Loosely planning the week ahead


Tomorrow afternoon I will pick my brother @galenkp and his wife up from the airport as they start their first visit to Finland. They look to be pretty lucky with the weather too which is nice because it can be pretty fickle and some years, quite cold. The plan is pretty simple though. Considering they have been touring around southern England for the last few weeks, we have decided that we will keep the touristy stuff to a minimum and instead show a little more of Summer life here.

Summer in the north is quite unique considering that the days are about 20 hours long and the sun sets around 11 pm. This means that weather permitting, there is plenty of time to spend outside enjoying nature and just hanging out. We have some activities loosely planned but we are hoping that their visit will be quite casual and we can spend a lot of time catching up on all the years between. It has been 12 since we last saw each other. One of the activities is going to go for a walk by the lake on Friday so they can get a feel for the area where we live. It is quite a lovely place when you take the time to enjoy it. I am also going to show them where blueberries actually come from, the forest.

The main reason for them to come to Finland however is to meet our daughter and of course my wife @momone who they do not really know at all. I think they are going to find it all quite interesting how we live our life though as even though it hasn't been an easy path of late, we do the best we can and in the summer, things just seem a little easier to cope with. I am very interested in how our daughter is going to react also as I know she will be shy to speak to begin with but will likely warm up fast. I am wondering how she will react after they leave however.

Even though we are going to be spending so much time with them, my plan is to keep posting some of what we do so you can also get a feel of Summer life here in Finland crammed into a week. Some pictures and a few words about what is going on each day or perhaps something a little more if time permits. Yesterday and this morning was a pretty intense Steem period (like many days) so I don't mind taking a bit of time off-topic for a week. I think @galenkp is going to post some here and there too and we are likely going to spend a fair amount of time talking about some of the Steem things that are easier in person or to show on a screen.

I am looking forward to having hem here and I hope they aren't too disappointed that there is not a great deal of tourist activity planned. I don't think they will be though and I am hoping that we can show them enough that one day perhaps they will come and stay for an entire summer and we can go hiking in the forests for a few days and spend a week at a summer cottage somewhere. That will likely depend a bit on Steem prices which is another reason to keep working toward a strong future here.

During this next week I might not be as active answering comments but I will definitely read them all and still reward like normal. Afterward, I will catch up on as many as I can. I always struggle with this though as I tend to jump to the next thought and post pretty quickly which makes it hard for me to keep up. It is my way though for now.

But, that will start tomorrow, today I will keep working :)

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It will be finally awesome to have them around, I cant imagine the wave of emotions that will be flying in the air around you guys...I have not seen my sisters in 10 years, though we still talk from time to time, I wonder how it will be to be with them again, Im pretty sure it wont take them much time to piss me off again. I hope you will carry us along with everything that will be happening, maybe do a dlive or two with everyone...


will see how it goes =)

Men I can't imagine being away from anyone I care about that long, even those I dislike, lol.

I can only imagine how joyful it will be for you guys, I hope you have a blast throughout his stay taraz


I am sure that it is going to be interesting to say the least. So much ground to cover.

I think it is really going to be exciting literally meeting a steemian and a brother is an awesome thing we steemians have a lot to talk about it like when I meet with the steemians in My country, we always have long talks. Will be this side waiting to enjoy the summer with the two brothers.

I am glad that your wife is on steemit now. Welcome @momone.

@galenkp has been having an interesting journey so far and I think meeting your and your family especially your daughter would be an awesome part of the journey.

I know you are excited as you guys have not met in a while and I I hope I would see pics of you guys together.


It is going to be interesting since neither of us appear on camera so often. Me less than him :)

Ow I'm sure you guys will have loads of fun! I'm really curious about this (very) long summer day of which you speak. Don't worry about being less active here, just enjoy time with your family! :)


Hopefully we can have a nice night with a good sunset while they are here :)

Lol. I can see a collaboration coming on. You must be exited as you haven't seen him for ages. It doesn't make a difference as it will be the same. I hadn't seen my friends and family for ages but you just pick up from where you left off. That is when you know you are close, more on the friends side really as family will never change.


picking up is normally the way it goes it seems which is kind of cool if you think about it and also, a little bit of a worry.


I wouldn't worry as you have so much to do in a short period of time. Your daughter needs to get to know her uncle and aunt. Has your wife met your brother yet?

Being a tourist is sometimes just tiring. In times like those, the best way to enjoy a place is to just chill out and relax.

Traveling and kids also don't really mix well but I found if their are more adults around to handle the kids, then it becomes easier. So............... anyways, twelve year is a long time. You guys have a good time :-)


Traveling and kids also don't really mix well but I found if their are more adults around to handle the kids, then it becomes easier.

We won't be travelling far each day and, they did say they wanted to spend time with her ;)

Really it's an exciting moment, after long time you meet your brother and the weather is good it's chance to enjoying nature with your whole family. Have a great day.

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Do not worry about publishing a lot, take the time to share with your brother and his family, maybe some simple posts like those in the cottage. 12 years is a long time without personally seeing a brother.

Seems like it took forever for this day to arrive. It will be a good thing to see each other again. Its a life long memory for the little one.
Taking it one day at a time is a good plan.


The plan started well over a year ago and a lot has happened in between. Will be nice finally see them.

I've been thinking about what to do when my brother comes to visit with his family to my house. It's always a struggle between going somewhere "special" (i.e. touristy), or just doing normal everyday activities that are still enjoyable.

No matter what you decide to do, the most important part is spending time together and enjoying that time while you can. Unless there is a specific attraction that your brother & sister-in-law want to see that's nearby, I think a "low key" week together is going to be as amazing as anything else you might choose to do!



It will be low key and on a budget :D W will do some 'Finnish' things and go to a few local places that are nice to visit at slow pace. This city isn't really a tourist destination but it is a good representation on Finland.

I am very excited for you guys and know the feeling as I didn't see my sister for a very long time, also eleven years, it is very emotional. I'm sure they will love seeing you guys and all of you are going to have so much fun and so much to talk about, especially you, man if you talk half as much as you write, no one will get to say anything. Hahahahahahahah


man if you talk half as much as you write, no one will get to say anything.

The problem is... it runs in the family :D


At least you have interesting things to say, let's give you that.

I cannot wait to read the posts you both write. I sincerely hope you both have a great time.

There is something moving about following people and becoming interested in their life and activities. There has been a building excitement for me about this reunion as I have been reading each of your posts. I think that is part of the fascination of Steemit and what it can accomplish.

This is a very great and awesome schedule, I hope they do enjoy their stay and trip, drive safe sir 😂

Now reading that post I also wish to visit Finland hahaha. Hope you guys would have a good time.

The union of the family is the most important thing in life, once you are together you can enjoy travels, meals, walks and many other things.

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