Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Freedom Of Choice' (Part #344)

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'The Freedom Of Choice'


I remember, years ago when the ghost of socialism was still walking the Earth, one could choose only a few local traditional foods from a few existing street food vendors. They thought us that good citizen never looks up to others but loves his/her own food/country/etc. With the fall of socialism, we've gained a variety of choices. Lots of food from all over the world is sold on the streets today. The consumer society and globalization go hand in hand when it comes to satisfying people's tastes.

Let's see. Will it be something sweet? Local or foreign? Asian or Middle-Eastern? The abundance of choice and a whole spectrum of different foods is what makes a decision harder.

Let's have a wok. Didn't eat one in quite some time. I like Asian kitchen. They have a very different approach to cooking.

Or maybe a slice of a local speciality, soparnik? Uh, this is seriously overpriced.

I know I'll end with trdelnik, an Eastern European sweet baked on open fire.

Well, there we go. Nowadays, there is at least some degree to which we can exercise our freedom of choice. One still cannot really choose the government or actually influence any of the decisions they're making for us but one can surely make an educated choice of food. Isn't democracy a fairytale? :-)

Enjoy your day! :-)

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you are really very talented person in the world.because when i am seeing travelling and art post iam giving alots of new idea my real life.. its obviously your high thought knowledge creativity.this food looks to very yammy and tasty.really delicious food.alots of different kinds stuff to doing work this food shop.i am a food lover.because food is a main part of our human life..without food man can not live,food obviously needs for long lasting life.. Instead of being free to escape or avoid lies. But if we transgress or exceed the limits of freedom itself will only cause problems and problems that begin from our mistakes to determine the choice of action or attitude to a problem.thanks to sharing for your good dear friend.. @velimir take care yourself and best of luck of your great work

Ahahahahaha. If Democracy isn't a fairy tale it's at least 'historical fiction'.

I just love those kinds of food choices. June brings festival season to the US. Every little berg in the US has a community fest and the big dog cooks come out in force to try to outdo their neighbors. Most usually there is some food that will just amaze me. Perfect time for a motorcycle riding fat boy!

Thanks for sharing the goodies. Makes me ready for the summer.


You are right.

Perfect time for a motorcycle riding fat boy

In the development of human thought until now the most basic rights demanded by man is freedom.

Because free man is able to develop his thinking to do something, but there are people who do things freely without taking into account the freedom of others. This means Freedom itself is limited. For example we want to be free to determine who becomes our life companion later but not freedom that is limited by the criteria in accordance with our eligibility standards.

So freedom gives birth to choices. When people are faced with choices, then of course our space of thought is limited to the choice of choice, of course, by rationalizing the consequences of those choices. Then where is that freedom? So what if we are wrong in determining the choice.

Instead of being free to escape or avoid lies. But if we transgress or exceed the limits of freedom itself will only cause problems and problems that begin from our mistakes to determine the choice of action or attitude to a problem.

Want to Be Healthier, Be Better or Prettier, Richer, Better / Better, Better, Safer Position, That's The First Reason For Freedom. But in man, this becomes an eternal struggle between conscience which is aided by logic with lust. When our target is to avoid the problem of life then there is no other choice is to do the things that will lead us to be free from that problem.

You're right, in the days of socialism, people had little choice of products. Especially there were few street vendors of food, and those who did monotonous dishes. At least it was here.
Now we have a wide variety of delicious dishes. Modern people can buy themselves a variety of ingredients and make delicious dishes. There is also an opportunity to go to a restaurant or a cafe and buy yourself a delicious dish. There are some themed cafes that make dishes of foreign cuisines. I know restaurants that make only Chinese dishes or Italian. But this is only in large cities.

I love variety in food. That is, it happens that we prepare dishes of national cuisine, and sometimes there is a time when you just want to eat pizza. I also like to visit various festivals, and there are usually a lot of sellers going. You can often try various delicious dishes that people have come up with themselves. It is interesting.
Choose your own food, this is not one of the many freedoms that we have :)
Thank you

@velimir sir you are again with a beautiful post about freedom of choice what is freedon of choice is that we are free to choose what we want to do, what we want to achieve in our life, no one will interfere in your life, that is called freedom of choice. No one is here to tell us what to do and what not to do, we are free in making our decision, would interfere. how beautifully this woman has arranged everything, I am in love with her art and her artistic mind, she is a hard worker and we can assume that very very thankyou @velimir sir for making us smile today, God bless you.

I love food. Fooding style is different in every culture but they all have their own best tastes. I hope you enjoyed food. Freedom is most important in everything. When you have freedom you will perform out of the box.

But i miss your motorcycle here. Where it is?


I dont eat on it :D :D :D

i really like your food photography. your food post is so much interesting and deliciouse testy. looks so mindblowing than i think test is............ awesome. i like also different cooking and try it. asian and westren food i can try cooking.

Long weekend has started and I have to go and have a walk around our city center, there is so much to see. 💚

Your post has made me very hungry. I love the food photography.

I think I'll go home and make a nice and spicy stir-fry now. :D

A lot of yummy stuff over there! Every culture has its own style and tradition. I am an Asian and I like my cooking style! The one which is your favorite too!

A lot of yummy stuff over there , your post made me very hungry . I like your all photography . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @velimir

Very interesting post. Right time right work is perfect.

Buen post y muy interesante, Se ve que sirven calidad de comida, siempre digo que no debe faltar el alimento en la mesa de nadie y menos por causa de un socialismo. Las fotos muestran una sabrosa y deliciosa, gracias por compartir velimir.

Hey veli, I think you travel a lot. What do you use in posting at Steemit? Do you use the public wifis available? Would love to know, cheers. Anyway, nice post, photos made me hungry.

muy buen pos @velimir, me encanta el color y la variedad de comida que presentas en esta publicación. Que bueno que ya salieron de eso régimen y puedan disfrutar de toda la variedad de platillos y degustar los de otros países. Gracias por tu publicación.

Me encanta como se ven esas Donas de colores, amo lo dulce, muy buenas fotos. Comparto con usted que deberíamos hacer la elección de adecuada de los alimentos que debería estar en nuestras mesas. Muy buena presentación @velimir.

  ·  4년 전

Good post and very interesting, I like what you share this, the comfortable and calm circumstances seen from the pictures you capture, I think the food is very tasty and delicious, thanks for sharing I really like

Thank you for taking the time to learn the world and learning about your life. I like to travel, but I can not make the trip that I want to go because of my dog, but I have to make a good plan so I should go on a trip for a short time. Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

My tea

Excelente mensaje @velimir, definitivamente, nadie deberia estar privado de disfrutar de los alimentos adecuados. Se ve delicioso todo y el lugar muy agradable. Me encantó este post, gracias por compartir con nosotros.

me algro that for you and socialism is a ghost, even we Venezuelans do not not free of it. Finally, it's great that you enjoyed that trip and have eaten delicious things, you see that there was a lot of fun

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit!

I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)

Hola @velimir
Totalmente de acuerdo contigo amigo.
En mí país en estos momentos tienden a desaparecer las franquicias y la buena comida por culpa de un burro que tenemos de Presidende que se llama Nicolás Maduro, alias EL BURRO.
La comida está escaseando y el pueblo ya empezo a comer basura de verdad.
Aquí una muestra.
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo.