11 Suave Travel Accessories For Men

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A Guide For The Traveling Man
Travel gear and accessories for a man, written by a (traveling) man. It’s not always easy as a man to find the right things to pack when you’re about to hit the road. It’s just become a fact of life that most products out there are created for the female consumer. So how do you pack right? How do you find the right products so you can travel comfortably, safely, and in style. I’ve put together a list of some of the best products out there for all the traveling men out there. When it comes to toiletries, baggage, electronics, and whatever else…I’ve got you covered. Now take a quick look at the best travel gear for a man in 2018.

Herschel Passport Holder
This is the best looking Passport holder around. Herschel brings us a variety of choices, from minimalist to patterns to stripes, but mostly just on the interior for a bit of a surprise without waving it in everybody’s face when you pull it out of your pocket. Never forget your passport or your wallet again, because this holder can hold everything. It has spaces for your credit card, your travel credit card, your Priority Pass, Global Entry Card, and more (Click to see the best travel credit card on the market today). Stylish, safe, comfortable…What else do you need? Take a look at all the options here.

Exofficio Travel underwear
This underwear is made for the traveling man. It is the most comfortable underwear you’ll find, and it won’t break your bank. It’s made for the minimalist who doesn't want to pack a ton of clothing. This underwear is made with moisture-wicking, odor-dissipating materials, so you can wear yours more than once. They claim that you can wear these multiple days in a row, and they still won’t smell. I can’t vouch for that, I haven’t tried smelling mine, but I can say that it’s nice not having to wash them after every use. Even when you aren’t traveling, they feel damn good. It’s all I wear these days.

Herschel Toiletry Case
This simple design Works well and it looks good in your luggage. It fits in with all the rest of your stylish, masculine products that you’ll put inside. It can fit all the beard balms you need.

Grayl Water Bottle
This is a revolutionary water purifying water bottle. I won’t go into the science of it, but you’ll be able to save money and help the earth while you drink the tap water and stop buying tons and tons of plastic water bottles while you’re exploring Thailand.

Leather MacBook Case
Carry your computer in style with a classic leather case. It will last forever.

Leather Tech Organizer
You’ll need to keep your iPhone cables, chargers, computer cords, and everything else safe and organized. Look no further than this leather case built just for that.

Bluetooth Headphones
Do you want to have an annoying cord in between you and your phone while you listen to your Podcasts on the plane? You’ve got to decide whether it’s going to go under your seatbelt or above it. No. Don’t do that to yourself. Grab yourself these bluetooth headphones and be free, cordless, and comfortable all the way to your destination.

Military Style Daypack
You’ll need a daypack so that you can pack a few things while you walk around the city. Just a small bag to keep a camera, a bathing suit, maybe a raincoat, and a water bottle in. You’ll want a bag that says “Don’t even think about trying to reach in here to take something. Also, there's probably nothing good in here anyway.” This bag says it all. Being military style, you look like you have a fighting past, and you’re not one to allow a pickpocket anywhere near you. Also, it doesn’t have the look of an expensive bag filled with costly things.

Portable Charger
You’ll need a portable charger that will allow you to charge your phone, laptop, and camera gear on the go. For the times you can’t plug in, like on the airplane or at the airport, this is your savior.

Travel Neck Pillow
I know it doesnt look classy, but this can be a life-saver on budget airlines that lack any kind of head rest. This one is inflatable, so you can pack it down to the size of a wallet when you aren’t using it.

A Good Travel Book
You need to grab yourself a good book. Anything by Hemingway is classic, and he was definitely a man’s man. He was a traveler, and most likely you’ll be able to find a book by him that goes along with your planned route to get you in the mood.

So there you have it. 11 suave products for the male traveler. Send us a message to let us know if something else should be added to the list.

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