TimTravels: Review of the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary - Ubud


Welcome back my Steemian friends to another Episode of TimTravels!

As promised I will travel more in the next weeks. After I succesesfully passed my last exam I booked my next flights! On some destinations I will travel alone, on others my girlfriend will join me and in other locations, I might meet some Steemians!

So far the next known destinations are Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and perhaps Japan! (If you have any recommandations or want to meet me let me know)

Not only do I want to share my photographs with you but I also want to give you a better insight on the places I visited. Therefor I came up with the idea to write travel reviews. In todays post we will have a look at the famous Monkey Forest of Ubud and learn more about this touristical attraction.

1) Where to find the Monkey forest!

© OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Jalan Monkey Forest
Kutuh, Ubud
Bali 80571, Indonesia

2) Only 3,46$ Entrance? Let's go!

Adult : IDR. 50.000

Children : IDR. 40.000

At the time of writing 1 IDR are approximatly 0,000069 US-Dollar, so 50.000 IDR are 3,46 US-Dollar.

3) Never ever break one of the following rules, please.

  • Never watch directly in the eyes of the monkeys. It might make them feel threatened and react aggressinly

  • Do not carry open bags or loose items with you. The monkeys are very smart and will try to grab your bag in the hope to find some food inside. Also, it quite often happens that they catch your phone or your sunglasses and will want to exchange them for some food! No kidding, they do it

  • Never touch one of their infants. The monkeys will think you want to harm their babies and protect them heavily. So keep a safe distance and never get too close to them

  • Under no circumstances feed the wild animals with food you brought. They have a special diet and giving them your food might cause damage to them and even end up in their death. If you want to feed the monkeys you can buy some bananas which are sold in the forest

    4) Monkeys, love my camera

    Some pictures I took of the monkeys:

5) What views you can expect

Here are some shots of the forest itself. You will notice the incredible amount of green you can see. High trees, tropical bushes, vines and flowers cover all the forest. The perfect home for the monkeys!

6) Conclusion

If you are in Bali or plan to visit the island I highly do recommend you to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Never before did I get so close to wild monkeys and could watch them in their natural habitat. Make you sure to have a vaccination against rabies in case you get bitten or hurt by one of the monkeys. However, it spoke to many locals and the guides of the park and they explained that an attack by the monkeys rarely happens. As long as you follow the behavior rules the monkey will remain peacefully and you will have a great time in Ubud.

In August Expolrio, the world's first decentralized travel reviews platform will launch their demo and I am preparing reviews which will be then posted on Steemit and Explorio. I wrote this post so I already can excersive how to write reviews. For more check out Explorio.com!

Alt text
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  ·  작년

The pictures are amazing, perfect timings, brilliants shots.

The monkeys were just too cute!


yes,you are right bro..

traveller always love monkey forest but why traveller choose travell monekey? main reason pointout: beautiful forest,nabbed a wad of several rupiah, and ran for the woods—quite literally, and old monkey every day he works at the park. park entry fee low.


Hi, I am interested to Travel on this place. How to come from Bangladesh? Please Suggest me.


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Love Monkey?


I followed and up votes you. please followback @burn4363

  ·  작년

looks col...

How likely, would you estimate that these beautiful creatures are going to last? I worry about our environment.


It is a sanctuary. Monkeys are protected and probably will outlast us softie humans....

  ·  작년

@timsaid to judge by the images this was an incredible ride, the place itself invites you to visit it, I heard many good history of the place. congratulations for visiting
Images like seimpre are truly beautiful
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

  ·  작년

Life of a Tourist seems quite interesting ...Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures and moments for some of us that can't afford it yet...By the way i envy your skills in photography!!!

Beautiful photos! I went there a few years ago and I can really relate to your experiences. Got a good laugh! If you have the time, I highly recommend the 5 day boat trips from Lombok to Flores. You get to see so much of Indonesia for a really good deal. And since you're into photography the crew will take you to some spectacular sceneries. And check out Raja Ampat, they call it "the jewel of Indonesia" for a real good reason! Enjoy your travels.

That is a place worth visiting and i never heard about it before. These monkeys are looking more innocent than they actually are :p
Your photography is really good. Keep up the good work!

Wow. That is one spectacular place. I might just have to add it to a long list of places that I want to visit someday.

If looking at this from Steemit.com the pictures are much bigger than they look.

nice post and your pictures are amazing

I like your idea this is good Adventures idea! But this is safe for people on there safer side ?????

Great info for people wanting to visit Monkey forest :)
I've been to Ubud several times but never to Monkey forest. Our first hotel in Ubud was right opposite and the monkeys came over, they stole our food, hang out on the balcony. I saw how aggressive they can be and I started being afraid of them, so we decided not to go there ever :)

Thank you~ beautiful and amazing pics.

This makes me want to get intro photography

Picture are great although they are taken by you sir why not you add India in your travel list @timsaid

Beautiful and atructive....

Monkey's are cool but I have This unjust Feelings that they are tragedic to be lower than humans . Or what do u guys think ?
Or they may probably go extinct!!

Travel is the pleaser of life

Some of the best photos I've seen of such an exotic place with very cool and calm monkeys. Pass the bananas...

Spectacular! Picture that you have captured after seeing the beautiful place I'll definitely visit that place once in my life. Tourism is a great adventure where we can see many animals and nature as well.

I read your post and i think a few things:
-1. Its awesome that you can travel when you feel like it.
-2. You have to go to Latinoamérica
-3. If you go to Latinoamérica, what contry do you visit?.

Greetings from Venezuela.

  ·  작년

It's really informative article travelling is a great art of school if someone want to learndownload (1).jpeg

hello everybody, I'm ken, I am very happy to be acquainted with everyone,
please follow me! thank you so much.

This picture is moneky very funny moneky

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I find it hard to understand how you can get a lot of money for amateur photos and not even frame very well or not see much in some of them.
I have hundreds of photos in my computer, I will do like you 3 or 4 photos on several doors and I will receive like you and others who are so well paid?

Hello, very good content, I liked it a lot, I gave you a vote in favor, I hope you follow me and give me votes in favor too, kisses

Traveling is the best!

Cant wait to start my adventures!

amazing photography

Thanks for walking us through sacred monkey forest. You explained nicely. Many times monkey snatched my food. They are very clever but definitely harmless.

Hey @timsaid! I really liked your post! What do you think about coming to Brazil?!

If you want to know some local tips and break the stereotypes, read my content! I will try to show Brazil to the world here :)

Nice to meet you.

Beautiful place, I liked tall trees and monkeys.

nice and goood post , carry on, go ahead brother. thanks @timsaid

Amazing photography....its AWESOME

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

ohh nice photo!!!

Your post is always good...........You will continue to have such a good post
steemit is a platform where everyone works together and achieves success

Beautiful photos,the scenery is magical! We have different monkeys here in Costa Rica like this squirrel monkey and they don’t interact with people which may be a good thing overall. They do pass very close to my balcony though when the troop visits the ice cream bean tree nearby to eat. I loved your post thank you. I have not yet adventured in Bali.


This is one of the historical places in world.

Great coverage. Especially loved the bottom up shot of the trees and the bridge photo.

I remember the days when I visited that place Bali....it was an amazing experience. 😇😂


  ·  작년

Ubud is such a great place to go in Bali to relax, Yoga, eat without all the tragedy which is Kuta. The nearby Elephant sanctuary is also a great experience! Bravo

  ·  작년

Nice tips about monkeys....
I once travelled to Nathiagali Pakistan.... There were a lot of monkeys there. I stopped on the road side to grasp some pictures and I left the rear window of my car open, a sneaky monkey got into my car and stole my purse....
Latter I had to give them some bananas to get my purse back.... Monkeys can really blackmail you for food.. They are really a smart creature :)

  ·  작년

Wow this is like adream come true.
I have always wanted to go a forest like this. I love animals mostly monkeys.
I would surely visit if possible for me and I will follow your guidance.

These pics are amazing man and few pics are extraordinary i loved them and love to join you there because love to explore new places and enjoy my life with nature

Travelling through world journey please come to Sri Lankan this is a same experience you can available in here. 100 beauty full places you can travel.Pearl of Indian ocean called as Sri Lanka.

Amazing natural photography,

Been to Monkey Island in Vietnam and they were hectic! I think they are the same in Ubud.

wow amazing time travel.....Welcome back my Steemian friends to another Episode of TimTravels!

Las fotografías super espectaculares!!! bless...

follow back me all

Very Informative Blog mate, Just thinking is it safe? I mean those monkeys do they harm others? I know you have uploaded a pic of guidelines but still things are very small in that pic, Unable to read it!

Nice photoes,you are really a good photografer and traveller.
Please upvot and comment


Nice to meet you ! I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
I want to share with you about "Short space of time to Phú Yên in Vietnam"

@timsaid - thanks for your post! I was there last year and can completely agree with you!

That's very cool! Just the nature setting itself (even without monkeys!) looks pretty amazing, at least compared to our nature around here.

I know monkeys can be pretty fierce and territorial but I'm guessing the whole idea of monkeys attacking visitors is mostly based on "visitors behaving like ignorant idiots." Something I sadly know well... we live in a tourist town!


@timsaid than you so much for gives us information about the following places. I am also a great travel lover and in my lifetime if possible I would like to go to these places. thanks and upvote me for doing my best😄

OOH, I love Bali so much! This post is very very useful, btw. thank you.

I must say you are a lucky man, you got to travel so many places. moreover sharing information about the places is the most efficient way to travel in proper way. and yes, those monkeys looks mischievous and adorable:)


Nice to meet you ! I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
I want to share with you about "Short space of time to Phú Yên in Vietnam"

nice work

bro amazing pictures , great to work with individual who is so transparent and ready to share you travel journey and bringing so many good information and new things us , want to work with you long bro

upvote my comments and reply

I visited a hill in Thailand once which the monkeys pretty much owned and lived in. People would bring bananas to them...like an offering! Better than visiting a zoo

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wow this is beautiful! great photos, thanks so much for sharing

@timsaid hi tim, will you still in Bali till August 1st? @detlev and some Stemian in Bali will have a small meet up, If you are still available, would you like to join the meet up?
Thanks so much

From the pictures it looks amazing man, monkeys, forest really love to travel their, always great to come a close to nature.

  ·  작년

thanks for share this amazing pictures!!

It should be less descriptive

All I want to say is that you took great photos! :))

awesome photographyy

Looks like an interesting place, added to my bucket list. And those monkeys really do love your camera it seems, Great shots!

this is so nice, I wish I could go there too. :D

I have researched almost monkey's characters like human beings. I feel badly when i see the monkeys are sitting keeping their Palm on their chick. So be human, behave humanly. I like and support you.

Nice to meet you ! I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
I want to share with you about "Short space of time to Phú Yên in Vietnam"

Very beautiful and exciting travel pictures from the monkey forest. Btw are you German? Saw the german flag on the ticket or guide which you are holding in the thumbnail.

Posted using Partiko Android

Natural beauty always attract kind hearted people. Because when people show beauty of nature creation he lose all your depression and fall in love .

I've been here before and I loved it, I'm really glad that they put up signs not to feed the monkeys because those things are vicious. I once had a monkey steal my ice cream cone (not at a sanctuary).

Love this picture! Check out my new post. It is about my first shoot i did 6 years ago. image

Beaultfull place! I love it!

Wow this is great after reading your concepts I am very much excited to see this forest and thank you for sharing your knowledge

Very nice. Good travel. Good job too

Visited last year, an amazing place


very good

  ·  작년

I have just visited the monkey forest a week ago and it's quiet nice but very touristic and everything is very artificial.ubud in general is a town with shops and bars and restaurants which are only for tourists.Local life is almost noch present.Apart from that, it's nice for a short stay.

Please do visit my blog and support.

Hi @timsaid I visited Indonesia this year and liked a lot. When i visited last month that time 1 SGD was equivalent to 10000 IDR. this was a great factor that I got so much of indonesian currency by exchanging sing dollar. I found it very cheap and did massive shopping there. Apart from there overall attraction were good. Thanks for sharing the information. Good work.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @timsaid I visited Indonesia this year and liked a lot. When i visited last month that time 1 SGD was equivalent to 10000 IDR. this was a great factor that I got so much of indonesian currency by exchanging sing dollar. I found it very cheap and did massive shopping there. Apart from there overall attraction were good. Thanks for sharing the information. Good work.

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow this is great after reading your concepts I am very much excited to see this forest and thank you for sharing your knowledge


Thanks for your valuable comments.

  ·  작년

wonderfull place, congratulations.

enjoy traveling!

The picture is great

very good eipisode dear brother its real post

wow amazing

@timsaid, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

headerGood Job Bro,,

Wow this looks amazing, hope you had a great time.

wow.. thanks for sharing such a nice journey through out the forest. I mean I can plan now to go their with family...

Nice Work

Watch out for their self-harm

that was best place i ever seen monkey much closer
i hope the forest was unpredictable with words

Really nice scenery

wow ... really cute monkey.....

It's great to know about our ancestors..


From the looks of it, this was a fantastic trip! I love the photos. Wildlife shots are one of my favorite kinds of =photography.

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Now that's some great scenery, and also more than I've ever known about monkeys. Thanks for sharing, and have fun on your travels!

Hi steemian friend....... I love to travel and nature lover also..... So your pictures really liked by me... So for the places you write about to visit.... Are all my favorite but more likely I like to visit Singapore..... So you can suggest me which place is ever best at Singapore???

what a beautiful place and so lucky to get up close and personal with those monkeys

I'v been there few years ago. I carried mw bag on back n the monkey tried to open it. Lol

Awesome! I think it was a great experience! :)

Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences on your travel. Love your talents on photography. I hope I also do have that. More power

Beautiful place, although I am not a lover of monkeys. The site is completely adapted for them and you can see them up close. The rules must be followed since monkeys can be very aggressive when they want something. Thanks for sharing such a nice place @timsaid

your post its amazing!

Wow that place looks amazing. You made beautiful pictures there! It's the first time I've heard of it, and your post already sparked my interest to visit it sometime. I hope your exams went well and have safe trips for your next travels!

  ·  작년

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good trip. I like the natural .. please follow me I'm new to steemit. :D

So they didn't attack you?! I'm in Bali but I've been avoiding monkey forest like the plague lol. Will you still be around here in two days?? We're having a steemit meetup in kuta @timsaid you should come!!!

I read your post and i think a few things:
-1. Its awesome that you can travel when you feel like it.
-2. You have to go to Latinoamérica
-3. If you go to Latinoamérica, what contry do you visit?.

Greetings from Venezuela.

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There are actually a lot of these monkey sactuary places in Malaysia, Indonesia and most of the Southern Asian islands.

  ·  작년

nice place to visit there.there are many types of monkeys in the world

wish i could also afford such trips

Amazing! I went to that exact forest a year ago. Funny story, a monkey snatched my LA Dodgers cap and brought it up to the trees. I was so pissed but then I paid a local Rp20,000 or about $2 to get my cap back, where he climbed the tree my cap was in and took it back. Fortunately, it came back to me in mint condition like it was before. What a crazy experience I had. Hoped you enjoyed the your time in the forest, awesome post! :)

Excellent photos :) Love the last of the monkey pics and thanks for your travel tip. Ubud will be on my list

@timsaid,I also like to visit natural places......you have shared very attractive and inocent moment

Beautiful pictures. The monkeys seem docile.

Hi all images1683516_RIN_7712.jpg

Monkey just like human food, LOL!!! Bring food if you dare and they shall hunt you till the end.

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