She’s finally done it, my wife has left me and gone back to her mother

2년 전

She’s been talking about doing it on and off for ages. But now it has become a reality. I’m here in an empty house all alone, by myself, with no adult supervision.

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And that’s how things will stay, for three more months. Then I get to jump on a plane myself and head over the Greece to be with her, so we can finally have our honeymoon. (better late than never)

So, last night was fun. Packing and re-packing her bags to try and get them to weigh less. But it didn’t seem to work. No matter how we packed things they always seemed to weigh the same.

In the end, we decided that the bags she was using were the problem. So instead of using her suitcases, she’s now using my packs, which weight considerably less. We finally crammed everything in and got them zipped up (God only knows how long the zips will hold out). A sleepless night was had, waiting to the six o’clock alarm to go off.

Eventually, and all too soon, it did. The roads were surprisingly busy at that hour of the morning, especially for Easter Monday. But we managed to make it to the airport in time, and I dropped her off at check-in and then went hunting for a park. This is where running ultra-marathons comes in handy.

I eventually found a parking space, got out a packed lunch, hiking poles, and a compass, then began the long trek back to the terminal, hoping that the plane wouldn’t leave before I got there. My wife texted me just as I arrived saying she had checked in and was heading for the gate. And that’s where I caught up with her.

We stood in line, shuffling along slowly as the passengers before us passed through the security checks. (I have no idea how she got through). And then I had gone as far as I could go. She disappeared into the security room and I was left alone.

Slightly misty-eyed, I headed back to the car to try and find my way out of the airport. It’s a weird place. I made it up to the barrier and went to feed it my ticket, but it opened before I even had a chance to do so. What to do? Never one to waste an opportunity, I put my foot down and blasted through while the going was good. Somehow, I’m not sure how, the gate knows when you’ve paid for your ticket… I’m sure the all-seeing Google has something to do with it.

So now I’m home alone, for three months. The longest I’ve been alone, without my wife, since I got married is about three or four days, I think. I’m not sure how I’ll cope with three months on my own. My beard will probably grow quite a bit.

At least I’ll have more time for work. I’m currently working two jobs to pay for her trip, and mine later on. It will all be worth it in the end I’m sure.

But now I’m exhausted, and heading for my cold, lonely, bed. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

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You watch what your doing Mr, you should have got the wife to write you a list.
brush your teeth
wash your face
we not what you men are like when left unattended
LOL :)


I DO have a list, a very LONG list hehehehe
But at least I have three months to work through it.


That's true plus no one to check up on you oh dear lol

  ·  2년 전

Sorry to hear man.

One end is a possibility for new beginnings. Keep your head up.

O I think you will miss her a lot but the meeting up again is going to be great. Good luck with all the work