Similan Islands, One of the Famous Tourist Attractions in Thailand - Part II

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Similan Islands60.jpg

Apart from the beautiful white sand and clean beaches that make Similan Islands famous as one of the tourist attractions in Thailand, plenty of large rocks with strange and amazing shapes at the beach can also impress tourists at first sight.

Similan Islands36.jpg

Similan Islands37.jpg

Similan Islands38.jpg

Similan Islands30.jpg

Similan Islands31.jpg

Similan Islands32.jpg

Similan Islands33.jpg

Similan Islands67.jpg

The most outstanding and important rock is the rock that has a shape like a sailboat. We call it “Sailboat Rock”. (in the 1st photo) It is the symbol of the arrival to the Similan Islands.

The Sailboat Rock is one of the most beautiful viewpoints.

When standing there, you will see the wonderful view of the sea as far as you can. The scenery at sunset is especially magnificent.

Similan Islands65.jpg

Similan Islands66.jpg

There are many more photos in my next posts…. Please stay tuned!

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Nice photos, I like that shape of the rocks, I see how the sea became a sculptor and throughout the decades it has been carving and shaping the rocks.


Thanks a lot! I like the shape of the rocks, too. ;)

In the first photo at the base of the round stone, are those people? in case they are people, how tall is that stone 20 meters?


Oh! You have good eyes. Yes, they are people! Thanks for your question. But, I'm sorry I don't know how tall that stone is.