My favorite Korean soup is both yummy and torture

4년 전


This is a bowl of Yook Gae Jang I ate when i vacationed in Hong Dae in South Korea. It is a spicy beef soup with green onions and noodles. A proplerly made soup will have shredded beef, a thin layer of red chili oil, a full bodied flavor and will be VERY spicy!

I am a huge fan of Vietnamese pho, but this soup is a great alternative when travelling to South Korea or when exploring your neighborhood Korea Town.

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hii @vangfo
i also like soup
i have a desire to go to Vietnam because there is my friends are situated.

@rajesh97 when you visit then, they will give you everything you would like to eat. I wish I have friends everywhere I go. that way I know I would never go hungry. LOL 😉