Similan Islands, One of the Famous Tourist Attractions in Thailand - Part IV

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Similan Islands54.jpg

Similan Islands are especially beautiful when the sky is blue.

It's unfortunate that the sky in the photos is so grey because it rains almost every day.

By the way, I think Similan Islands can still conquer your heart with its natural beauty; gorgeous blue color of the sea, clean and soft white sand, fresh breeze, stunning view, etc.

Similan Islands53.jpg

Similan Islands15.jpg

Similan Islands11.jpg

Similan Islands12.jpg

For me, I also love to see the countless waves that keep reaching the beach every second.

The sounds of the waves seem to be the rhythm of the music from nature.

The white waves contrast perfectly with the blue color of the sea.

The water is so clear and the sand is really clean and soft.

Similan Islands41.jpg

Similan Islands39.jpg

Similan Islands46.jpg

Similan Islands47.jpg

Similan Islands40.jpg

Similan Islands43.jpg

Similan Islands44.jpg

Similan Islands42.jpg

Similan Islands45.jpg

Similan Islands48.jpg

I do hope that you can hear or feel it through these photos. ;D

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Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, between the very detailed explanation you gave about the sea, the sand, the waves, their sounds and the photos, I can almost hear and feel the sound of the sea. Greetings.


Oh! Many thanks for your nice comment. I'm glad to know that you can almost hear and feel the sound of the sea via the photos. ;)

All the photos look good, but I really liked the fifth photo where you can see the tenuous line of the horizon that separates the sky from the sea. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I'm glad you like the photos, especially the fifth photo. I agree with you! ;)