Travel Reviews are broken, can Blockchain save them?

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We rely on the opinions of our peers to make informed decisions. This holds true in our personal lives, and it extends to our social selves, creating a strong reliance on word-of-mouth advertising and online reviews.

Businesses caught onto this quirk of human nature and have started taking advantage of it. The internet made it easier than ever to push fake news or release biased opinions to sway consumers in a more profitable direction.

Censored and fake reviews seem harmless enough when it comes to trinkets in online stores. But when you're planning a vacation or looking for a lush travel destination, there's a lot more at stake than pocket change.

Travelers spend thousands of dollars on a single trip. And naturally, they want the best experience possible. Most turn to travel review sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp when looking for points of interest or places to eat.

But with the increasing centralization of sites like these, those reviews have become unreliable at best, and outright lies at worst.

Many of the problems with the travel reviews industry can be addressed by taking a fresh look at the system from the ground-up. Decentralizing these services, for example, could eliminate many of the trust and reliability issues, all thanks to blockchain technology.

Traveling for Profit

Worldwide travel, tourism, and hospitality is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Its largest sub-sectors include accommodations, air travel, and food -- three essentials that make up over 45% of the industry's profits.

In a 2013 study released by the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism in the U.S. generated more than 5.6 million jobs and $448 billion in GDP. To put that in perspective, travel and tourism brought in more earnings than the insurance or food and beverage industries.

These numbers have grown significantly in recent years. In 2016, travel and tourism in the U.S. generated $1.5 trillion in economic output, supporting over 7.6 million jobs. These numbers are expected to rise sharply over the next six years.

Source: World Travel & Tourism Council via Market Realist

Our tendency to prioritize peer opinions means that the deciding factor in where to stay, which airline to fly, and which restaurants to favor often comes down to online reviews. This gives popular review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp a virtual monopoly on where people spend their money.

Travel is a big business, and few of the organizations involved are willing to take chances when it comes to profit. Preferential treatment, censoring user submissions, and paid-for reviews are not uncommon practices. This provides visitors with a list of businesses that bring the travel site more profits, not a collection of the best restaurants or most interesting destinations.

Centralization, Trust, and Control

Centralization has eroded the reliability of the travel information industry. When a single entity controls what opinions are displayed and which businesses visitors see, it clearly doesn't exist for the benefit of travelers.

Just take a look at TripAdvisor, one of the world's largest travel review destinations. The site has built its brand on trust and honesty, yet it operates with almost zero transparency. Businesses that pay extra get preferential treatment in site rankings and search results, and hotels are strong-armed into upgrading paid packages or face reduced visibility.

These practices do not benefit users, they only increase a single company's profits. They're toxic for small businesses and they hurt travelers in the long run.

Reliability of published reviews is another source of frustration. If a traveler had a bad experience at a destination, they should be allowed to share their thoughts. Unfortunately, centralized travel sites have a financial incentive to keep these to a minimum.

The average domestic trip costs a traveler about $144 per night. For international trips, that figure jumps to $271. Most people put a tremendous amount of research into their travel plans before stepping on a plane. If they form their opinions by reading pay-for-popularity travel sites, they're probably not getting the best experience possible.

No Incentive for Quality Content

The current market leaders in the travel reviews industry lack any systems that encourage accurate submissions. It's quantity over quality, which is great for web traffic but terrible for generating usable information.

The underlying problem is incentive. Users who share reviews for restaurants, hotels, and the like are offered nothing for their efforts. This directly impacts the travel community. Fewer people are able to spend time creating in-depth reviews, allowing inaccurate pieces and emotional rants to dominate the scene.

The incentive issue has a trickle-down problem, as well. With lower quality reviews pouring in on a massive scale, travel sites must hire quality control teams to check content for inaccuracies. These groups can catch obvious errors, but it's unlikely they possess intimate knowledge of every attraction on their site.

Many tourists, frequent travelers, and digital nomads do create high-quality reviews for the businesses they visit. The most prolific of these creators set up their own blogs.

But market leaders consistently dominate search rankings, so anyone sharing travel content on their personal site faces an uphill battle for visibility.

Making a difference with Blockchain

Centralized travel review platforms have led the industry into a sad state. Success is about quantity, content partnerships, and trending SEO -- not usable travel tips or insightful reviews.

This is where blockchain technology enters the picture.

By removing centralized sources from the reviews industry, users regain control. With the right systems in place, a blockchain platform could restore transparency to online travel reviews, reward travelers for sharing their knowledge, and provide a reliable resource for anyone feeling a bit of wanderlust.

Blockchain technology has already disrupted several major industries. New projects are already bringing decentralization to the travel scene, the most promising of which is Explorio.

Explorio's Unique Solution

Explorio is the world's first blockchain-based travel reviews platform. It was designed by travelers, for travelers, and it has a unique set of features that could make it an important player in the travel and tourism industry.

Explorio works through a decentralized and incentivized submissions model.

Users provide reviews, answer questions, and submit travel tips. These submissions are peer reviewed for accuracy, and published content is upvoted or downvoted by the community based on its usefulness.

Creators and curators are rewarded for their contributions with cryptocurrency payments using Explorio's spendable, exchangeable token.

The entire system is structured around overcoming the weaknesses in the centralized model of travel reviews. Explorio inspires high-quality reviews, is fully transparent, and encourages accurate and insightful submissions.

How Explorio Works

Explorio isn't just looking to return travel reviews to travelers. It seeks to build a multi-purpose travel platform that can inspire millions of people to start exploring the world.

Submitting Content

Engaging with Explorio begins with a submission. It can be a review of a museum or attraction, notes about a place of interest, information about a historical sight, or reviews for hotels, restaurants, and airlines.

Submitted content enters a peer review process before going live. This gives community members a chance to check for errors.

Unlike centralized sites, this isn't an invitation to censor submissions. It's a filter that prevents off-topic content, blatantly contradictory information, plagiarism, spam, and overtly slanderous language.

Peer reviewers are chosen by prioritizing users whose previously submitted content is in close proximity to the content in review. These users are more likely to be familiar with the attraction or business, which means they can spot errors standard quality control teams would likely miss.

Interacting with Reviews

Once a submission passes the peer review process, it goes live on Explorio's platform.

Community members can interact with published content by upvoting or downvoting based on overall helpfulness. This serves as a crowd-sourced indicator of quality, allowing the best submissions to naturally rise to the top.

The voting system is also how Explorio determines content creator rewards. The platform's algorithm weighs each vote by the amount of Explorio Honor tokens (XPLH) the voter holds, and how similar the action is to the overall voting pattern.

Payment Incentives

Everyone in the submissions process is incentivized to participate. XPLH is paid to peer reviewers and content creators based on the quality of their work.

Explorio will also reward users who take part in alternative earnings programs. This includes discovering new places and adding them to the platform, collecting bounties by reviewing boosted locations, selling goods on the digital marketplace, and upvoting or downvoting content.

Explorio tokens can be used to encourage review submissions, ask incentivized questions, or spent on digital goods offered by other travelers in the marketplace. They can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, sold for fiat, or spent on travel-related goods from Explorio partners.

Getting Involved

Explorio's long-term goal is to inspire and empower millions of people to travel the world. It's not just a decentralized replacement for TripAdvisor or Yelp; it's an entire ecosystem where travelers can interact and inform each other about their travel experiences.

The Explorio public platform launch is scheduled for 2019. The network will go through two private releases before then, the first of which could launch by the end of 2018.

Explorio is running an ICO from August 1, 2018 until September 15, 2018. If you're interested in participating, be sure to read Explorio's whitepaper for a detailed breakdown of the services it will offer, along with full business and SWOT analyses.

Visit to learn more about the project. You can also follow Explorio's latest developments on Telegram and Twitter.

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Author: John Bardinelli

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Trick question. Blockchain can fix anything. It's like the digital version of duct tape.


What is digital WD-40 then? :)


That's what you use when the market is too bearish and you're hoping to turn it to the bulls. :) It's useful, but not as magical as digital duct tape.


good question


They should partner with #Travelblock ICO. Together they will revolutionize the travel industry


This comparison just won you the internet.


Yes @marksheppard and @timsaid we all knows blockchain is a salutation of future problems but question is that when we will accept blockchain.


Yes Blockchain improves ALMOST everything but I mean databases and the internet also imprved everything and blockchainb is just distributed cryptographically signed database with transactions and yeah lo

now anyway this Travel reviews for steem idea...this is a serious idea especially as Expedia just dropped their Bitcoin as payment system ... travel reviews for steem, and i love the research to show how steem will help this happen
Here is a screenshot from which shows this mockup of Disqus style comment widgets to take OVER the blogosphere! will allow SMTs to give us this steem travel review system @timsaid talks about here


Yes, I agree with you @marksheppard because blockchain is a revolution and it can be used in all fields. But one thing I didn't understand why you said "trick question" ??


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I wouldn't say its necessarily ALL technology


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but can't people do what they want with their own money?
There are whales who as i was made to understand by a steemitcleaner witness member who upvote their own posts and comments with over 10 different accounts they also own with full power.
He said the reason it is not a violation is that they are doing whatever they want with their own investments. one of the member has hundreds of thousands in SP in each account and if he downvotes or flags you with all his account you will be crashed right away and the post hidden.

In short i am saying if it is allowed for the whales to self vote each comment 10 times, what is wrong with a minnow upvoting his comment or the OP appreciating the first comment from her?

Too many of us are just salty about what others choose to do with their own investments lol
@steemmatt here is a link to a comment thread where a steemitcleaner upvoted a comment with just "lol hilarious" with his full power. Then the op had also upvoted himself too.

Guiltparty reply to why he gave an upvote on a "LOL" account when he also discourages mamebers from behaving like this


I gotcha. I appreciate your view and know what you mean. This person here may be a minnow, but they rented 17,000 SP and were doing this a few times today. The comments are similar to the "lol" level. It's more of good manners vs abuse from my view in this case. Anyone can vote on whatever, but writing one liners to just self-upvote, while not rewarding the post they're using to do so, makes me roll my eyes and feel inclined to say something.


If I do not get "hidden" comments on my posts now, I get the self upvoted ones. This is a new feature in the last couple of months and very discouraging. Especially when the person does not upvote the post or upvotes it for -0-.


@fitinfun Enjoy with your expression and dont expect others to provide you benefit. i will keep following your post and upvoting . let us encourage each other


does anyone know where i can find info on how much $ your steem power translates into? for instance, if someone has 10,000 sp and they upvote, how much $ would that blog receive?


First of all...what a nice changes the world of traveling tourism and advertisement...

secondly, I do really believe that such a system (Steemit) should do some changes in its incentive based economy to prevent whales or above minnows, do self-feeding instead of really contributing with this society and supporting good contents...
there are some possible methods to do so..but right now ...what I not that healthy..many accounts are fake and are just for self upvote...
that's not what we registered for...


Of course, you've got every right to do with your investment as you would.

But, the point is, this is Social Media. Not a business platform. The money that you earn here is not yours. It originates from the Rewards Pool which is currently owned by Steemit Inc. but is actually a part of the people since it has been created by the collective effort of all users on the platform.

It may be their money but is surely not their investment. What you're getting out of the system is not returns on your investment, but rather rewards from the community based on how people appreciate your words. Self-upvoting is a method of cheating around that system by looking to drain the rewards pool, which includes taking rewards for others for your own personal gain. STEEM isn't being grown on trees here. There is a limited amount of it remaining on the platform, and the only way to replenish it is to interact more and bring in new people to the platform.

The rewards pool is there because of the people. The rewards pool is there for the people. The rewards are gained by those who are worthy of it as deemed by all on Steemit. The rewards pool is not for people looking to make money and treating this platform as an investment.



"Self-upvoting one liner comments 100% without anything for the author is not the future.

It might not be polite , but imo is def the future! I want the mass to buy steem and upvote their selfs. So that they actually are able to make some money out of their investment. What's wrong with that? Let them get a piece of the pie.

"Self-upvoting one liner comments 100% without anything for the author is not the future.

Who decides that? Is that in the whitepaper? I agree is not really polite. But shit happens.

I feel we should not scare those (potential) investors away.



Thanks for your thoughts. It's not in the white paper, but I feel that Steemit will probably do better in the long run if it's a give and take scenario, not promoted to be a sponge to justly squeeze ROI from. To each their own of course, but Steemit and Steem price appreciation probably will be aided more by sharing the wealth so authors and curators keep promoting the site with content and word of mouth. Earning rewards is part of the selling point and what drives growth best (for example upvoting your comment). Getting deep here, but Steemit is supposed to be a community. I personally prefer not to have those type of investors you mention.


Thank you 2.

I think i see your point. And a lot of folks think like that. IMO its def not realistic. Do you expect that the mass is sincere and a decent writer? What if you invested a few thousand and nobody votes back? Are they not welcome here? ( i think they are more then welcome) What would you expect them to do? They would be morons not to vote for them self. Self voting can be a last resort to protect your investment.

"To each their own of course





I like it but I think you are right


sir please please give me some best information how it work steemit


Well... I think it is the future, but not a very sustainable future.


Nice reply. But , is blockchain really the future of all technology?


May be banking sector?


Circle jerking is the future of Steem blockchain.


yes totally agree with you, everyone these days studying BLOCKCHAIN and lots of business already adopted it.


yes indeed!


yeah! right all business gradually adopted this technology.


Yeah! right all business
Gradually adopted
This technology.

                 - ajaygautam621

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


haha I get u!


@jiohighfive Yes blockchain will control the transaction system.


You are right MAM ofcource!!!!!!!


yes i,m agree your comment and verry soon Blockchain the future of all Technology


really future of famous technology blockchain


yeah because now days every industry trying to use that because its expenses saving future of the world


Yeah... Blockchain is the world's secure wallet today


Yes , well said :)

Blockchain technology could impact the travel industry in huge ways! For vacation rental companies, like Airbnb, each blockchain could let guests check the authenticity of a host, and vice versa. Verification is one of the most problematic things for these communities as people can create fake profiles or delete one if it gets too many negative reviews. A blockchain would create a permanent record that would help ensure trustworthiness


That’s spot on! The Blockchain technology is about to disrupt many different fields. It’s a process that already began and will gain more momentum. I’m the end, we all benefit from it. As you said we can assure data to be authentic and fight against fake reviews/news


I’m sure there are more things that I am missing because blockchain technology is so cool, and could be used many different ways to impact the travel industry.


Blockchain technology the future and bitcoin What do you think


But wot if even decentralized platfirm can also be manipulated using multiple profiles or using some boots?

Stumbled here somewhat accidentally, but this sounds interesting; I travel fairly extensively giving workshops and use homestay/airbnb type places quite a lot.

To have a travel site/Yelp type venue that's more capable of truly "vetting" what you're getting into would be amazing, especially if two kinds of prominent "lies" could be controlled: Skewed reviews caused by venue owners who either create new profiles or use shills to bypass poor reviews/information... AND "fake negatives" caused by vengeful competitors who send all their friends off to give one-star reviews to others in order to improve their own rank.

Being the Devil's Advocate here for a moment, what will keep the site "honest" in the face of the same group of "money-for-nothing seekers" who have invaded Steemit? That is, loads of "faked" reviews from "Bob in Alabama" who has never left the trailer park, yet is glomming together "authentic sounding" reviews about resorts in BoraBora just by gathering bits and pieces of other reviews from around the web... "because I can make money."

Just hoping that peer-review process (of people close to the venue) gets a REALLY good testing/workout against a horde of test spammers/scammers/exploiters before this is launched!

All the best!


Hey! Thanks for your comment. May I ask for your background and skill set? Maybe we can work together. Feel free to join our explorio telegram and get in touch with us!


I'm an independent counselor/therapist/life coach and I give a lot of motivational and self-development workshops. Spent most of my earlier life in the hospitality industry (hotels/resorts/restaurant management).

Not really in a position to take on additional projects, but appreciate the offer and will certainly make an effort to keep up with developments.

The blockchain is the future and We believe in it.

Very interesting looking forward to using this platform.


@eroche it is better to learn from all on this

Hi @timsaid!
First I want to thank you for bringing to us this interesting post.
Secondly, as I am expert in the travel industry and SEO, it makes me double interested into exploring the new blockchain platform, beside some new platforms I am already in.

Thumbs up for the well done work!


@yanipetkov It encourage when experienced person like you express the thoughts regarding posts .


Thanks @rajkarada for your comment! The most important thing I think is that thanks to the progressive people like you and all the blockchain community the World is on the right path. I never stop to think how innovative humankind can be!


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@yanipetkov Thanks for encouraging. We together can bring good awareness to every society


Glad to have you here. Let us know what you think about explorio once the beta goes online


For sure, will keep you updated! The platform looks very promising, I am sure it will have a huge success. Will see might start promoting it, as I am really interested in it.


How do I get to be as successful as you Timsaid ?


I wating for this in future . Any other option u say me


Hi Tim, could I reach you somehow to promote my website which is based on crypto/ benchmarking and uses Steemit?


Its preety new concept worth exoloring

Decentralization is better than centralization, but it's still no silver bullet by itself. It's very difficult to design a system that is robust enough to withstand astroturf campaigns, bidbots, smear-campaigns of competitors, etc.


decentralization is better than centralization in some ways, but shitty in many others. Decentralization makes progress really hard, for example. In blockchain, it greatly reduces performance.


Exactly even that was my point..decentralization is not everything..


All of the above are what makes me worried about the future of this technology. I travel a lot now and have very good results with reviews on the traditional sites. I mostly use tripadvisor and bookingdotcom for reviews and find what I was expecting when I get there.


@fitinfun dont fear of anything while you travel. your confidence and transperancy will support you from anything. every technology to provide good support


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@trustpay I will keep upvoting you. let us encourage each other to grow here. Thanks

You have shared a lot of important information about Cryptocurrency, but I can not understand a thing as how sbtet prices decrease daymare How to work the number of the way how do I create the platform for our word I am very worried about this issue


what issue

Definitely one to watch, there are ways the blockchain can change the way we think that haven't even surfaced yet.

Thanks for the informative write up @timsaid.

I'm really keen to both create and discover Explorio when the time comes - as you say the existing infrastructure and platforms just don't incentivise quality content.

Great article

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We'll see how it withstands the test of time. Too much bullshit is associated with blockchain these days...

Explorio has an exceptionally good model especially if it has a way to check for tricksters. Honest travel writing is very important as you indicate - thanks!

today's best post .. . .

Blockchain magic at work...

I can see a world tendency to convert/move everything on a blockchain.

Also, I can imagine a pretty odd world which has only space for servers but not for humans, because if we would like to store every digital record on how many servers (100? 1 000 000?) we wouldn't have enough surface for life.

Nice reward

Blockchain can save everything!!

i like this tokens idea

I'd be hard, i doubt it. centralized systems are much more agile and flexible in fixing data quality issues

Block chain is a breakthru technology and is finding places in every major industries. But the while notion of luring users to use and participate in a product/service in return of crypto currency is flawed. I think all products including steemit having that business model will reckon with the truth in years to follow.

Roll on 18th August when the Explorio ICO starts. I think I could be in on this one.

Never heard of this until now.

Nice post! @timsaid


Upvoted & resteemed.


this is absolutly right....
Explorio isn't just looking to return travel reviews to travelers. It seeks to build a multi-purpose travel platform that can inspire millions of people to start exploring the world...
thanks for share..

Great blog @timsaid

Everything will be fine as far as we'll enjoy as well the music/art :-)!/@luciannagy

Have a great Day


Obviously Blockchain save them.!
Because the #Blockchain Technology is a unique and Universal technology, No one can fall or beat it and No One can Cheat.

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Blockchain can fix anything.

how to making difference with blockchain? and trick blockchain fix anything
digital version...

blockchain can improve all industries just becoz of excellent book keeping records

This is just another amazing example of a broken system and how blockchain can salvage it. Review websites like Yelp do have a stranglehold on the travel industry, and while some safeguards are in place like not allowing businesses to purchase positive reviews or scrub negative ones, getting around these is as easy as creating a fake profile and posting. Whether it's creating false positive buzz for your own business or sniping at your competition, the ability to manipule consumers is quite literally in the palm of your hand.

Decentralizing this data via blockchain will not only provide but demand more accountability, both from the positive and negative side of things. It'll be exciting to watch how bringing this accountability to the industry changes everything from how consumers place their trust in businesses to the price of travel.

Travel, finance, gaming ... is there anything blockchain isn't positioned to revolutionize?

  • Jeroen Van den Bosch, co-founder of Virtual Universe

@timsaid ...yes this is true, I totally agree with u blockchain technology is a future of coming time. This technology is improves and secure every field of next gen.

blockchain allready know app people it is the future of the digital technology. mainly one thing i say that is long time to wait. if we have perfect goal. we can reach that in this crypto

Dude did this gone work again us

can blockchain ban in india after banning bitcoin??

Explorio will reward of its participants that's sound good isn't it?20180314_124901.jpg

nice post and informative.. please also help me I am beginner and want help like you senior

yes... i now...Blockchain is the future of all technology. Blockchain is the world's secure wallet today. everyone these days studying BLOCKCHAIN and lots of business already adopted it.
Blockchain technology could impact the travel industry in huge ways! Verification is one of the most problematic things for these communities as people can create fake profiles or delete one if it gets too many negative reviews. A blockchain would create a permanent record that would help ensure trustworthiness

Cryptocurrencies are the future of payment system. Fiat currency will vanish soon or later. No business has ever matured as of Cryptocurrency. There are many countries where majority of population is living without bank accounts or any sort of access to the monetary system being run by the Governments whereas Crypto industry is focused on normal masses for greater adoption.
Barter system is vanished centuries ago, gold / silver coin are also no more. Fiat currency or hard cash also vanished decades ago. Present eara of plastic money (Debit cards/ Credit cards) will soon be vanished as they are also linked with fiat currency.
Cryptocurrency is the Future...

I am a Blogger and a level 6 Google guide. The Google reviews and photos I post are seen by many and increase my visibility on the web.
The concept of a travel review validation system will be nice, as long as reviewers can be verified and kept from creating numerous accounts for review spamming.
I don't buy eyeballs or "likes", and sponsors are getting wise to the myriad of people who "game" the system. I choose not to employ their shenanigans because it is patently un-authentic and damaging to the parties hurt by negative reviews.
It would be nice to see a mechanism to stop and punish the offending spammers, who have no scruples other than "I can make money" - and do not care if a legitimate business is damaged.
Best of Luck - contact me if you need a strong consultant.

Ty for sharing such a informative blog i love this project and the way you explained it, unbiased review will be helpful to everyone and you are getting paid to do that would also lead traveller a keen interest to give a proper review.

Travel industry is very big and evergreen industry , so it can boost other Industries also if other industries tie up with travel industry. Now days cryptocurrency has make hype in whole world so if we use cryptocurrency in travel industry it can be blast for cryptocurrency also.

i support, blockchain is the secure platform for cryptocurrencies will surely save them. so, let's have patience for a couple of months

latest futured technology nice bloge ever

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Blockchain is safe, secure and a great technology. We should support this tech and use in life. #bitcoin #blockchain

hey what you say blockchain have launch other platform for users to get more profit if u agree then upvote me please and answer me also i will wait for your answer

Great idea but the logistics will be just as tough as our centralized system. I think its always up to tje individual as we have our own likes and interests. I'd like to see how this works in a couple of years.

You got a 83.99% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @steemium!

Looking forward the future of the Blochchain!

There are a few of these projects poping up Travala and Traval Block, also getting into the space!

@timsaid thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome


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You are right sir,tourism is a big industry and govt. can generate high revenue and the country can generate high GDP..The project concept is brilliant.But let us see how it runs in future...Did the company apply for patent for this field?

@timsaid yes its true why bcz blockchain is the future of crypto and many business adopt it .

Sooner or later, people will find loopholes to this decentralized system and will use it to their benefit.Although blockchain technology will be hard to hard nut to crack for such people too.

If we can implement blockchain properly it can revolutionised Travel industry, as we all know this is one of the industry which will never fail and blockchain can give it a new heights?
What you think on it ?

worlds new concepts is Block chain the future of money
steemit best.JPG

It doesn't look like this runs on STEEM

It feels like it should run on STEEM

@timsaid i totally agreed with you. future's most powerful technology is blockchain

i think right now we need to save our crypto


holding is the best action we can do!

@timsaid i think first we have to save our crypto

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good take!

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@timsaid i think u r correct travels 30% support on GDP growth I think its a good concept but how can u assure is it completly diffrennnt from blockchain?
But i am supporting you due to its nice concept u r do this one more highly its very awesome

thanks buddy
upvote my post if u like

Blockchain is the future of all technology 😊😊

Blockchain is the solution of all these things and definitely this is the future of world.

A real awesome post. Very true it is very difficult to get the right travel information due to these common websites as it has become a money making business.
Exploria is doing a great job by solving this problem using blockchain technology.
If Exploria can make it big time and attract more people and community on its platform I can definitely guarantee Exploria will reach the heights in coming years.
A great idea brings a great solution with great visibility.
I wish all the best to Exploria team and wish big success.

Also standby and read my post, here is one of them
Please vote and resteemit if you like the post.

@ timsaid , In my opinion Blockchain is future & its solution Of many Problem, You give good knowledge by this blog . i hope you add me in your steemit family & give me your comment on my post of btc.

You have shared a ton of imperative data about Cryptocurrency, however I can not comprehend a thing as how sbtet costs diminish daymare How to function the quantity of the way how would I make the stage for our statement I am extremely stressed over this issue..
Keeping it up..

I hope so i like to reading reviews and are imortant if you want to choiche a good place to travel...

That type of hotel search engine pages are sometimes good and the only benefit of these pages is just to know some sites of interest but the best thing to do is send an email a text or message from their official website, if they do not have a page official search for a social network reputable and reputable sites have at least one social network to get to know, it is not necessary to go to that type of pages can be located directly this I say for people who are very suspicious. regards

Yeah ok blockchain is future is it trustable for us i mn i think there is more issuues and riska in this

blockchain is so good technology for changing our life.

blockchain is the future' but current cryptocurrency crash cannot hold it up" hope it will be strong soon.

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Que internesante la información

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This is quite remarkable that what effect can a Blockchain technology can bring to our day to day living.I don't think Sahoshi Nagamoto must had thought this before using Blockchain technology for his Bitcoin.

I think Blockchain is the future of technology.

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I think, blockchain is the virtual God.

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Blockchain is the future of all technology..!!!
Review based coins are already available in market... This is future..!!!

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Blockchain is life

I find this article very useful and I believe block chain has got great potential in solving such problem. Travel business is really huge and using blockchain technology common traveler can benefit

time will come soon when blockchain will be overlaping... what you say ?? Top-3-Key-Factors-About-Blockchain-Technology-That-Everyone-Needs-To-Know.jpg

The blockchain is definetly the future and as far as the travel industry, Making high quality videos and putting them on DTube is a great way to do it. DTube is gonna run right over You Tube

Hi @timsaid, after reading your post I want to ask one question that how much time you taken for writing this huge long post. I salute your patience. Moreover your post is very useful and it reveals the importance of travelling. Thanks once again for writing such kind of unique post.

Ohh..All Know that Blockchain is the future of all technology

@timsaid i think blockchain is going to revolution in the future every one going to addopt it is just the beginning ! wht u think?????

i will join explorio and you will see everyone will want visit that place

block chain technology going to be future payment system, safe way to impliment in all sectors

But it needs time maybe 2-3 years

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Hmmmm yeah you are right but the future of technonlogy i think blockchain

Great post. This can change travel business for forever

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it's really good article

@timsaid great information man on cryptocurrency looking forward to use this information btw what are your views will bitcoin rise . Should we hold them

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@timsaid Blockchain is secured wallet. Blockchain is a very helpful method to transfer our crypto currency. plz upvote

Nyc blockchain is best for imporve online security

Blockchain.... Ultimate solution fore modern business needs

nice blog of blockchain technology is so beautiful

Hey timsaid, nicely explained the growth of travel industry. Blockchain is no doubt a brilliant option for any industry.

Here, I am just suggesting something more on one of your view - Incentive. The companies will do it or few are doing the same but they providing the incentive on the basis of category.. Positive Review or Negative Reviews which is wrong.

Secondly, on Negative review almost all the companies giving some little discount amount in the form of their voucher for your next trip/stay and retain the customer for future.

One more point which you missed that Companies staff have to visit all the listed (on their website) hotels/places and can arrange personal meetings with all the vendors.

These can be help until Blockchain technology enters in the industry.

Please correct, if I was failed to understand :)

Very interesting


blockchain is the future

such a nice info

I can relate this post to some of my review based bad travel experience.

It is quite easy to organize reviews and create a fake sense of surety for travellers. Travel agencies can go to any extent in lying and finally it causes discomfort with extra spending .

A Blockchain can provided solution to this can be boon for travellers and can remove the trust based issues which are prevalent in industry presently.

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Blockchain is must for our community support it and make a strong community

What do you think blockchain can be hacked?

@timsaid Nice and informative blog but what is inspiration of you to write such beautiful post??

Help me understand how quality is addressed? Let me put it in a short thought experiment.

100 young men visit Neverbeenastan. They go to the relight district and have a good time. The post a an raving review of the place saying the native dancing was exciting and the dancer were full of energy. A police an general accurate review. Plenty of young men peer review it. When Mrs. Gullible go there looking for native dancer she can't find a thing, and is very disappointed in your false review.

@timsaid I think blockchain is a good solution or future of technology.

Very interesting

Explorio is upcoming decentralise travel review platform that will be completely corruption free and transparent with useful information. This platform will replace such monopolistic websites which posts paid reviews for hotels restaurants and flights. No more fake reviews and no more frustrations during travel. Explorio will be a huge success... Thanks for this information

Yaaaaaa the blockchain is most powerfull object of cryptocrency

blockchain is very powerful in today's world

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@timsaid every technology has value but every technology gives us fear. because every technology is made by the human and human being has different nature .

This is important, since it means that blockchain technology goes beyond offering a new way of sending money. The blockchain has what appears to be a growing list of non-monetary applications. In effect, it provides a new and exciting way to record data. Bitcoin and Blockchain, a revelation. A means of payment worldwide, immediate and without commissions "

in future blockchain is core of all technology.

i want to create a travel blog but i don't understand where to start? could anyone can help me?

can blockchain keep to provide better services?

Hello @timsaid this is really a very helpful,great and also a very unique post.Really I filling great to hear about Blockchain technology's positive effect on travelling.Blockchain technology is based upon decentralization so like mostly it.I really admire because of gain knowledge about explorio which become the great unique platform in nearly future.Thanks for sharing this really valuable @timsaid.

Blockchain is the best solution for all and in future every one will be happy from this technology


We are happy to see blockchain to get popular

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Blockchain is transpire as a dominant automation power that promises to modify the travel business

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We hope that RBI and Indian government also accepts the blockchain in the next..

@timsaid. you are absolutely correct and i agree it..... keep going.......

timsaid nice coverage

Crypto Update: Bitcoin Back Below $6000 Why ??

Crypto Update: Bitcoin Back Below $6000 Why ??

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@timsaid Worldwide travel, tourism is a multi-trillion dollar industry

O wow, your post is so much informative and useful, I'll definitely use the platform. Thanks for sharing.

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Blockchain is the eventual fate of all innovation

good job.. Blockchain is future.....

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Blockchain is broken. Can travel reviews save them?

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