TimTravels - Castelo de Sao Jorge, Lisbon

2년 전

Welcome back my dear Steemian friends to another episode of TimTravels!

The past weeks were pretty crazy and I was finally back to my biggest passion, traveling. I went to Portugal for two weeks and had an amazing time. I can't wait to share all of my moments with you and take you on an adventure through the beauty of Portugal.

Since the demo of Explorio is imminent I start to change the way I present you certain locations or attractions. Rather than simply just showing you photographs I decided to put more work into writing reviews and this way practice to write professional reviews in the future.

In today's post, we will see the iconic castle of Lisbon, Castelo de Sao Jorge.

Where to find the castle

The castle is located right in the heart of Lisbon. You can either take a cab or walk all the way up to the highest point in Lisbon. I highly do recommend you to walk because you will see many cosy cafes which are hidden in all the narrow streets on your way to the top. You will see artists drawing live, stunning street art and see the unique architecture of Lisbon city.

© OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende

R. de Santa Cruz do Castelo
1100-129 Lisboa
Coordinates: 38° 42′ 50″ N, 9° 8′ 1″ W

Students get a nice discount!

To enter the castle you first have to get your ticket at the Bilheteira, the ticket office. A normal ticket will cost you 8,50€. Students under 25 pay only 5€! So don't forget to take your student ID card with you to save some money. Elderly and handicaped people also do pay 5€. If you come with your family you should take the family ticket for 20€ which includes 2 adults and 2 children under 18 years. However, children under 10 can visit the castle for free.

Why you should visit the Castelo de Sao Jorge!

The best time to visit the castle is right before the sunset. From the peak of Lisabon you will have a wonderful view all over the city. The sunset leaves a golden glance on the city and turnes the whole scenery into a breathtaking and unforgetable memory. Not only will you see the famous Ponte 25 de Abril bridge but also the Cristo Rei statue which will remind you of the one in Rio. However it is not only the view that is stunning. The castle itself is worth a look at. The antique looking constructions and statues left a great impression on me. You will see many people having a chat, enjoying the view or drinking a wine there. You will also find many historical information there and also see canons which were used to defend the castle from intruders.

Enjoy the pictures of Castelo de Sao Jorge!

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Welcome back with another peaceful and joyful Travel @timsaid, I was waiting for your travel so that i could see beautiful pic around the world. keep sharing!


the last imagen looks like the extraction points of battlefield games XD


Hey someone is gaming too much. Funniest comment ever.


ty and yes i'm a play too much XD

Very beautiful, love the stone architecture. There's a lot of history here.

This is an amazing place

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These photos are really great

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Looks great!

A great trip, my friend and I are very happy to see Lisbon again. This castle on your photos admires with its beauty of architecture and grandeur of antiquity, when people built with excitement and for ages! By the way on one photo I saw your famous bandage on my hand and it is very symbolic in the threshold of the SteemFest 3! Thank you @timsaid

Great trip and and joyful Travel. Lovely images and they sure are mesmerizing !
Thanks for the lovely tour buddy. This castle on your photos admires with its beauty of architecture and grandeur of antiquity, when people built with excitement and for ages.


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Welcome back me also waiting for your travel.wao such a wonderful trip.i m so enjoying your trip.very interesting and impressive photography.you are so enjoying with your friends.very great discount offer for students.Wonderful streets,All pics of castelo is so beautiful.very Amazing natural beauty.i love the natural beauty.tress looks so beautiful.childrens are so enjoying this great place.i m so glad to see this places.great sunshine,River looks so fantastic.Thanks for sharing this great trip.


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Portugal ...WOW!!! Love It! @timsaid and my other fellow steemians who are reading this article, I hope you like my article - Cheap and Unexplored Places to Visit

i love cities by the water

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portugal reminds me about my MARIA. First of all thankyou for filling joy with this awesome shots.
MARIA is my friend from portugal. She describe her homeland with immense words. I never been to portugal. Keep on travelling to awesome places like this. Dont forget to take camera
love from india @timsaid

Wow!!! What a place. Your pic reminds me of Herry potter Novel. Same like places shown in the movie. I m wating for your next pic.
great job sir

  ·  2년 전

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Love this post. Lived in Lagos on south coast for 3 years...usually took the coach down from lisbon each time...great pics.

  ·  2년 전

Nice photos Tim :)
Hope you enjoyed Lisbon and Portugal 👍

Clica na imagem para mais posts #portugal

Click the image for more #portugal posts

You are welcome back and we are happy to have you safe and sound

which city is it ?

Looks like somebody is really having fun..

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Great info and photos, Tim, following :)

@timsaid you uploaded a very nice pictures, thank you very much!
Privileged view from the castle, as you wrote city gets an surrealistics aspects.
Have a good trip!
Thank you again!

I'm glad you've returned to what you're passionate about. Very nice photos, I hope more of your trip through Portugal, a beautiful place.

Glad to see you back buddy

Seems like the journey went very cool by the way

The Castle does looks pretty nice and that sure is a nice discount by the way

I suppose the view is indeed worth all the time spent

Lovely images and they sure are mesmerizing !

Thanks for the lovely tour buddy !

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Beautiful place, I'd like to visit it someday.

Nice place! Hope to visit Lisbon someday

People who can't go to world travel, they can enjoy The World beauty from the Traveler post like you.

great, follow me


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Hey there, very nice post!!! I live here in Portugal, so i'll follow you :D

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thank you for the new idea for a walk, be sure to follow in your footsteps

Lisbon streets are lovely. I specially loved Alfama district.

Terrific photo essay. This image, especially is an excellently composed artistic photo:

Nice article

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Que bueno disfrutas viajar con tanta pasión @timsaid es uno de esos países el cual me encantaría conocer si Dios me lo permite..
Me fascina ese idioma, más no lo hablo... La Música de Jorge Ferreira siempre la escucho jajjajjajja, me imagino que la escuchaste por allá.
Gracias por compartir esas fotos tan hermosa, ese castillo de Lisboa me traslade hasta allá en solo mirar esas imagenes.. ¡Que bello de verdad!.

Love the picture am seeing
Nice place to visit

Thanks for this great article and photographs. We want to get to Portugal at some stage and maybe even live there for a while. We live in Belize (we moved from Australia a month ago). We also do a lot of travel. Check out my posts if you wish. Cheers, Monica

First time I see so close a castle, the photos are very good, thank you for approaching this wonderful event, especially for those who live far away.

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Wow look at the scenery it's nothing like I've ever seen, this is totally beautiful, I love the fact that student can get discount to enter the castle. Wow covered every beautiful inch

Path of glory is attractive but full there is a lot of Bwal.😁😁

Great to see part of this great city, have been to Porto and Lisbon looks as good. Certainly, it is good to include descriptions of special places. Adds that extra touch.

yes may be something should happen

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this extraordinary architecture

I really like traditional places and this one is amazing .... greetings from greece

Great trip and and joyful Travel. Lovely images

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With the pictorial representation of what Castelo de Sao Jorge, Lisbon looks like, i am very eager to pay a visit to this historic site. Lovely post!


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Great Choice for a visit

Last week I was just telling my family how much I wanted to visit Portugal. I was listing all the great things that we would find there. Then, this week I see your post on the castle. Icing on the cake, it looks amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us!

nice place!:D

That's an amazing place, nice capture! keep going.

Hi my friend!
I went through here to read your quality post and to leave my support!
good luck friend,
See you soon


Hi @timsaid thanks for showing journey through pictures.
You click some amazing pictures, truly awesome. Castelo de Sao Jorge looks a beautiful place to travel, and picture shows it.
On Steemit i find that most of the people doing part 1 and part 2 for their post but thanks for showing in one post.
And Congratulations for awesome photography.