atmosphere may make us fall asleep! ;D

Oh! What a wonderful beach!

Khao Lak Beach106.jpg

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Beautiful photos, definitely nature is making art in the sky with those clouds. thanks for sharing.


Yeah! I'm glad you agree with me. Nature is making art in the sky with those clouds indeed. Thanks a lot! ;)

Thank you for sharing that excellent day at the beach, I really liked the sky and the sea, the sky seems a window to another dimension, it is amazing. Greetings.


Good comparison! "The sky seems a window to another dimension", I totally agree with you. I love the sky and the sea, too. Thanks a lot! ;)