Snorkelling with Captain Nick

2년 전

While in Chania we went on a day excursion to a couple of small islands just off the coast of Crete. Captain Nick runs a boat tour that is fun and informative. His boat has a glass bottom so you can see the reefs and things, as well as the remnants of a WW2 bomber submerged not far from one of the islands.


As usual it was hot and sunny, just perfect conditions for a day on the water.

The first island we came to is a sanctuary for the native kri-kri – and endemic species of goat, sop we were not allowed onto the island. It is a large and rocky island and with the colour of the rocks being the same colour as the goats, it was really difficult to see them.

Captain Nick put out the challenge that if anyone spotted a goat before he did, he’d buy them a beer. On this trip however a sharp eyed tourist beat him to the punch and spotted two of the goats on the hillside.

Even with my super long telephoto lens it was hard to pick them out from the surrounding rocks. We had another opportunity later on, and I got a much better long range shot.


Then we headed to the smaller island and disembarked to go snorkelling around the reefs teaming with colourful fish. I’d never been snorkelling like this before so it was quite fun.

On the way back we were treated to magnificent views of Chania and Crete from the sea, with the White Mountains soaring in the background.


It was a very lovely, if tiring, day out.

If you’re ever in Chania make sure you book for a day trip with Captain Nick. It’s well worth it.

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Thanks for sharing the product of your super long telephoto lens: the kri-kri are really beautiful!

Enjoy a !BEER and a !giphy crazy+goat! ^_^


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You have been on Holiday and your photos look wonderful
I have been waiting with the utmost patience for your Dad's new game to come out. He needs you to do the work. I need you to do the work so I can play his new game.

Sometimes parents need their children to just do what we ask them and not think too deeply about it but just know it's important to them so then put it at the top of their To Do List.

My son @Ecoinstant can tell you this is very true. I'm very sure he will also feel sorry for you.....but we are parents......and you, our children, made us come here and now we need your help..sooooo.....

That and I want to play a new game!!! Plus your Dad is awesome!!


At least there will be one person playing.


Oh there will be more than one playing!!! Just wait and see :D


All you have to do then is to do the trip on person
Eventually, if it works, there will be 4 trips that cover the country top to bottom, with boring history bits on the way.


hehehe I'm sure you figured out that was me but now I know why my vote was worth nothing LOLL


Sorry this is taking so long. I have most of it done, but there are a couple of bugs to work out. My biggest problem at the moment is that I am still dealing with pneumonia, so I have very little energy, and most of that is spent working to pay the bills - which don't stop coming.

But as soon as I can I'll get the game finished so you can play. ;-)

Snorkeling with fish like that are so much fun, it it however very much tiring, just as you say, being out on the ocean like that. It´s like the water drains the energy straight out of you. But taking adventures and spending energy on the ocean is, according to me, always worth while =)

That looks heavenly, what a perfect place for a honey moon :)

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