An airplane is not the right place to protest mask-wearing

6개월 전

It's been in the news a couple of times recently and mostly the people involved are cast in a negative light due to their refusal to wear masks on a plane. If you are one of the people that hates wearing masks and believes that they are useless in the prevention of really anything, hold your horses because I agree with you. However, there are rules all over the place that we have to abide by that we would rather not. Just think about the belt and shoe removal at TSA checkpoints for a second ok?

Recently a bunch of people have been kicked off of planes because of their refusal to wear masks on the flight and while I agree with their sentiment, this is not the place for the protest and it will only end badly for anyone who does it. This is not the place to win this fight because the airlines themselves are likely not the people who put the mask rules in place in the first place.


I don't want to wear the mask either and I find it particularly stupid when you are allowed to remove said mask whenever they are selling food or drinks. Passengers have been coming on board planes with large bags of snacks just to stick it to the man as well. Others, who are clearly idiots take this opportunity to turn things into TikTok or other videos to try to gain some fame online. And in the meantime the delay and inconvenience everyone on board.

Some of the other incidents are just stupid of course such as when an entire family was kicked off of a flight because they wouldn't put a mask on their infant. These people must not have much experience with infants because they kind of do what they want and will throw a fit if a compromise can not be found.

I don't like wearing the masks either but the sad reality is that this is the way things are now and by resisting and trying to make a statement on a plane, you aren't really helping the cause, you may actually be converting people over to the other side because flying on a plane is stressful enough without fights over masks breaking out.


I think that if someone has a strong stance against mask-wearing - as I do - there are better places and ways to show this than on a flight filled with strangers and staff who have no choice but to uphold these rules. They perhaps do not agree with them either as they have to wear these face diapers all day long... Imagine how frustrating that must be?

You can protest where it truly matters, on the ground where these rules are actually made. The airlines don't really get a say in this as these mandates are handed down to them by governing bodies.

I just think the world needs a bit more compassion right now and starting fights over something like this, it seems like a really stupid place to stand your ground on an issue and will definitely result in bad things for the person who does it.

I don't want to wear masks either, but I do so in order to keep things moving. In the meantime I join in the protests when I can as well and support the elimination of weird policies like this by voting. If we all did the same we would see them go away rapidly. Starting a fracas on a plane over this is only going to result in inconveniencing everyone, so please, don't do it.

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