How to get your Visa from the Myanmar embassy in London.

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  British tourists who want to visit Myanmar, the first thing to do is obtain the visa at the Myanmar embassy in London. Normally, tourist visa is valid for 3 months and the trip length is 28 days from the arrival date. Travelers are only staying in hotels and guest houses during their visit to Myanmar. The Myanmar embassy in London will not extend the visa beyond this time.         

             · A Document to be Myanmar embassy in London request (???) · A copy of the complete application, have signed and have details about your work process (???) · Two passport photos, according to the recent standard of the Myanmar embassy in London, the image has the white background. Scanned images are not allowed and the photos were taken not more than 6 months. · The original passport and valid for at least 6 months · A copy of your passport (page with photo) · A letter from the current employer confirming employment. This document will ensure to your work process · A letter of confirmation from Myanmar tour managers · £35 visa fees, this amount is paid when you do procedures, you can pay cash or pay via card for the Myanmar embassy in London office. If you sign up the tour package, you need to provide a copy of the itinerary and book your hotel. Besides, you need the confirmation from the respective land operator in Myanmar. Processing time may take only 3 days if you provide complete and accurate the above papers. So be fully prepared and carefully papers to not take much time.  

  If the full papers, after 3 days you can complete all procedures The Case you transfer documents by post to The Myanmar embassy in London, you will probably need more time. So, please come to the Embassy Office work, this helps you save time and take the initiative. Online Visa application for guests on Myanmar tours For the British, they are quite busy to arrange the time to make Visa. So currently, the Myanmar government provide with the online application for e-visa. This process is much more time saving and convenience for the preparation of Myanmar journey.   

 Visa registration online help British citizens save time The Myanmar Visa can be easily obtained through the online visa application by all eligible travelers. With the visa online registration solution, Myanmar embassy in London allows British citizens can easily do the procedures for different purposes. The first condition so that you can register on this application is to have a valid passport. Only then, you can complete an online application to request authorization visa. After registering through the online application and verified through, you can bring the original documents directly to Embassy office and completing final procedures to prepare for the trip. Visa apply online has resolved the difficulties that many people encounter. With this application, British citizens will not have to sit and wait at the office Myanmar embassy in London, instead they just spend a few minutes to sign up online, every issue will be solved quickly and scientifically. If you register Myanmar tours, you can request support from the tour manager, Thanks to the support, you are not stuck in the procedure and get the good preparation in advance.     

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