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Wuyuan Jiangwan, a national AAAA tourist area, is a shining pearl of Wuyuan, the most beautiful countryside in China. Jiangwan is a thousand-year-old town with a rich cultural heritage. From the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, 38 scholars, scholars and eunuchs were raised here; Jiang Yilin, a famous general who fought against the Japanese in the Ming Dynasty, Jiang Yichang, a doctor at the court, Jiang Yong, a master of the Qing Dynasty's Park Science, Jiang Qian, an educator in the Republic of China, and Jiang Zemin, a former general secretary.
Jiangwan Village was built in the late Sui and early Tang dynasties when the surnames of Teng, Ye, Bao and Dai gathered here to form a village called "Yunnan". In 1079, the eighth ancestor of Xiao Jiang, Jiang Enemy, moved into Yunnan, and his descendants gradually multiplied to form a large family, so Yunwan was renamed Jiangwan.

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Xiaojiang Ancestral Hall was once described as the "best ancestral hall" among the 70 famous ancestral halls in Jiangnan and is one of the four most ancient buildings in Wuyuan.

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The main hall of the ancestral hall is called "Yongsi Hall" and the two walls are dedicated to the portraits of Xiao Jiang's predecessors, such as the Han Chancellor Xiao He, the Southern Liang Emperor Xiao Yan, Prince Xiao Tong, Xiao Jiang's ancestor Jiang Dong and Jiang Yilin, the Ming Minister of Household Affairs.

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The stone pagoda with four pillars, three doors and five floors is the namesake of Jiangwan village.

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The stone pagoda is inscribed with "Jiangwan" by Jiang Zemin, the former President of the People's Republic of China.

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The lotus pond in Jiangwan is a popular place for villagers to relax

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Jiangwan is a feng shui treasure, a place of great beauty and people

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The natural landscape is a combination of ancient dwellings, with a paradisiacal atmosphere, like a rhythmic landscape painting, forming a unique and beautiful idyllic scenery, giving people a sense of returning to nature and transcendence.

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The houses in Jiangwan Ancient Town are typical of the Huizhou school of architecture.

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Ancient Town Scenery

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Surrounded by mountains and water, Jiangwan is rich in scenery and produce, and is famous for its green tea and snow pears.

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Jiangwan has a strong literary culture and a large number of sages, including Jiang Yilin, a minister of the Ministry of Household Affairs in the Ming Dynasty, Jiang Yong, a scribe and phonetician in the Qing Dynasty, and Jiang Qian, a famous educator and Buddhist scholar in the Qing Dynasty.

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Located at the foot of How long Mountain in Jiangwan Village, it is an extension of the ancient garden "Houlong Peach Garden", covering an area of 28 acres, and was built to commemorate the Jiang sages.

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The main hall of the ancestral shrine is called "Yongsi Hall", and the two walls are dedicated to the portraits of Xiao Jiang's predecessors such as the Han Prime Minister Xiao He, the Southern Liang Emperor Xiao Yan, Prince Zhao Ming Xiao Tong, Xiao Jiang's ancestor Jiang Dong, and Jiang Yilin, the Ming Minister of Household Affairs.

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Jiangwan Scenic Area New Hundred Works of Art

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Jiangwan is an ancient village with a rich cultural heritage of Huizhou, and there are still well-preserved official residences of the Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the Imperial Palace and the Zhong Xian Di, in the village.

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Jiangwan Traditional Artisans

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Jiangwan is a bright pearl in the cultural and ecological tourism area of Wuyuan

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