Khao Lak Beach, one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand - Part III

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Khao Lak Beach206.jpg

I think coconut trees/palm trees are the most popular plants on every beach. They act as one of the main signatures of the beaches.

Yeah! At Khao Lak Beach, you will see a lot of coconut trees/palm trees first before you reach the beach. As I said before, these plants can make the beaches look more fascinating. (as I already showed you in my post;

Today, I will show you that the sea view with the coconut trees/palm trees is so wonderful. For me, I love to see when the sea breeze touches their leaves.

The coconut trees/palm trees with the white clouds above are also my favorites. It looks like the amazing arts from nature.

Khao Lak Beach209.jpg

Khao Lak Beach208.jpg

Khao Lak Beach203.jpg

Khao Lak Beach204 (2).jpg

Khao Lak Beach205 (2).jpg

Khao Lak Beach207.jpg

Khao Lak Beach217.jpg

Apart from the beauty, the coconut trees/palm trees are also well shady. We can feel relaxed and refreshed while standing on the beach.

Sitting on the swing surrounded by coconut trees/palm trees and admiring the sea in the meantime would be a happy moment for many of us.

I also love the shadows. Very amazing....

Khao Lak Beach210.jpg

Khao Lak Beach211.jpg

Khao Lak Beach212.jpg

Khao Lak Beach213.jpg

You may admire the sea view while sitting in the restaurant and enjoy drinking beer with your friends.... Really great moment, right?

Khao Lak Beach200.jpg

Khao Lak Beach201.jpg

Khao Lak Beach202.jpg

Khao Lak Beach216.jpg

That’s all for today….

For my next post, you will see a magnificent sunset at Khao Lak Beach.

Khao Lak Beach215.jpg

Please stay tuned!

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Beautiful. One of my favorite places that i visited in the more simple days.


Oh! I'm happy to see you here. I do hope you will start posting again soon.

Thanks so much for your nice comment. I'm glad you found the place interesting. It's my favorite place, too. ;)

All the photos are great, the first one is super good, congratulations on those photos, they are very professional.


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the photos. The first one is my favorite, too. ;0

Friend, that beach is super luxurious, everything is in its right proportion, the palm trees, the sky, the sand and the sea. Thanks for sharing.


Ah! You are right! "Everything is in its right proportion"..... Thanks a lot! ;)

What a beautiful place friend, to spend a moment of relaxation. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah! It's a beautiful and relaxing place indeed. Thanks a lot! ;)