Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Lepras' (Part #566)

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These guys dress up and pretend to be lepers. It is a show but when you give it a second thought, wouldn't you prefer to act someone else? Look, the even have a hoist for food delivery down their pit. :D

Enjoy your day! :)

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Theatre plays have the particularity of having an immediate contact with the audience and seeing their reaction. In this play, I imagine, the image of these indigents can shake visually. I remember that once, in high school, I played a princess in a play, but I wanted to be the witch, I thought it was more interesting. You as a director know that there are some roles that are richer expressively. Seeing it that way, maybe it's not so bad to do the homeless interpretation. ;) ;) Good Saturday and a hug, @velimir.

Excellent outdoor staging, dear @velimir. Very creative. Good photographs. Did you know that Jacinto Convit, a Venezuelan doctor and scientist, developed the leprosy vaccine? He lived 101 years. A source of pride for us. A hug for you, my friend.

Interesting acting work done by these boys. Obviously, it should not be desired to do anything of leper. It is a condition that for a long time represented almost a curse. Thus, it is collected in the Bible and in other literary sources, especially medieval ones. In Venezuela (and near the place where I live, Cumaná) we had at the beginning of the 20th century a poet who suffered leprosy (Cruz Salmerón Acosta), who became a symbol of suffering. We also had the doctor-scientist (Jacinto Convit) who discovered the vaccine against this terrible disease.

Wishing you many safe travels!
Thanks for sharing you adventures and experiences

cool... that's a amazing picture... like to see more about that...what Cam have you use? wishes from asia