Similan Islands, One of the Famous Tourist Attraction in Thailand - Part I

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Similan Islands51.jpg

Similan Islands is one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand.

Similan Islands is situated in Phang Nga Province, in the southern part.

Similan Islands consist of 11 islands.

It takes about one and a half hours from the mainland to the Similan Islands by boat.

Similan Islands63.jpg

Similan Islands61.jpg

Similan Islands are paradises for sea lovers because there are beautiful beaches.

The white sand at the beaches is soft and clean. The sea is gorgeous in blue color and the water is crystal clear.

The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing.

Similan Islands52.jpg

Similan Islands.jpg

Similan Islands1.jpg

Similan Islands2.jpg

Similan Islands3.jpg

Similan Islands5.jpg

Similan Islands10.jpg

There are more photos of the Similan Islands in my next posts… Please stay tuned!

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The Similan Islands better known as the 9 treasures of the Andaman Sea, they really are a paradise and the photos are spectacular, we look forward to the next publications. Thanks for sharing.


Oh! I'm glad that you know well about the Similan Islands. "They really are a paradise" indeed. Thanks a lot! ;)

One of the good things about these islands is that the water on the beach is crystal clear. Greetings.


You are right! The water is crystal clear indeed. And I also love the color blue of the water, too. Thanks a lot! ;)