How to Pack for an Endless Backpacking Trip Around the World

2년 전

This is how to pack for an endless backpacking trip around the world. If you plan to travel indefinitely and don't have an end date to your travels, you might find it difficult to pack a backpack, or even find a backpack to use for this type of trip. But I have traveled this way many times and found the perfect travel backpack and the right things to pack and bring with you on your journey. Watch this video to find out what to pack, how to pack, how to pick out a backpack, and how to travel longer, happier, better.

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Hey man! Really useful tips and a helpful video overall. I always roll my clothes, but sometimes I use these vacuum packaging bags which you can use to shrink and compress your clothes.

Where did you buy those special underwears? I am a hygiene freak so even for short holidays I take at least 7 pairs of underwears and socks.

Looking forward to your stories. Greetings from Cape Town


Heyy, thanks man, and usually I put my links to my stuff and I guess I forgot in this video. The underwear is great, it's called Exofficio, first one on my list here

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